Chapter 1303 Limit

Following the day of Zhou Yuan assisted Yaoyao to refine Ancestral Dragon Pill and produced 26 pills in total, he rose to fame in All-Heavens City.

Many people once again recalled how Zhou Yuan created a miracle in the Battle of Guyuan Heaven a few years ago.

During the two years that Zhou Yuan went missing, many people couldn’t help but sigh that he missed out on the best opportunities. Who would have thought that Zhou Yuan would be as dazzling as before when he remerged?

Although many people speculated that the goddess must have contributed greatly to the production rate of 26 Ancestral Dragon Pills, they understood that they couldn’t dismiss Zhou Yuan’s role in that. At the very least, Xu Beiyan, who held the assistant position for two years, didn’t do any better than Zhou Yuan. 

No one cared what the reason was and was only interested in the final result.

The production rate of 26 Ancestral Dragon Pills in one batch led to the exchange rate of Ancestral Dragon Pill to plummet in the All-Heavens City. This was a joyous event for everyone, and as a result, Zhou Yuan’s fame resounded far and wide in the All-Heavens City, where elite experts were as common as clouds.


"This is your salary for this month.” In a little courtyard filled with a delicate aroma, Yaoyao, while carrying a sleepy Tuntun, made four jade boxes appear on the stone table with a brush of her beautiful hand. The boxes were engraved with ancient runes, and the aura exuding from those runes made Zhou Yuan’s eyes light up. 

With a flick of his finger, the jade boxes opened, revealing a round pill the size of a dragon eye in each. Every pill was shrouded in halos of light. 

They emitted strong aroma and mist that turned the courtyard foggy. The mist contained ancient and pure power, and even one breath of it could make one’s Genesis Qi pulse energetically. 

They were Ancestral Dragon Pills!  

 Zhou Yuan quickly covered the jade boxes, his eyes blazing with enthusiasm. 

Although he had stored away many Ancestral Dragon Pills from the pill refining, those didn’t belong to him. 

“Four Ancestral Dragon Pills?” Zhou Yuan exclaimed, looking at Yaoyao.    

One month's salary was four Ancestral Dragon Pills? If this matter spreads out, how many Law Domain experts would be envious? After all, they had been searching for Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits in the Outerspace battlefield, where they must be careful of the chaos void’s harsh environment as well as face attacks from the Sacred Race. Even if they went through such dangers, many Nascent Source and Law Domain experts still couldn’t collect the materials to exchange for an Ancestral Dragon Pill even after several months. But Zhou Yuan was given four?!

Yaoyao propped her beautiful cheeks with her hands. Her skin was so soft and fair, and almost radiated light. She smiled, saying, “Normally the reward is one Ancestral Dragon Pill and the other three are mine. I didn’t care too much before and didn’t take them. But now that you’re here, I’m giving them to you.” 

It should be said that the Saints all felt their heart-aching when she took the Ancestral Dragon Pills. They evidently knew who she was taking them for, but they had no reason to object because Yaoyao created the Ancestral Dragon Pills and so no one could object to her taking her rightful reward.

Zhou Yuan almost burst into tears of happiness. He reached out and clasped Yaoyao’s slender hand, crying affectionately, “Goddess, I don't want to work hard anymore, tonight…"


Tuntun, who was sleeping in Yaoyao's arms, suddenly opened his eyes and glared despicably at Zhou Yuan.

Yaoyao also swept an annoyed glance at Zhou Yuan and retracted her hand. But she mischievously brushed her icy-cold fingertips across Zhou Yuan’s palm, and that little swipe almost stole Zhou Yuan’s soul away. She was deliberately striking back in response to Zhou Yuan’s previous words.

Zhou Yuan stared at Yaoyao with blazing eyes, eager to act. Even Yaoyao, who was always calm and indifferent, couldn’t help panicking and a faint blush came into her fair cheeks.  

Yaoyao avoided Zhou Yuan's gaze that seemed about to melt her and changed the topic, "You, how many inches is your Nascent Source now?”

Zhou Yuan admired Yaoyao's rare retreat and then nodded.

Yaoyao pondered and said, "Zhou Yuan, you have to make your Nascent Source break the limit of 9.9 inches in your subsequent cultivation before reaching the Law Domain stage!”

Zhou Yuan's expression tensed and he gradually turned solemn as he stared at Yaoyao. He then frowned and asked puzzledly, "Break the limit of 9.9 inches?”

The limit of a Nascent Source was 9.9 inches and it was simply impossible to break that limit.

No one had been able to do so since ancient times!

“How is that even possible…?” Zhou Yuan smiled bitterly.

His Nascent Source was now 9.7 inches, which might not be considered unrivalled in the world, but it was definitely rarely seen... He could clearly feel the difficulty of increasing any further. It was as difficult as to climb the sky to progress but he needed to break the limit? 

If someone else said that, Zhou Yuan would have thought that person was crazy.

Yaoyao said indifferently, “It’s indeed impossible for ordinary people, but not for you…” 

Zhou Yuan couldn't help asking, ‘Why must I break the limit?”

Yaoyao remained silent for a while and then stared at Zhou Yuan and said, "Zhou Yuan, this matter is very important. You must promise me.”

Zhou Yuan's heart trembled. It was the first time he saw such a serious expression on Yaoyao’s face. He nodded firmly, saying, “Don't worry, I will do everything I can to break that limit.”

Although he didn’t know why Yaoyao would have such a request, he didn’t refuse because he had originally intended to break the limit. 

It was just that there were records of cultivators breaking the limit of the Divine Dwelling stage and Heavenly Sun stage but it was unheard of for anyone to break the Nascent Source stage’s limit. Moreover, no one knew whether it was possible and it could be a waste of precious time. 

"You should refine and absorb an Ancestral Dragon Pill first. It should be very beneficial to you." Yaoyao pushed a jade box towards Zhou Yuan.

Sitting cross-legged on a stone chair, Zhou Yuan nodded. As he raised his hand into the air, one Ancestral Dragon Pill also slowly floated up.

However, Ancestral Dragon Pills weren’t refined by consuming the pills. With a thought, the flesh in his chest split apart, and an Ancestral Dragon Pill slowly sank into his flesh and blood. Finally his flesh and blood were restored and were as good as before.

His blood was suddenly bubbling and rushing around like currents, cleansing the Ancestral Dragon Pill that penetrated his flesh and blood.  

Blood was cleansed and wrapped around the wisps of Ancestral Dragon Pill power. It finally rushed out, flowing to every corner of his body.

Dense mist squeezed out from the pores on Zhou Yuan’s body. His entire body turned crimson and terrifying heat pervaded the area. If Yaoyao hadn’t suppressed it, the entire courtyard would have been set aflame.


A low sound rumbled in Zhou Yuan’s body like muffled thunder. His body shook violently and his Genesis Qi bubbled like oil. 

As the Ancestral Dragon Pill was refined little by little, Zhou Yuan found that the Nascent Source in his Divine Dwelling was slowly growing. The growth was so small that it was almost unnoticeable but he had never seen such a growth ever since his closed-door cultivation.

It was no wonder that the Ancestral Dragon Pills attracted so many Nascent Source and Law Domain experts. 

While Zhou Yuan refined the Ancestral Dragon Pill, Yaoyao quietly seated herself with Tuntun in  her lap.

She stared at Zhou Yuan, whose body was completely red, with her clear and beautiful eyes. Although her request for Zhou Yuan was impossible, she believed Zhou Yuan could achieve it in the end.

Although Zhou Yuan had always joked that he lived off a woman, Yaoyao knew he was extremely prideful. Otherwise he wouldn’t have suppressed so many heaven prides of his generation in just a few years. He knew about Yaoyao’s special situation and so, he would rather suppress his pride to keep Yaoyao company. Moreover, he had put in immense efforts to make up for the gap between them.

Zhou Yuan gave up his so-called pride for her.   

Thinking of this, Yaoyao felt a warmth in her calm heart. 

“Zhou Yuan…how could I let you waste your effort?” She said in a soft voice, her eyes drooping.   

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