Chapter 1301 What is the relationship?

Zhao Mushen evidently fell into a state of bewilderment when he knelt on one knee because he realized it wasn’t an external force that pulled him to his knee, but it was a power that originated in his body’s depths. That power was very familiar to him because it was that power that made him undergo many transformations.

It was his Taotie Blessing.   

But it was that power that made him unhesitatingly kneel down when he touched the little thing in his hands.  

Even Su Youwei’s and Wu Yao’s mouths fell open and their eyes widened with shock.

Having worked with Zhao Mushen for the past two years, they knew how arrogant he was and that it was impossible to make him obey someone from the bottom of his heart. He would rather die than to compromise. This was why they were filled with disbelief to see Zhao Mushen suddenly dropped down to one knee. 

However, the two women, who were incredibly intelligent, very quickly shifted their gaze to the little beast he was still firmly holding with both hands even if he knelt down on one knee.

“That's... Tuntun?" Su Youwei exclaimed. She recognized the cute little beast that accompanied Zhou Yuan everywhere in the Great Zhou City.

Tuntun snapped awake from his drowsy state and blinked his sleep shrouded eyes as he stared at Zhao Mushen’s blank face. A strange thought flashed across his eyes. He seemed to notice a special connection between them. 

He was the Ancestor Taotie and also the only one in the world.

The world was mysterious and many magical things happened in the world. The Taotie Blessing within Zhao Mushen’s body was born from an Alpha Holy Beast like Ancestor Taotie. Therefore, the two, in a sense, were from the same origin, even if they had never come into contact before.

However, once the two met, they would know of everything as though enlightened. 

Zhou Yuan worriedly looked at Zhao Mushen, who still hadn't recovered from his shock after a long while. He wouldn't be too affected by an ancestor descending and turned stupid, right? He could still get back up after I trampled him back then. He isn't this weak is he?

Zhou Yuan’s relationship with Zhao Mushen was quite complicated because although they should be considered enemies, they had worked together in Huyuan Heaven. Therefore, Zhou Yuan would generously tolerate him until he showed hostility. 

Zhou Yuan stretched out his hand to bring back Tuntun, who was still tightly held in Zhao Mushen’s hands.

But just as Zhou Yuan reached his hands towards Zhao Mushen, Zhao Mushen rapidly slid back a few meters on one knee and the blank look on his face faded. He focussed his gaze on Tuntun, who was still in his hands, and a respectful and affectionate smile lit up his face.

"Ancestor Taotie, I am really blessed and fortunate to meet you in this life." Zhao Mushen spoke in the most gentle voice that Zhou Yuan, Su Youwei, and Wu Yao had never heard from him before.

But his words made many thoughts flashed to their minds, and then, their gazes turned a little strange as they stared at Zhao Mushen.  

Zhao Mushen ignored them and he simply stared intently at Tuntun. His usually cold and arrogant face appeared exceptionally gentle and kind. 

This was because he felt indescribable emotions pouring out from his heart’s depths when he touched Tuntun. The emotions were similar to when he saw his family. Zhao Mushen didn’t resist those emotions because his Blessing power was what changed his life and destiny, as well as became his supporting pillar when he was trampled into mud. 

He was extremely grateful for that power even if he didn’t know what the source of that power was. But now he did.

Zhao Mushen stared mesmerized at Tuntun as though every hair on Tuntun's body exuded dazzling light, mystery and power.

Tuntun also curiously surveyed Zhao Mushen. He similarly felt a closeness to Zhao Mushen. He took out a stone slab, swiped his claws over it, and lifted the stone slab. “You’re not bad. Be my little brother!”

Zhao Mushen gave an adoring smile. “If Ancestor Taotie has any orders, I, Zhao Mushen, will do my best to complete them.”

His answer was incredibly natural and he didn’t seem unhappy or resisting.

Zhou Yuan and the others looked dumbfounded because they knew how arrogant Zhao Mushen was. Even if Zhou Yuan, who had defeated him before, told him to be his little brother, Zhao Mushen would coldly snort at him, but Zhao Mushen willingly acknowledged Tuntun as his boss.

It was too unbelievable.    

Tuntun was very satisfied with Zhao Mushen's attitude. He extended his paw and patted Zhao Mushen’s palm. Then, he turned around and lifted the stone slab that wrote ‘be my little brother’ at Zhou Yuan. His meaning was very clear. He wanted Zhou Yuan to also be his little brother.  

“Get lost.” Zhou Yuan pursed his lips. This little bastard is messing up the seniority. Yaoyao is your master, and Yaoyao is my wife. From that perspective, I should also be your master but you dare tell me to be your little brother?! 

He reached out and picked up Tuntun by the scruff of his neck.

“Zhou Yuan, be respectful to Ancestor Taotie!” Zhao Mushen roared in anger when he witnessed this.

Zhou Yuan was taken aback. Seeing the furious look on Zhao Mushen’s face, he felt he had shot himself in the foot. He originally intended to throw Tuntun out to play with Zhao Mushen because Zhao Mushen acted too arrogant, but who would have thought that Tuntun would display his imposing bearing as an Alpha Holy Beast and made an influential man unwaveringly committed to be his little brother.

Do you have to have such a strong halo of light? So whenever I bully Tuntun in the future, I would be scolded by his little brother?    

Seeing Zhou Yuan’s rapidly changing expression, Tuntun pointed at him with his claw and snickered.

Immediately, he twisted his body, distorting the surrounding space, and appeared on Zhao Mushen’s face. He smugly pulled a face at Zhou Yuan.  

Zhou Yuan rolled his eyes. In particular, when he saw Zhao Mushen's guarded gaze, he even felt a bit suffocating.

But Tuntun’s smugness didn’t last long because a little jade-like hand stretched out and pinched his ear.

Tuntun struggled violently until he saw the icy-cold and stunning face that the jade-like hand belonged to. He immediately froze and dared not move.

Of course only Yaoyao could make Tuntun that well-behaved.

She had unknowingly appeared next to Zhou Yuan and pinched Tuntun’s ear. She didn’t lift Tuntun into her arms this time. Instead, she frowned at him and said indifferently, “Go wash yourself. If you taint yourself with the unidentifiable aura of an outsider again, I will punish you to guard the door.”  

Tuntun dispiritedly hung his head low. It was only then when he remembered that Yaoyao had an obsession with cleanliness. It was fine when Tuntun played around with Zhou Yuan and even sat on his head, but Yaoyao immediately disliked him rolling on Zhao Mushen’s head.

Zhao Mushen, Wu Yao, and Su Youwei were startled to see Yaoyao, but they immediately afterwards gave a cupped fist salute and bowed. “Pay respect to the goddess.”

Su Youwei silently looked up and down at Yaoyao. She was acquainted with Yaoyao in the Great Zhou Empire, but when she saw Yaoyao again after many years, she felt extremely unfamiliar to her. Moreover, Yaoyao’s cold and detachedness towards Su Youwei made it difficult for her to approach her. This was why they had never talked to each other in the past two years even if they saw each other.  

But what surprised Su Youwei and the others was that she didn’t leave right away like she always did. Instead, she stood next to Zhou Yuan while holding Tuntun. Her cold but stunning face made her resemble a fairy from the moon palace and made people couldn’t help but feel awe and admiration.

The three’s eyes flickered around and in the end, Su Youwei couldn’t hold back anymore and asked Zhou Yuan, “Your Highness, what is your relationship with the goddess?”

Wu Yao's phoenix eyes immediately shifted to Zhou Yuan.

Yaoyao’s gaze also shifted, a strange light flickering in her eyes that were always calm and indifferent. 

Su Youwei stared seriously at Zhou Yuan with her beautiful eyes.

Zhao Mushen sensed the atmosphere had become a little strange and he felt he shouldn’t be here. 

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