Chapter 1299 Pills Produced

When dazzling light burst forth the cauldron like rays of morning, the inside and outside of the Great Alchemy Hall fell completely silent. Everyone held their breath, staring at the dense mist that filled the area.

It was time for the results of the pill refining session.

Mists curled up and a fleck of light slowly rose under everyone’s intent gaze.

The mist formed a vortex around the speck of light, and then, the speck of light grew increasingly brighter and clearer.

It was a perfectly round, mysterious-yellow pill the size of a dragon eye!

Mysterious light gathered around the pill, forming rings of halo that made it even more magical.

The Nascent Source and Law Domain experts present were no stranger to the pill because it was what they yearned for even in their dreams—Ancestral Dragon Pill! 

Everyone’s eyes gleamed covetously and with excitement.

While everyone’s eyes were fixed on the newly-formed Ancestral Dragon Pill, the cauldron hadn’t finished and strands of light continued to spew out from it, each one containing a spinning round object—Ancestral Dragon Pills! 

Eight Ancestral Dragon Pills were spurted out in just a few breaths!


The atmosphere in and outside the Great Alchemy Hall was immediately buzzing with excitement. Although there was still a gap in the number of Ancestral Dragon Pills produced between Zhou Yuan and Xu Beiyan, everyone thought the result was already very good because it was only Zhou Yuan’s first time in assisting in pill refining.  

He no doubt would continue to improve once he becomes more skilled in pill refining.

Many people began to accept Zhou Yuan replacing Xu Beiyan.

Xu Beiyan's face twitched uncontrollably, and his veins pulsed as he grasped his ink flute. 

The Law Domain experts who supported him also reddened in embarrassment, but they still forcibly comforted, “That kid is quite capable, but he still produced less Ancestral Dragon Pills than brother Xu.”

But while they were comforting Xu Beiyan, the seven-color cauldron vibrated again and a dragon roar erupted. 


Rays of light shot out one another another and inside each of them was an Ancestral Dragon Pill suspended in mist.


A deafening explosion suddenly resounded inside the great Alchemy Hall. It was a collision of Genesis Qi resulting from everyone’s shock and made many people stumble to the ground.

However, no one paid much attention to this because everyone was staring at the 16 Ancestral Dragon Pills floating in the mist with bloodshot eyes, and even their breathing was heavier.

But before they could express their shock, another ten Ancestral Dragon Pills were spat out from the seven-color cauldron. 

The heavy breathing faded because the number of Ancestral Dragon Pills produced gave even the Nascent Source and Law Domain experts a fainting feeling.

There were a total of 26 Ancestral Dragon Pills spurted out in the three eruptions!

What an amazing production rate!

The pill refining was equivalent to three times of what had been produced previously.

Deathly silence continued inside and outside the Great Alchemy Hall while everyone rubbed their eyes and fell into puzzlement.

But not only them, even the several Saints above the void wore undisguisable surprise on their faces. The result was evidently beyond everyone’s expectations. 

Cang Yuan stroked his beard gently, smiling with relief. 

But Saint Lu Liu, Gou Lang and Du Huo wore sullen expressions. Even if they were always calm and composed, they felt a huge impact in their hearts when they saw the 26 Ancestral Dragon Pills formed.

They felt helpless. 

They understand that any means on Zhou Yuan would be useless given Zhou Yuan’s pill production rate.

If the three still insist on opposing Zhou Yuan replacing Xu Beiyan, even the Omega Shrine would severely criticize them. 

Zhou Yuan gazed at the 26 Ancestral Dragon Pills floating in the mist for a long while. The result was also far beyond his expectation. He originally thought that if he could produce ten or so, his mission could be said to be successful.

In truth, even he was terrified by the result.  

"How come there are so many? Did the addition of my Genesis Qi really have such a huge effect?" Zhou Yuan pondered.

"The addition of the Ancestral Dragon Scripture’s Genesis Qi can indeed make increase the pill production rate, but it shouldn’t increase that much…another reason is that I was more leisurely in previous pill refining sessions, but I was much more serious this time,” Yaoyao's voice sounded in Zhou Yuan's heart.

The corners of Zhou Yuan's lips twitched. You mean you were only playing around in previous pill refining? You were brazenly slacking off!

However, he also understood that it was already very difficult to get Yaoyao to help refine pills given that her divinity was restoring…If he hadn’t come, given Yaoyao’s personality, she likely would continue to slack off.


While Zhou Yuan was smiling helplessly, earth-shattering cheers erupted from inside and outside the Great Alchemy Hall that were previously filled with deathly silence, causing the entire All-Heavens City to quake. 

Blazing gazes cast towards Zhou Yuan as if to melt him.

The Nascent Source and Law Domain experts in the All-Heavens City couldn’t contain their excitement and joy because the production rate of Ancestral Dragon Pill concerned their interests. The more Ancestral Dragon Pills were produced, the more their tokens could be exchanged for!

The highest Ancestral Dragon Pill production rate in one session was nine, but even then, they required three tokens to exchange for an Ancestral Dragon Pill and to possess three tokens, they might even have to participate in three missions.

They were fighting for resources with their lives. 

But since the production rate had increased to such a number, they might be able to exchange for one Ancestral Dragon Pill with one token. Only those who had fought on the Outerspace Battlefield and experienced life and death battles would understand how precious the increase was.

When they looked at Zhou Yuan again, the doubt they had before was completely gone and replaced with deep admiration and respect. 

After all, Zhou Yuan made them receive benefits they couldn’t imagine before. In a way, Zhou Yuan could be said to be second to only the goddess and the Saints to many Nascent Source and Law Domain experts.

Some people stood respectfully with awed gazes and gave a cupped fist salute to Zhou Yuan from afar.

The same motion quickly rippled throughout the crowd. The changes that Zhou Yuan brought were indeed worth them bowing respectfully to him.  

Xu Beiyan's face was devoid of expression, but his hands in his sleeves were clenched tight and even trembled. There seemed to be seas overturning in his heart. He didn’t think he would be utterly defeated.

His Law Domain friends, who previously supported him, didn’t know what to say anymore and only exchanged glances with one another. After a moment of hesitation, they finally cupped one fist in the other and saluted the young figure in the great hall.

This was because, after asking themselves, they couldn’t say anything opposing in the face of Zhou Yuan’s 26 Ancestral Dragon Pill production rate. Even if they knew that might anger their friend Xu Beiyan.

Xu Beiyan was indifferent to their actions and just stared intently at Zhou Yuan. Then, he slowly closed his eyes.  

He didn't believe the 26 Ancestral Dragon Pills produced were completely due to Zhou Yuan's ability.

He knew it must be the goddess. Perhaps, she had held back in previous refining of Ancestral Dragon Pill. But that answer stung his heart and made the veins on his handsome face pulse.

Xu Beiyan even wanted to directly question the goddess, but his rationality forced him to suppress himself because that would draw fire to himself and ruin his reputation.

He gritted his teeth and had to swallow his anger.

He was utterly defeated that day but he wouldn’t give up!

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