Chapter 130 House of Geniuses

Saint Remains City sat at the central region of the Cangmang Continent, and was the largest city in the vicinity of the Saint Remains Domain.

The city was pretty famous even in the entire Cangmang Continent. Not only because it was built in a favorable location, but more so due to the powerhouse faction it represented.

The power of Saint Remains City was no weaker than the great clans and empires in the continent.

Over the years, Saint Remains City had borrowed the reputation of the Saint Remains Domain to continuously strengthened itself. Now, if based on just scale alone, not many cities could match it even in the entire continent.

This was especially so when the Saint Remains Domain showed signs of opening. During this period, Saint Remains City would become the focal point of the entire continent…


“What a magnificent city.”

Zhou Yuan could not help but sigh in admiration when the trio walked into the city and gazed upon the scenery within. Great Zhou...

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