Chapter 1300 Introduce an Ancestor

Commotion continued inside and outside the Great Alchemy Hall for a good while and wouldn’t subside.

Even the several Saints didn’t intervene because they knew well what the pill production rate represented. 

Although they couldn't figure out whether it was Zhou Yuan or Yaoyao responsible for the impressive pill production rate of 26…they weren’t too bothered because the result was the most important. 

As long as that rate was steady, they wouldn’t object if Yaoyao wanted to exchange Xu Beiyan for a dog, let alone Zhou Yuan.

On the buzzing square, Zhao Mushen’s face was devoid of expression. The unbelievable result felt familiar to them.

He was filled with shock and disbelief when Zhou Yuan suddenly appeared and defeated him in the nine regions tournament, and something similar happened again. 

The only thing that made him feel a little better was that he was a bystander this time.

Zhao Mushen cast a pitiful glance at Xu Beiyan, who was considered the most popular person in the All-Heavens City. Even he underestimated Zhou Yuan. Zhou Yuan was simply the nemesis of all popular people in the world.

How glamorous was Zhao Mushen in Hunyuan Heaven? He was invincible at the Divine Dwelling stage but Zhou Yuan also tread on him in the end.

If it weren't for Zhao Mushen’s great tenacity that made him finally climb back up, Zhou Yuan would have trampled him to the point he couldn’t turn over.

After that, Zhao Mushen keenly felt that he wouldn’t have a good ending if he became an enemy to Zhou Yuan, and so, he decisively suppressed his hatred and moved away. It was best to retreat if he couldn’t win. But he didn't feel humiliated because the one who laughed last would be the real winner.

Su Youwei also relaxed her tense body and appeared to be in a very good mood. With a charming smile, she turned her head and said to Zhao Mushen, “You saved an Ancestral Dragon Pill.”

This was because Zhao Mushen didn't dare to bet with her.

Annoyed, Zhao Mushen could only coldly snort. 

"Let's congratulate His Highness?” Su Youwei asked for their opinions.   

Wu Yao pondered for a moment and finally angled her fair and sharp chin down.

Zhao Mushen refused without any hesitation. “I’m not going. You guys can go.” 

Although he didn't want to be an enemy of Zhou Yuan, there was still undoubted grudge between them. Zhao Mushen didn't want to go up to congratulate Zhou Yuan since that would only make him more uncomfortable.

Su Youwei said indifferently, “It's up to you,” and turned to Wu Yao. “His Highness will assist in refining Ancestral Dragon Pills in the future and will have quite a lot of power. If he makes things easier for us when we exchange for Ancestral Dragon Pills, we can definitely benefit a lot.” 

Wu Yao was a little persuaded when she heard this. After all, one would only learn the dangers of capturing Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits after experiencing the difficulties in the Outerspace Battlefield. More importantly, there weren't enough Ancestral Dragon Pills to go around the All-Heavens City and the majority of people would have to wait even if they had enough tokens. But it would save them a lot of trouble if Zhou Yuan helped them.

At the very least, she could raise her strength after obtaining an Ancestral Dragon Pill, which would give her more protection in any subsequent danger.

That increase in strength could perhaps even save her life.

Although Wu Yao was a prideful person, she wasn’t stubborn. So, she nodded and accompanied Su Youwei.

But before they took a few steps, they sensed footsteps behind them and turned their heads, only to see Zhao Mushen following them with his head hanging low, as though he was looking for something on the ground.

When he noticed the two women’s gazes, he lifted his head and said expressionless, "I want to see what level that guy has reached now, so I can be vigilant of him in the future.”

Su Youwei and Wu Yao exchanged a glance with each other and curled their lips in a smile. They ignored Zhao Mushen and continued ahead.

Of course Zhao Mushen saw their teasing smiles, and because of his personality, he bowed his head and couldn’t stop his cheeks from flushing with embarrassment. He snorted coldly, flung his sleeve and followed after them.

Since it could raise his strength, shouldn’t he endure it?

Only those who could endure humiliation would have the last laugh.


In the great hall, Zhou Yuan took out a jade box and stored away the 26 Ancestral Dragon Pills under blazing gazes. He was about to hand them over to Yaoyao when she waved her hand and said casually, “You hold onto them.”

All the Law Domain experts around the seven-colour pill cauldron were taken aback. They stared at Zhou Yuan with complicated gazes. In past pill refining sessions, Xu Beiyan always handed the Ancestral Dragon Pills to the goddess for safekeeping, but the goddess simply let Zhou Yuan hold onto them. This alone shows that the relationship between the two is extremely unusual.

The thirteen Law Domain experts got up and was about to leave.

But Yaoyao ran her clear eyes across them and said in an icy voice, “Wait.”

All thirteen Law Domain experts froze.

Yaoyao pinned a Law Domain expert with a cold glare and her icy voice rang again, "You don’t need to come again in the future. You know the reason yourself.”

The Law Domain expert’s face immediately changed dramatically. He wanted to explain but no words came out his mouth. In the end, he turned around trembling and left. 

That scene surprised many people, but they also understood what happened.

It was because of the incident when something almost went wrong while Zhou Yuan was controlling the fire…They previously thought Zhou Yuan’s skill was lacking that led to the thirteen Genesis Qi suddenly going out of control, but that reason was proved wrong. Thus the problem must be with one of the thirteen Law Domain experts.

When they saw the Law Domain expert’s expression, they understood that something had happened that made him lose control of his Genesis Qi.

Putting aside whether there was any conspiracy in this, a Law Domain expert shouldn’t have made such a low-level mistake as losing control of their Genesis Qi; therefore, it was only right to remove him from the team. 

Some people looked sympathetically at the Law Domain expert. Providing flames for refining Ancestral Dragon Pill was a pleasant task. Although it wasn’t as good as Zhou Yuan’s position, which was assisting in refining Ancestral Dragon Pills, the treatment was still pretty good and many people would fight over the role. Some people couldn’t help shaking their heads and pitied him to lose the position in such an embarrassing way. 

Zhou Yuan didn’t say anything but he knew this matter wasn’t that simple. He had no evidence to support his speculation and so it was useless to say anything.

It’s better to keep quiet and avoid trouble, and secretly keep my guard up instead.

With this thought, Zhou Yuan shifted his attention to the three familiar figures who had stepped into the Great Alchemy Hall, and a smile immediately came to his face.

“Congratulations your Highness. The pill refining was very successful.” Su Youwei gazed at the tall and young figure, and then looked at Yaoyao, who was on the white jade platform, with a complex gaze. 

Wu Yao gave a nod at Zhou Yuan.   

Zhou Yuan looked at them and said, “Martial Empress, Yin Yang Master and the Devourer, how have you been?”

After saying that, the corners of his mouth couldn't help but twitch.

Su Youwei couldn't help covering her face and even Wu Yao's cold and arrogant face flushed a little. They were obviously very embarrassed. 

"Your Highness, the people gave us those names. It has nothing to do with us,” Su Youwei helplessly explained.

“I think it suits us.” Zhao Mushen smiled faintly and didn’t feel embarrassed at all. He looked at Zhou Yuan provocatively and said, “Zhou Yuan, you have disappeared completely in the past two years. We have already suppressed your fame.” 

Zhou Yuan curiously studied Zhao Mushen and suddenly said with a smile, “Zhao Mushen, there is something I have always wanted to do to you.”  

Zhao Mushen scrunched his brows. “What?”   

Zhou Yuan’s lips curled in a strange arc and he grabbed Tuntun, who was lying lazily in Yaoyao's arms and tossed him at Zhao Mushen. "I just want to...introduce you to an ancestor.”

Seeing a black shadow pouncing towards his face, Zhao Mushen frowned and raised his hand to slap it away. 

But when he was about to touch the black shadow, an indescribable wave of energy rushed out from the deepest part of his body. Under that force, Zhao Mushen, who was about to generate a blast of wind with his palm, cupped his hands together to catch the black shadow. 


He involuntarily knelt down on one knee and held his hands in front of him. Tuntun woke up from his sleep, staring at the man knelt in front of him with sleepy eyes.

The man and beast stared blankly at each other.  

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