Chapter 1294 The three-person team

Half a month flew by in the hustle and bustle of All-Heavens City. 

The Great Alchemy Hall was particularly lively that day. 

Lights constantly flashed outside the hall as silhouettes descended, all exuding waves of powerful Genesis Qi.

Every person present was regarded as an elite expert among the sects and factions in all heavens, more than half of the Nascent Source experts and Law Domain experts in all heavens were in All-Heavens City.

This was enough to show how grand All-Heavens City was. 

The all-heavens war call from the Omega Shrine might be partly responsible for drawing so many people, but the other part was Ancestral Dragon Pill.

The Nascent Source stage and the Law Domain stage were already considered the top levels in all-heavens, and thus anyone who cultivated to such a level could be said to have remarkable talent, toughness and opportunities. But the longer one stayed stagnant at that level, the more they realized how difficult the cultivation path was. Many would never progress any further despite painstaking cultivation because their potential had been exhausted.

A person's potential depended on various factors, and potential also determined one’s ultimate success.

Perhaps the Nascent Source stage and Law Domain stage were already the top in many people’s eyes, but people at that level would still want to climb even higher and see the scenery of a higher level.

It was just that many people failed to break out from the binding of their potential even after exhausting their strengths and would only die in the end. 

They must be full of unwillingness. 

The Ancestral Dragon Pill’s appearance allowed many people who stagnated at that level to see a glimmer of hope.

Ancestral Dragon Pill was mysterious and strange as it was created from Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits. Once consumed and refined, the pill would have tremendous benefits to the Nascent Source stage and Law Domain stage. It could even raise one’s potential and allow people to see a ray of light ahead again. 

Ever since the Ancestral Dragon Pill’s appearance, the overall strength of Nascent Source experts and Law Domain experts in all-heavens had been improved. 

Most importantly, the Ancestral Dragon Pill had no side effects. It was simply a heaven-sent divine pill!

Countless Nascent Source and Law Domain experts flocked to the Ancestral Dragon Pill. They even willingly entered the chaos void to search for Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits and fought Sacred Race teams that they ran into.

Yaoyao, who created the Ancestral Dragon Pill, was even respected as a goddess. It should be said that those who could reach the Nascent Source stage and Law Domain stage were all determined and strong-willed, and even ordinary Saints couldn’t receive such worship from them. This was enough to show the huge impact that the Ancestral Dragon Pill’s appearance had on them. 

It was precisely because of the Ancestral Dragon Pill that the alchemy session that day attracted so much attention. 

Countless figures constantly flashed onto the square outside the Great Alchemy Hall. Among them were some well-known figures, and their appearance naturally drew a lot of attention and created commotion. 

Especially when three figures appeared at the same time. Gasps rippled throughout the crowd and even some Law Domain exerts cast their gazes at them. 

The three figures, one man and two women, were all outstanding.

The man, clad in black, was tall and slender and there wasn’t much of an expression on his handsome face. His eyes were deep like an abyss and sent chills down one’s spine.

The two women were both stunning, and although they had different temperaments, each had their strong points.

The woman on the left was tall and wore a crimson dress that flattered her curvy body. Her face was breathtakingly beautiful and her phoenix eyes were fierce and cold. She exuded an aura that made people afraid to be near her.

The woman on the right was wearing a purple cloud pattern dress that complemented her fair and extremely soft skin, and her facial features were delicate and beautiful. Although she looked gentle, her kind eyes contained tenaciousness inferior to no man.

The three’s appearance became the most luminous area of the square because they were Hunyuan Heaven’s three talents, who had gained quite a bit of fame recently in all-heavens. 

They were Zhao Mushen, Wu Yao, and Su Youwei.

The trio’s strength had soared in the past two years, and their accomplishments were incredibly impressive. They had killed many Sacred Race experts on the Outerspace Battlefield in the two years and so even Law Domain experts attached considerable importance to them.

After all, although the three were still only at the Nascent Source stage, their 9 inch Nascent Source didn’t seem to be the limit from the potential they had demonstrated. No one knew what level their Nascent Source would reach when they opened up a Law Domain in the future. 

If they could reach 9.5 inches, they would make even Law Domain experts envious of them because their foundation and potential showed hopes of attacking the Saint stage. 

That glimmer of hope shouldn’t be underestimated because that perhaps was the gap between a mortal and a Saint.

"That guy has been missing for two years. He finally showed himself.”

Zhao Mushen ignored the many gazes and crossed his arms, sneering, “But I don’t know whether he can keep up with us after disappearing for two years. Even if he can’t, we can’t be blamed for bullying the weak. I have to regain the face I lost back then.”

Su Youwei glanced at him and said softly, "When you lost to His Highness, didn't you also look stronger than him?”

The cold smile on Zhao Mushen’s lips suddenly froze. He indeed looked stronger than Zhou Yuan in the nine regions tournament and he didn't even consider Zhou Yuan as an opponent at that time. Who would have thought he would be defeated in Zhou Yuan’s hand? Even the thought of it was humiliating for Zhao Mushen!

Zhao Mushen remained silent for a while and decided to move to another topic. "That guy has disappeared for two years but he created such troubles as soon as he came out.

"The Ancestral Dragon Pill concerns the interests of many Nascent Source and Law Domain experts in All-Heavens City yet he still dares to intervene.”

Su Youwei responded calmly, "His Highness never does anything that he isn’t confident in. Since he took over, he must have the confidence to do better than Xu Beiyan.”

Zhao Mushen sneered, “You're really foolish.”

Xu Beiyan enjoyed a good reputation even in the All-Heavens City and he greatly contributed to the refining of Ancestral Dragon Pills in the past two years. Therefore, even an arrogant person like Zhao Mushen didn’t dare to look down on him. However, Su Youwei was simply a blind supporter of Zhou Yuan. Su Youwei was usually difficult to deal with, but when she encountered any matter related to Zhou Yuan, she seemed to have become a stupid person. 

Su Youwei didn't care about Zhao Mushen’s ridicule and said seriously, "Then do you want to bet with me? Let’s bet on an Ancestral Dragon Pill.”

A light flashed in Zhao Mushen's eyes. He was evidently tempted, but he suppressed himself in the end because Zhou Yuan was too unpredictable. Forget it, there’s no need to argue with this woman. He coolly snorted and ignored Su Youwei. 

Ancestral Dragon Pills were too rare that even he wouldn’t dare to use one as a bet. Additionally, he had teamed up with Su Youwei and Wu Yao during the past two years. Although they didn’t fully trust each other and even schemed against each other during the two years, they still worked together due to the same interests. It was precisely because they had teammates that they could rely on that the three rose to fame in the past two years.

He didn't want to fall out with Su Youwei for such a reason.

While the two were talking, Wu Yao just stared at the Great Alchemy Hall with an icy gaze, and when a familiar face flashed across her mind, her thick eyelashes suddenly drooped. 

Although it didn’t seem right, she agreed with Su Youwei…

That person won't be that easy to get rid of. 

However, as to whether Zhou Yuan would be better than Xu Beiyan in refining Ancestral Dragon Pills, Wu Yao didn’t side with Su Youwei or Zhao Mushen. She didn’t blindly believe in Zhou Yuan, but she also knew about his potential to create miracles...So, she just quietly watched and waited for the result.


While the three each had different thoughts, a boom suddenly resounded from the Great Alchemy Hall and the closed door slowly creaked open. A rich aroma pervaded the air. 

The Great Alchemy Hall was opened.    

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