Chapter 1302 One Word, Love

When Su Youwei asked that question, the atmosphere around the little area where the several people were seemed to still for a moment.  

All eyes were on Zhou Yuan's face.

In truth, the topic that the majority of heaven prides in All-Heavens City was most cornered about was the relationship between Zhou Yuan and the goddess. Even if there had been many speculations, no one could make a conclusion. Of course, they were also unwilling to do so.

They didn’t want to admit that the goddess had a relationship with Zhou Yuan that was more than just friends!

Under the many gazes, Zhou Yuan was taken back for a moment. Then, he restored his usual calmness and said with a smile, “Yaoyao has been with me for years and without her, I wouldn’t be where I am now. We have been through life and death together. To me, she isn’t the goddess. She will always be Yaoyao who accompanied me out of the Zhou family’s ancestral land.”

Many years ago, a clueless young man, who had just unblocked his eight meridian channels, entered the world with a similarly clueless girl.

Perhaps it was since then that the two became intertwined and could no longer separate.

When Zhou Yuan said those words, the other three seemed to have fallen into a trance for a moment. 

Zhao Mushen was utterly shocked that Zhou Yuan and the goddess really had a romantic relationship. He knew that the entire All-Heavens City would be shaken if words went out. Although he had no feelings towards the goddess, his emotions still went a little strange when he heard about it.

It was instinctive jealousy.  

Although the goddess’s beauty and elegance were remarkable, Su Youwei and Wu Yao each also had their strong points and weren’t inferior to the goddess in terms of appearance or elegance. They also had many suitors in the All-Heavens City. However, the goddess’s halo of light was too dazzling and that was a deadly poison to many men because it was full of temptation.

The people who could come to the All-Heavens City had to be top elites in all-heavens. They received attention from millions of people in their respective sect and heaven, and so, it was inevitable that their heartbeat quickened when they saw such a dazzling being.

Wu Yao’s emotions were a little more complicated. She had no romantic feelings for Zhou Yuan and they were always enemies and never considered friends. However, because Zhou Yuan’s Sacred Dragon Blessing was in her body, they had fought for years and thus they were tangled with each other ever since.

She, however, only had feelings of pure appreciation and admiration because she knew what kind of deep abyss Zhou Yuan was dropped into back then and how he managed to turn everything around in the end.

Zhou Yuan’s nature and ability were the reason why Wu Yao had always thought highly of Zhou Yuan.  

Therefore, she was only surprised about Zhou Yuan’s relationship with the goddess because she felt the goddess was too indifferent and didn’t think the goddess would pay attention to any man. This matter was too unbelievable to her. 

Compared to Zhao Mushen and Wu Yao, Su Youwei should be the most upset. 

Zhou Yuan’s frank answer made her bite her lips because she had always liked Zhou Yuan ever since that stormy day when Zhou Yuan kicked open the tightly closed clinic door. His shadow had been imprinted in her heart since that day. 

Even if she was no longer the little girl drenched in mud, she still firmly remembered that moment.

Even after so many years and even if many top heaven prides had confessed to her, she declined them with a smile because that scene would never fade from her heart and she could never accept any other man. 

But the person who her heart was tied to loved someone else.

Even if Su Youwei had a tough personality, she couldn’t help feeling a sour feeling in her heart. 

But she didn’t show much of that emotion on her face. After several seconds of silence, she gave a smile and uttered quietly, “His Highness and the goddess are a good match.”

Zhou Yuan didn’t know what to say when he saw Su Youwei forcing a smile. He wasn’t a stupid person and of course he knew that Su Youwei had romantic feelings for him, but there was nothing he could do about his own feelings.

Su Youwei knew she wasn’t in a good state and so after saying a few words, she turned around and left.

Zhao Yuan sighed out loud as he watched them leave.  

Yaoyao, who hadn’t said a word, swept a glance over Zhou Yuan. Her expression seemed much gentler than usual. “She seems to have deep affection for you. Many men in the world enjoy the life of having many wives. If you’re interested, It’s not impossible.” 

Zhou Yuan coughed out loud and said righteously, "I have no such intention!”

Anyone with a brain would know that they would die if they agreed with her statement.

Yaoyao smiled and then went silent for a moment. Then, her expression turned serious as she said, “In truth, she perhaps is more suitable for you than me. I don’t even know what I will become in the future.”

Her words showed a rare helpless side to her.  

Zhou Yuan reached out to clasp her little hand, reassuring, “Don’t say that. Regardless of what you become in the future, as long as you don’t kill me, I will always be by your side.” 

Yaoyao's eyes sparkled and she dropped Tuntun. Then, she stepped forward and threw herself into Zhou Yuan’s arms, wrapping her slender arms around him under his surprised gaze.

Some people nearby felt struck by lightning when they saw such a scene.

Yaoyao’s action startled Zhou Yuan a little because she rarely showed such emotions. His words must have moved her. He smiled mischievously and held her slender waist comfortably while taking in her scent again and again. 

Yaoyao leaned her cheek on Zhou Yuan's chest, gazing in the direction that Su Youwei and the others left. A faint light flashed in her eyes and it was unknown what she was thinking.

Su Youwei and the others left the hall and walked in silence.    

Zhao Mushen eventually couldn't stand it any more and left with an excuse, leaving only Wu Yao with Su Youwei. After a while, Wu Yao said indifferently, “I always wondered why you repeatedly targeted me in the past. It seems it's all because of Zhou Yuan.”   

When they were in Hunyuan Heaven, Wu Yao had admired Su Youwei and wanted to be friends with her. However, Su Youwei refused and even attacked her repeatedly, which made her a little upset.

She now understood it was all because of Zhou Yuan.  

Su Youwei didn't respond.

Wu Yao glanced at her and said, “You may already know about the goddess’s identity. To be honest, I’m not optimistic about their future. They could both be hurt in the end.”

Su Youwei said quietly, “You should know what His Highness’s personality is like. He doesn’t give up that easily. So, regardless of what happens, he will face it directly and never let go.”

Wu Yao was surprised at first and then she nodded.  

"I don't think you should be upset. Men are no good. We have worked so well together in the past two years. At worst we grow old together. It might be fun.” Wu Yao nudged Su Youwei’s arm with a smiling expression in her phoenix eyes.

Su Youwei shook her head, smiling. There was a sudden downpour and she stretched out her fair and slender hand to catch the rain. “I regret going to Hunyuan Heaven.”

Wu Yao felt helpless. Su Youwei still couldn't let it go. Zhou Yuan, that bastard.   

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