Chapter 1296 Guide the Genesis Qi


As Cang Yuan’s mighty voice rang out, the countless ancient runes on the seven-color cauldron released rays of dazzling light, as though they had come alive and were swimming around like fishes.  

A wave of indescribable energy spread out from the pill cauldron.

Even the thirteen Law Domain experts felt their body become heavier, as though they were suppressed in some ways. 

They couldn’t help marveling inwardly at the might of a double lotus Saint artifact.

Saint artifacts were the most powerful objects in all-heavens. Even true Saints would madly scramble for such objects, let alone Law Domain experts. 

A single lotus Saint with a double lotus Saint artifact could even contend against a double lotus Saint, but of course that was only if the double lotus Saint held no Saint artifacts.

However, the majority of objects with lotus seals were already in the hands of a Saints, and even if some came to a Law Domain expert’s hand, it would only be a Saint artifact without a lotus seal. 

The so-called lotus seal was a seal born in a Saint artifact as a result of constant nourishments from a Saint’s incredible power. The power from such a Saint artifact was far superior to ordinary Saint artifacts.


As the seven-colored pill cauldron opened, the lid slowly split apart and revealed steam rolling inside and starting to rise up and out of the cauldron. 

Everyone outside the hall cast curious gazes over because the cauldron’s opening marked the official beginning of the pill refining.

Yaoyao, who was sitting gracefully, took out a crude clay bottle. Although it looked ordinary, many people couldn’t help staring intently at it.

This bottle was called the Pure Clay Bottle, a double lotus Saint artifact. 

It was from the Omega Shrine and could purify all objects. Yaoyao planned to use it to suppress and purify the impurity in the Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits…The impurity didn’t originate from the Ancestral Dragon, but resulted from it being in the world for too long and corroded by various forces. The Pure Clay Bottle’s power could restore it to its original state

The fact that the Omega Shrine gave out two double lotus Saint artifacts showed how important the refining of Ancestral Dragon Pills was.

Yaoyao raised her beautiful hand and tilted the Pure Clay Bottle. An ancient dragon roar that seemed to have existed since the beginning of the world reverberated throughout the area, causing even the chaos void to vibrate. 

A mysterious yellow qi flowed out from the bottle, tunnelling into the cauldron in wisps.

“Start the fire.” Yaoyao's cold voice echoed like a mountain spring.

The thirteen Law Domain experts sitting around the cauldron all wore solemn expressions. They glanced at Zhou Yuan, withdrew their gazes, and concentrated their minds. Then, vast amounts of Genesis Qi suddenly gushed out from them like torrents.

The vast and mighty Genesis Qi from the thirteen Law Domain experts constantly tore cracks into the surrounding space as they poured into the seven-color cauldron mouth. Eventually, the cauldron began to shake with buzzing noise.  

“Control the fire.” Yaoyao glanced at Zhou Yuan and spoke with a hint of warmth in her voice, making the thirteen law domain experts couldn’t help but feel sour.

When had the goddess ever spoken so sweetly to them? 

While an air of melancholy surrounded them, Zhou Yuan assumed an extremely solemn expression because he knew that the first hurdle in pill refining had finally come. Although he was already familiar with the pill refining process from Yaoyao's training in the past month, that was training and he couldn’t help feeling a little nervous when he was actually on the stage.


Fortunately, Zhou Yuan had fought hundreds of battles. He quickly composed himself and stabilized his emotions.

When he closed his eyes, blinding light suddenly erupted from his Spirit between his brows, and the Spirit power rushed into the seven-color cauldron.

The place that Zhou Yuan’s Spirit power was gushing towards was precisely where the thirteen Law Domain experts’ Genesis Qi was converging in the cauldron. The two forces came into contact but Zhou Yuan’s Spirit power was almost instantly dispersed by the thirteen entirely different mighty Genesis Qi.

That was the combined strength of thirteen Law Domain experts!


An uproar immediately broke out in the crowd on the square when they saw Zhou Yuan's Spirit power almost dispersed.

Could this guy really be just a pewter spear that shines like silver? He’s impressive-looking but useless.

“Brother Xu, it seems you’re the only one who could take the important role.” A Law Domain expert couldn't help but say to Xu Beiyan. Although Xu Beiyan had made several mistakes when he first assisted in pill refining, he didn't do as badly as Zhou Yuan, who almost collapsed as soon as he came up.

The others nodded, casting contemptuous glances at Zhou Yuan. This guy has created such a scene, wasted a batch of Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirit and made so many people play with him. He really has an exaggerated opinion of his own abilities. Does he really think that his previous accomplishments would allow him to stay at the top his entire life?

But Xu Beiyan didn’t respond. Instead, he watched with a frown because although Zhou Yuan’s Spirit power was blasted away at the first contact, he could sense that Zhou Yuan’s Spirit power hadn’t fully dissipated.

Zhou Yuan simply paid no attention to the clatter. His expression remained solemn and the Spirit light between his brows was so intense that it resembled a blazing sun, constantly gushing out Spirit power. 

It was just that his Spirit power was swept away without exception.

The uproar on the square intensified.

Rationally speaking, it wasn’t rare to see people failing the first time. Even Xu Beiyan only gradually adapted to pill refining after several failed attempts. But it wast just that the situation was now different—Zhou Yuan suddenly appeared and replaced Xu Beiyan. Therefore, everyone felt that Zhou Yuan should at least have some ability to suddenly show up and take someone else’s position.

Many people had high expectations of Zhou Yuan, but Zhou Yuan seemed like he would fail soon. Thus many people couldn’t accept such a huge discrepancy.

After all, he was wasting precious materials that they had fought for with their lives.

But while everyone was clamoring, they failed to notice that the Saints sitting high above were all staring silently at the pill cauldron.

The three Saints, Lu Liu, Gou Lang, and Du Huo all knitted their brows in a frown because they could also clearly see the many changes happening within the pill cauldron with their Saint abilities.

They saw that Zhou Yuan Spirit power wasn’t truly blasted apart but it was constantly scattered and merged into the thirteen Genesis Qi. 

This showed his extreme confidence in his Spirit power because Genesis Qi had the natural power to corrode foreign substances. 

Zhou Yuan would only do so because he felt that his Spirit power was strong enough to withstand Genesis Qi’s instinctive ability.

As time passed, waves of Spirit power constantly invaded the thirteen Genesis Qi and Zhou Yuan could soon suppress all thirteen Genesis Qi with thunderous force. 

Lu Liu and the others exchanged glances with each other and their faces turned a little sullen. They underestimated Zhou Yuan. 

The three didn’t look too happy, but there was a smile on Cang Yuan’s face. Zhou Yuan’s Spirit power was more refined and tougher than he thought. Zhou Yuan’s Spirit didn't seem like it had just reached the Allroaming stage. Zhou Yuan must have had greater harvests than he imagined in the past two years.

He should be able to pass the first hurdle in refining the Ancestral Dragon Pill.

While the several Saints were pondering, Zhou Yuan suddenly opened his eyes and his gaze penetrated the pill cauldron. He abruptly folded his hands together. 

His Spirit between his brows exploded.   

All his Spirit power was mobilized.

The thirteen different Genesis Qi rushing around inside the cauldron like enraged dragons suddenly violently vibrated. Then, thirteen Spirit light rays shot out and coiled around the dragon heads like chains.

Spirit power swiftly gathered above the thirteen different Genesis Qi before transforming into a Spirit apparition, which was a perfect likeness of Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan tightly clasped the thirteen Spirit light rays and suddenly shook them. The thirteen enraged Genesis Qi dragon gradually calmed down.

A relieved smile lit up on the Spirit apparition’s face. 

The commotion in the square suddenly ceased. Zhou Yuan has successfully manipulated the thirteen different Genesis Qi?

Deep shock and disbelief crossed each face. 

Xu Beiyan's surroundings also became quiet. Those who looked down on Zhou Yuan before suddenly were at a loss for words.

Although Xu Beiyan wore a calm outward smile, he was inwardly looking sullen. That kid’s Spirit power doesn’t seem to have just reached the Allromaing stage...

A light flashed across the eyes of Lu Liu and the others.

Saint Du Huo flicked his fingers inside his sleeve. 

Zhou Yuan, who was smiling, suddenly changed his expression because he felt that the thirteen different Genesis Qi that were already stabilized suddenly put up great resistance and changed the whole situation within seconds.

The thirteen Spirit light rays that Zhou Yuan had worked so hard to create were beginning to crack!

If they all break apart, Zhou Yuan’s effort would all come to nothing!

Zhou Yuan's eyes turned icy-cold. The change was too strange…someone must be doing something!

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