Chapter 1298 Perfect Assistance

As Zhou Yuan’s Spirit apparition slammed a palm strike, the thirteen dragon-like Law Domain Genesis Qi turned gentle and the chaotic waves of energy also completely calmed down. 

Zhou Yuan’s palm undoubtedly shocked many people.

Although many Law Domain experts were dumbstruck, they understood that Zhou Yuan’s suppression succeeded because the thirteen Law Domain experts didn’t resist. Even so, they knew this wasn’t a good enough reason because Zhou Yuan was facing thirteen Law Domain Genesis Qi!

Logically speaking, it was impossible to suppress thirteen Law Domain Genesis Qi with Spirit power from someone new to the Allroaming stage.

But Zhou Yuan did.   

They witnessed it with their own eyes.   

The square was completely silent and many Law Domain experts’ expressions were changing. Those who previously looked down on Zhou Yuan had consciously fixed their attitude.

After all, regardless of what means Zhou Yuan used, many Law Domain experts acknowledged his strength.

The relaxed smile on Xu Beiyan's face was gone and was replaced by a ruminative expression. He gently tapped his ink flute on his palm, which was a habit of his when his emotions were fluctuating

Zhou Yuan’s move also was unexpected to him.  

"That guy is quite capable.” Some Law Domain experts beside Xu Beiyan couldn’t help saying after pondering for a moment.

Their tone and words had turned much more serious compared to their previous contempt.

Xu Beiyan said with a slight smile, “That power was tyrannical and the pressure resembled a Saint’s mighty power. Could supreme sovereign Cang Yuan have given him a lotus seal Saint artifact? If so, he really is generous to Zhou Yuan.” 

The others nodded thoughtfully. If that was the case, it would explain a lot of things. 

A Law Domain expert couldn't help saying, “But that’s not fair, right?"

The other Law Domain experts nodded. Although Zhou Yuan didn't violate the rules, it still didn't feel right to them.

“That’s funny. Let alone the fact that you have no evidence to prove that supreme sovereign Cang Yuan helped Zhou Yuan in secret, even if you do, so what? Background and connections are also a kind of strength. Otherwise why would so many Law Domain experts fight over the pill refining assistant position? If other people failed, does that mean Xu Beiyan would succeed? Is there no one better than him in all-heavens?” a cold sneer sounded.

Xu Beiyan and the others turned their heads to see several figures standing not too far away. Standing in the front was a tall woman dressed in an azure robe that highlighted her long and slender legs and short, burgundy hair. Her face was beautiful, but her brows gave her a fierce and heroic look.

“Oh, it’s grand elder Chi Jing,” said Xu Beiyan with a faint smile.

Chi Jing swept any icy glance over him, saying, "Xu Beiyan, I didn't see it before, but you’re a bellyful of evil.”

Xu Beiyan shook his head. “Zhou Yuan is your junior brother so it's understandable that you would want to protect him.

"However, grand elder Chi Jing, you shouldn’t be so happy so early. Although Zhou Yuan has successfully controlled the thirteen Law Domain Genesis Qi, that’s only the first step in refining Ancestral Dragon Pill. The next step is the most important. It takes a long time for one to adapt and grasp the rhythm of pill refining. He can’t make up for this regardless how talented he is. I hope he won’t waste the precious materials. Who doesn’t know that there’s the blood and spirit of Nascent Source experts and Law Domain experts in that batch of materials,” he sighed but the malice in his voice was obvious.

How would Chi Jing not know about Xu Beiyan’s malicious intent? She said coldly, “It’s too early to come to a conclusion. You will be embarrassed when the outcome is out.”

The two’s gazes collided and a chilling intent shot out from their eyes, causing the surrounding temperature plummet.

While Chi Jing and Xu Beiyan clashed, Zhou Yuan was focussing all his mind on manipulating the thirteen Law Domain Genesis Qi in the cauldron. After using the fourth Saint Rune, the Mysterious King, to suppress the thirteen Law Domain Genesis Qi, they had all become incredibly docile. 

He passed the first hurdle in refining Ancestral Dragon Pill.

Zhou Yuan’s Spirit perception swept across the area and moved towards Yaoyao’s side, only to see mysterious yellow qi currents had intertwined and produced ancient dragon roars during each compression.

Zhou Yuan closed his eyes and connected to the Spirit that Yaoyao previously left.

The two Spirits came into contact and then twisted around each other.

An image suddenly emerged in Zhou Yuan’s mind. It was the Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits being compressed and refined. Through this image, Zhou Yuan could determine which stage the refinement had reached. He even felt that he was the one refining Ancestral Dragon Pill.

He felt as if he wae in the situation.   

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s lips curled. He thought this hurdle would be the most difficult but it turned out to be the easiest.  

He sat cross-legged on the stone platform, his eyes closed, and his hands folded in a seal. He was beginning to mobilize the thirteen Law Domain Genesis Qi.


Under his manipulation, the thirteen Genesis Qi moved with explosive movements and eventually split into thousand strands and whizzed out without any hesitation. During the process, they transformed into blazing flames in the cauldron before speeding towards the Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits. 

Many people were stunned by such huge movements.

After all, everyone knew that the coordination in refining Ancestral Dragon Pill was incredibly difficult. Even Xu Beiyan, who had two years of experience, had to be extremely careful and cautious because the control of the flames could affect the balance and thus the pill refining.

But Zhou Yuan mobilized the flames with all his strength right away, shocking everyone.

However, after witnessing the means that Zhou Yuan previously showed, everyone had learned their lesson and didn’t want to say anything too early. They planned to wait for the result before commenting.

While observing in silence, they quickly realized how wise they were to do that because, although Zhou Yuan’s technique in mobilizing the Genesis Qi to form pill flames was incredibly fast and without the slightest hesitation, the flames only blazed at every critical moment of the Ancestral Dragon Pill refinement. 

Every time Yaoyao reached a certain point in the pill refining process, Zhou Yuan was able to pick up from there immediately.

The two coordinated perfectly. One refined while the other assisted in providing fire. They worked naturally together as if they connected at a deep level with each other.

It was as though they had cooperated thousands of times.

Everyone’s mouth fell open. They had witnessed Xu Beiyan’s assistance before, and although he could cope with the difficulties along the way with his experience, there were still mistakes at times. But even the pickiest person wouldn’t be able to find any flaws in Zhou Yuan's assistance.

"How is that possible?” someone couldn't help muttering. I don’t understand. Could Zhou Yuan’s and the goddess’s minds really be connected?

That was heart-aching.   

The doubt that everyone had before faded, and even those who supported Xu Beiyan stopped speaking because Zhou Yuan appeared to be doing much better than Xu Beiyan. 

Some people couldn't help looking at Xu Beiyan, who wore an expressionless face, but anyone could feel that Xu Beiyan likely wasn’t calm inside.  

The square was still and quiet.   

Only the crackling flames in the cauldron could be heard.

The silence lasted for a full day.

On the next day, Zhou Yuan suddenly opened his eyes because he received a message from Yaoyao.

"Activate the Ancestral Dragon Scripture, circulate your Genesis Qi and refine the Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits with me.”

A light flashed in Zhou Yuan's eyes. He hadn’t practiced this step in previous Ancestral Dragon Pill refining practice, but according to Yaoyao, the Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits would resonate more strongly if he injected his Genesis Qi into them and the success rate would be much higher than before.

If he succeeded, the final result would smash the faces of those who doubted Yaoyao.

Zhou Yuan exhaled deeply. Without any hesitation, he sent platinum Genesis Qi roaring out and instilled it into the cauldron. 


His action naturally stunned everyone. If they didn't know about Zhou Yuan’s identity, they would have thought he was deliberately destroying the batch of Ancestral Dragon Pill! 

There had never been such a step in previous Ancestral Dragon Pill refining!

Is that guy crazy?! 

Even the several Saints watching over above couldn’t help but want to intervene.

But Cang Yuan timely stopped them, saying, “Don’t, he must have a reason to do that.”

The other Saints hesitated for a moment and in the end suppressed themselves to give Cang Yuan face. 

Only Saint Lu Liu and the other two Saints disagreed. Lu Liu said coldly, “The cauldron is in perfect balance now. The sudden addition of his Genesis Qi will ruin everything. Does that kid really want to refine Ancestral Dragon Pills?”

His words were full of malice. Ancestral Dragon Pills were very important for all-heavens. If Zhou Yuan didn't want to refine Ancestral Dragon Pill, that meant he was standing on the opposite side to them and all-heavens.

Cang Yuan said indifferently, “Watch a little longer. You’re a Saint, if you don’t even have a little patience, you won’t make much progress in the future.”

Lu Liu and the others’s faces darkened. They had stagnated at the one-lotus Saint stage for years, so Cang Yuan was clearly mocking them.

But they still stopped in the end and cast their gazes to the cauldron. Everything depended on what effect Zhou Yuan’s sudden action had. If he really destroyed a batch of Ancestral Dragon Pills, he would be drowned in the spit of everyone in All-Heavens City.

Platinum Genesis Qi poured into the cauldron under countless gazes. 

But what surprised everyone was that the balance remained and here wasn’t any rioting. Instead, as the platinum Genesis Qi poured into the cauldron, it completely disappeared as if absorbed.

Time gradually passed.   

A thick mist rose from the inside of the cauldron and a strange aroma permeated the air, forming various strange spectacles in the space around.

Many people lit up with joy because they knew they were signs that Ancestral Dragon Pills had formed.

The refining was almost complete at that stage. 

Gasps and exclamation rippled throughout the square. No one thought Zhou Yuan would succeed in his first time assisting in the pill refining. 

Xu Beiyan's face was as cold and still as water.

The people beside him immediately comforted him. "Brother Xu, don't worry, although he succeeded by chance, his pill production rate will definitely be lower than yours.”

Xu Beiyan’s highest production rate in one session was nine Ancestral Dragon Pills, which was quite an amazing result.

This was also the main reason why many people didn’t want Xu Beiyan to be replaced.

The production rate of Ancestral Dragon Pill concerned their interests.

While they were talking, everyone felt the movements inside the seven-color cauldron had completely quieten down.

Then, thousands of rays of light burst out from the top of the cauldron.

Everyone outside the Alchemy Hall held their breath in anticipation because they knew that the Ancestral Dragon Pills were about to be released from the cauldron!

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