Chapter 1295 Open the Cauldron to Refine Pill


As the heavy door into the great hall slowly creaked open, a tremendous seven-color cauldron in the center caught everyone’s eyes.

Strange looks filled everyone’s eyes when they saw the colorful cauldron because the cauldron was extraordinary. It was called the Seven-Color Heavenly Refining Cauldron, a true double lotus-level Saint artifact, which could be used for alchemy, but also to defend against enemies.

Once trapped within the cauldron, even Saints would lose layers of their skin, if not die.

Anyone below the Saint stage would be turned into ashes.

As the Great Alchemy Hall opened, the space above the hall slightly distorted and figures radiating mighty power emerged.

It was the several Saints watching over the All-Heavens City.

Cang Yuan naturally was among them. But what made many people surprised was the presence of two unfamiliar-looking Saints. They eventually learned from others that they were Xu Beiyan’s other two Saint masters.

Such a change piqued many onlookers’ interest.

Xu Beiyan’s other two masters evidently received a message that Xu Beiyan was replaced and came to the All-Heavens City to support him. 

Although his three masters were all only at the one-lotus Saint stage, the combined strength of the three could face Cang Yuan, who was a double lotus Saint.

Many people exchanged glances with each other because they felt that the pill refining that day wouldn’t be that simple. 

A commotion broke out on the other side of the square. Everyone cast their gazes over to see Xu Beiyan walking leisurely across the square. Xu Beiyan’s outer appearance was amazing. Not only was he handsome and exuded an extraordinary bearing, many Law Domain experts greeted him along the way. It seemed that both his prestige and connections were extremely great.

He immediately became the focus on the square.   

“Brother Xu, your assistance in refining Ancestral Dragon Pill is absolutely necessary. We depend on you for our Ancestral Dragon Pills.”

“Yes, don't worry, Brother Xu. You will get that position after today.”

“Although Zhou Yuan has potential, he is too inexperienced. Maybe he will understand the difficulties after he tries assisting in Ancestral Dragon Pill refining. If he’s clever, he will know to quit.”


Many people around expressed goodwill towards Xu Beiyan. After all, not only was he incredibly powerful, he also had a strong background, had helped refine Ancestral Dragon Pills in the past and had strong connections with many people. Therefore, Xu Beiyan was surely one of the most dazzling people in All-Heavens City, a place where only elite experts gathered.

In response, Xu Beiyan simply gave a slight smile that felt like a wisp of spring breeze. His polite and modest attitude further deepened everyone’s good opinion of him.

After responding to the crowd, Xu Beiyan shifted his gaze to the Great Alchemy Hall, a faint light flashing in his eyes’ depths.

While the atmosphere on the square grew increasingly buzzing, the Great Alchemy Hall’s side door was slowly pushed open and two figures strode out.

The two figures’ entrance completely set off the atmosphere around the square.


“We finally could see the goddess’s remarkable beauty again!”


As many people gazed at the beautiful figure, their eyes blazed with excitement and enthusiasm. Yaoyao’s reputation in the All-Heavens City had skyrocketed to its peak in the past two years. 

While many people stared at Yaoyao with fanatical gazes, they couldn’t help sweeping a glance over the young figure beside her. But the emotions in those gazes were complicated—There was curiosity, jealousy as well as contempt.  

But that was normal because no one could approach Yaoyao in the past two years due to her cold and detached personality. It was difficult for even the Saints in All-Heavens City to get close to her, but she had a completely different relationship with Zhou Yuan the moment that Zhou Yuan appeared. It was difficult for the others to not feel jealousy and hatred towards Zhou Yuan.

As though Yaoyao couldn’t see the several fanatical gazes, she nodded at Zhou Yuan and leisurely ascended the main seat, the white jade platform.

Zhou Yuan ran his eyes across and couldn’t help smacking his lips wherever his gaze was because he could feel waves of powerful Genesis Qi. The majority of Nascent Source and Law Domain experts in all-heavens had gathered in the All-Heavens City. If the Sacred Race were to attack, all-heavens would suffer significant damage.

Fortunately, Saints guarded the All-Heavens City, blocked out all perceptions and concealed the city within chaos, making it impossible for the Sacred Race to deduce the location. 

As Zhou Yuan swept his gaze around, he was taken aback for a moment because he saw Wu Yao, Su Youwei and Zhao Mushen.

Su Youwei gave a bright smile when their gazes met, and her beautiful eyes were filled with encouragement and support.

Wu Yao retracted her gaze immediately and stood proud like a phoenix.

Zhao Mushen's gaze was ruminative and with a hint of provocation.

Zhou Yuan smiled and withdrew his gaze. The three had interestingly formed a little team. After all, Zhao Mushen had attempted to devour the two girls’ Blessings in the nine regions tournament yet they unexpectedly teamed up. From this it was clear how dangerous it was fighting the Sacred Race in the Outerspace Battlefield since the three had to compromise with each other. 

With a slight movement, Zhou Yuan vanished and reappeared on the stone platform on the lower right side of Yaoyao.

He swept a glance across and saw thirteen figures sitting cross-legged around the Seven-Color Pill Cauldron, each exuding powerful Genesis Qi that caused the space around to distort.

They were precisely the thirteen Law Domain experts who would provide Genesis Qi for the refining of Ancestral Dragon Pill.

The thirteen Law Domain experts’ gazes were scrutinizing Zhou Yuan, and Zhou Yuan could sense huge doubts from those gazes. It was obvious that at least half of the people in the All-Heavens City disagreed with him replacing Xu Beiyan. 

But there wasn’t much of a ripple of emotion on Zhou Yuan’s face when he saw the skeptical gazes. He knew that he had to maintain a normal state of mind. Xu Beiyan had done pretty well in refining Ancestral Dragon Pills and so his sudden replacement naturally aroused anger. 

However, the majority of the doubts were brought about because they were worried about their own interests. As long as Zhou Yuan could prove himself, all those doubts would vanish. At that time, no one would be the slightest unhappy with Zhou Yuan taking on the assistant’s position except Xu Beiyan and those related to him.

As thoughts streamed through his mind, Zhou Yuan calmly sat down on the stone platform.

The Saints headed by Cang Yuan also seated themselves above the hall on their Genesis Qi lotus

Saint Lu Liu stared indifferently at the Great Alchemy Hall and suddenly smiled at Cang Yuan. “Supreme sovereign Cang Yuan, by stealing the divine stone, you also protected her for many years, but it seems she doesn’t appreciate your kindness.”

Yaoyao's divinity was gradually being restored, causing her to become increasingly detached. Moreover, the matter that she became distant to Cang Yuan wasn’t a secret in the circle of the Saints. But for Lu Liu to suddenly speak about it, it was clear that he wanted to make Cang Yuan feel uncomfortable. 

Cang Yuan glanced indifferently at Saint Lu Liu and then at Saint Gou Lang and Du Huo. “What I did was for all-heavens.”

“You know that refining Ancestral Dragon Pill is extremely important to us, so why do you let your disciple ruin it?” questioned Saint Du Huo.

Cang Yuan stared at Zhou Yuan's figure and said, “Because Zhou Yuan will do better.”

The other three Saints coldly sneered. “We look forward to seeing that.”

While they quarrelled, the other Saints chose to maintain a neutral stance. After all, the protagonists of that day’s matter were Zhou Yuan and Xu Beiyan, and so, as masters, it was impossible for them to not show any anger.

Cang Yuan ended the quarrel with a flung of his sleeve and his voice reverberated, “Everything is ready. Open the cauldron and start refining pills!”

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