Chapter 1297 The Fourth Rune

The watchful onlookers naturally right away noticed the light rays formed from Zhou Yuan’s Spirit power show signs of crumbling and they immediately broke out in an uproar.

However, as outsiders, they didn't understand what was happening and only thought Zhou Yuan lost control of the thirteen Law Domain Genesis Qi.  

Some onlookers sighed disappointedly because they thought Zhou Yuan would succeed from what they saw earlier. 

The thirteen Law Domain Genesis Qi seemed to be rioting and about to break free from Zhou Yuan’s manipulation. Once they break free, like escaped wild horses, it would be difficult to regain control without exhausting even greater energy and time. But the pill refining had already started and if Zhou Yuan didn’t hurry to provide Genesis Qi, it could lead to flaws in the goddess’s pill refining.

The batch of Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits could be wasted.

That would be a huge loss. After all, many people had fought with their lives on the battlefield for the Ancestral Dragon’s remnant spirit.

Many people would no doubt be unhappy with Zhou Yuan if those precious materials were wasted. 

Amidst ceaseless clamour, Zhou Yuan quickly composed himself and stabilized his mind. Even if he didn’t expect such a change, he had to remedy the change with everything he could.

He first ran his eyes across the thirteen Law Domain experts who were providing Genesis Qi and noticed looks of surprises on all their faces. The sudden changes within the cauldron evidently shocked them. 

But Zhou Yuan knew that there was a blasting fuse among the thirteen people that triggered the change, though he couldn’t say whether it was intentional or unintentional. However, the mistake was a low-level one for a Law Domain expert, and so, Zhou Yuan didn’t believe it was unintentional.

When the thirteen different Genesis Qi merged together, the chaos factor spread like a virus and eventually created disorder in all thirteen Genesis Qi.

This was equivalent to a serious accident.

Zhou Yuan released his Spirit power to search for the chaos factor in the thirteen mighty Genesis Qi. He had to solve all problems before Yaoyao refined the Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits and delivered those Genesis Qi as fuels.   

He had to race against time to eliminate the chaos factor and calm the thirteen Genesis Qi. But he seemed to be too late.

Yaoyao had already compressed the several mysterious yellow qi currents and should start the pill refining soon.

On the square, Xu Beiyan didn’t show the slightest joy on his face as he watched the square. Instead, he sighed disappointedly, “He almost succeeded.”  

A Law Domain expert beside him couldn’t help saying, “Brother Xu, you’re too kind. Zhou Yuan brought this on himself. If he fails, the Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits would be wasted and he has to make up for our losses.” 

The others were also indignant and felt that Zhou Yuan was taking advantage of the chance to bully good-natured people.

Xu Beiyan smiled without saying anything.

On another part of the square, Zhao Mushen shook his head. That guy indeed failed. He’s too careless. Although he has reached the Allroaming stage, how could it be possible for him to manipulate the Genesis Qi of thirteen Law Domain experts?  

He glanced at Su Youwei and Wu Yao, who were both staring seriously at the Great Alchemy Hall. He wanted to taunt them, but in the end, he suppressed himself because he sensed that the two women, particularly Su Youwei, were surrounded in a dangerous aura. He knew he shouldn’t mess with them.

While everyone on the square was whispering to each other, Zhou Yuan knew time was pressing. 

He stared intently at the thirteen mighty dragon-like Genesis Qi. Although he was doing everything he could to eliminate the chaos factor, he wasn’t fast enough and couldn’t keep up with Yaoyao.

He really would fail it this continued like this. 

He couldn’t accept such a result!   


Zhou Yuan exhaled a puff of air and his eyes grew increasingly cold. He formed multiple signs with his hands and put his palms together. 

His Nascent Source was sitting cross-legged in his Divine Dwellings, and a Saint rune ball suspended above its head suddenly erupted in rays of light. The mysterious fourth Saint Rune grew increasingly clear. 

A message flowed through his heart.

It was two words: Mysterious King.   

The fourth rune of the Cangxuan Saint Rune, Mysterious King!

As Zhou Yuan’s strength soared in the past two years, his Spirit also reached the Allroaming stage and the unfathomable fourth Saint Rune took off its veil and let Zhou Yuan detect its existence.

When the fourth Saint Rune was activated, strange light burst forth from Zhou Yuan’s eyes.

Zhou Yuan’s Spirit power gathered above the thirteen Genesis Qi, forming a Spirit apparition. As his apparition slammed down its hand, a mysterious rune flashed in his palm. 

Many onlookers on the square opened their eyes wide like they saw a lunatic.

Does Zhou Yuan plan to forcibly suppress the Genesis Qi of thirteen Law Domain experts? Is he crazy?!

Although the thirteen Law Domain experts wouldn’t actively counterattack, everyone knew Genesis Qi would instinctively resist external forces if it was from a different origin. It was perfectly fine for Zhou Yuan to gently guide the Genesis Qi, but if he tried to suppress it with Spirit power, it could cause the thirteen Law Domain experts’ Genesis Qi to fluctuate.

How could he stop the instinctive counterattack from thirteen Law Domaine experts with just Spirit power new to the Allroaming stage? 

Does he plan to smash the jar to pieces just because it's cracked?!

While different thoughts were streaming through everyone’s mind, Zhou Yuan’s Spirit apparition had already slammed its hand into the thirteen dragon-like Genesis Qi.  

As everyone thought, the thirteen Genesis Qi instinctively wanted to resist during the contact.

But the mysterious Saint Rune on the Spirit apparition’s palm erupted in rays of light.

A low voice could be heard, “Mysterious King…suppress!”   

A strange pressure filled the air and completely enveloped the thirteen Law Domain Genesis Qi. The Genesis Qi that was about to resist calmed down at an unbelievable speed, as though suffered some kind of astonishing power. 

The enraged dragons became docile loaches.

The thirteen Law Domain experts’s eyes were wide with shock because they could feel a special force had suppressed their Genesis Qi.

Their eyes were filled with disbelief.  

The Genesis Qi of thirteen Law Domain experts were suppressed by someone who had only just reached the Allroaming stage? 

The thirteen Genesis Qi restored their calm state as the chaos factor among them had been completely eliminated. The strange movements within the cauldron also calmed down. 

The clamor on the square abruptly ceased and the square became as silent and still as the inside of the cauldron.

All eyes, wide with disbelief, were fixed on Zhou Yuan.

This guy has managed to suppress the Genesis Qi of thirteen Law Domain experts? 

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