Chapter 1293 Underhanded Move

While Zhou Yuan began refining Ancestral Dragon Pill under Yaoyao’s guidance, in a manor on a mountain of All-Heavens City, Xu Beiyan, dressed in an ink-color robe, was gracefully sat in front of a guqin. As his fingers fluttered across the strings, sweet-sounding noises reverberated in the mountains.

Two beautiful maids stood behind him, gazing affectionately at the handsome man.

The sound was relaxed and drawn out, but Xu Beiyan suddenly stopped, severing the pleasant noise. He emotionlessly slammed his hand, shattering the stone table and guqin to powder. 

The maids dropped to their knees and bowed.    

Xu Beiyan ignored them and turned his head to a certain place in All-Heavens City. It was where Yaoyao resided and recent news also reported that Zhou Yuan lived there.

The thought of the two living together made Xu Beiyan, who had cultivated his mind for years, become irritable.

“I have worked closely with the goddess in the past two years, and it’s time we connect at a deeper level with each other, but Zhou Yuan came and ruined all my efforts. He is too annoying.” Xu Beiyan's anger rose to his eyes. He has had relationships with many women in his life so he knew he mustn’t be impatient with the goddess, who had such a cold and detached personality.

Everything was within his grasp but Zhou Yuan’s appearance ruined everything.

"I don't think Zhou Yuan would do better than me in refining Ancestral Dragon Pill, but if the goddess is biased, there might be underhanded moves.”

Xu Beiyan's face turned sullen. The goddess is extraordinary in both identity and strength. Even if others might not have such an ability to do so, she could be different.

But when he thought the person he liked was going to all the trouble to deal with him for another man, he couldn’t help scrunching his brows and jealousy surged up.

But what made Xu Beiyan helpless was that his jealousness couldn’t stop anything. 

“Beiyan, come over for a moment,” a voice passed to his ears. 

“Master Lu Liu?” 

Xu Beiyan was startled for a moment, but then immediately vanished.

When he reappeared, he was already inside a secret chamber. But he not only saw Saint Lu Liu there, but also two familiar figures.

“Master Gou Lang, Master Du Huo? Why are you all here?” Xu Beiyan asked in a surprised voice. 

In addition to Saint Lu Liu were two other elders, one with a long and thin face, eagle-like nose and fierce and cold eyes. The other was clad in a red robe with flames blazing in his eyes.

They were Xu Beiyan’s other two masters.

Saint Gou Lang and Saint Du Huo.  

“Lu Liu messaged us to come over and told us that our precious disciple is being bullied,” said Saint Gou Lang with a smile.

“We already know about the details. It is indeed unfair. You have worked hard for two years to refine Ancestral Dragon Pill but they get rid of you for no good reason. Not only is it unreasonable, they also gave us no face,” Saint Du Huo said irritably.

Saint Lu Liu said with a smile, “She’s the goddess, the third god, why would she give face to three one-lotus Saints? Let alone us, she wouldn’t even pay attention to the three prime sovereigns.” 

Saint Gou Lang said, “Gods are high and mighty and look down on all living beings. They’re not trustworthy. It would be catastrophic for all-heavens if she has any malicious intent.”

Saint Du Huo nodded in agreement. "Speaking of which, I still blame Cang Yuan for stealing the divine stone that gave birth to the third god. If we had refined the divine stone, there might not even be a real god in our human race and we would have nothing to worry about, right?”

The three all agreed to refine the divine stone in the Omega Shrine, which was an opposite stance to Cang Yuan. However, Cang Yuan stole the divine stone and let it birth the third god. After that, since the situation was decided, they could only cease their beating drums and accept it.

After all, the third god was already born and they would only anger the third god. All-heavens would also have to face another powerful enemy in addition to the Sacred God. 

The Omega Shrine also wouldn't allow them to do so.

Saint Lu Liu shook his head, saying, “What's the use of saying such things now? We should think about Beiyan instead. We have worked so hard to get him the position to assist in refining Ancestral Dragon Pill. He could have obtained many Ancestral Dragon Pill, which he needed hugely to prepare him for attacking the Saint stage soon.”

Ancestral Dragon Pills were incredibly rare and had become the most sought-after object in all-heavens. The fact that even Saints couldn’t get involved in preparing Ancestral Dragon Pills contributed to its rarity.

Many people with Spirit at the Allroaming had fought for the task in assisting Yaoyao refine Ancestral Dragon Pills but that role landed on Xu Beiyan in the end because not only was he talented, he had the support and recommendation of three Saints.

The Nascent Source and Law Domain experts in All-Heavens City could be called the elites of the elites, so how would anyone without a strong background be given such a pleasant task?

“Humph, we can’t let someone else have that position,” said Saint Gou Lang. 

Saint Du Huo said, “Zhou Yuan has only been at the Allroaming stage for a short period. He’s much inferior to Beiyan in terms of ability; however, the goddess possesses extraordinary power and could help Zhou Yuan if she wanted to. So since the goddess isn’t fair first, she can't blame us for using underhanded moves.”

Saint Du Huo smiled and then pulled out a strand of hair. The hair was blazing with green flames, and upon a closer look, seemed to be inscribed with countless ancient runes.

Lu Liu and Gou Lang flicked their fingers and instilled majestic powers into that strand of hair. The green flames dispersed and the hair gradually turned transparent before disappearing completely from the world.

Du Huo handed the strand of invisible hair to Xu Beiyan, saying “There should be someone you know among the thirteen Law Domain experts who assist in refining Ancestral Dragon Pill. Meet up with one later and secretly activate this. It will enter their body without anyone realizing.

“This strand of hair has no other ability apart from making one lose control of one’s Genesis Qi for a moment. When I activate it while Ancestral Dragon Pills are being refined, the thirteen Law Domain experts’ Genesis Qi would be disrupted.”

“This technique is very secretive and no one can detect it since it’s activated using our combined strengths. It would only appear to others that Zhou Yuan isn’t strong enough to control the thirteen Law Domain experts’s Genesis Qi and lead to failure in the pill refining. After his failure, he would be too ashamed to keep this position anymore.”

Xu Beiyan seemed a little hesitant as he gazed at the invisible object in Du Huo’s hand.

“Those who accomplish big things wouldn’t care about trivial matters. Zhou Yuan is clearly not as good as you and yet he replaced you. Also, you have to remember that until the day you become a Saint, everything is just emptiness, and only after stepping into the Saint stage can you achieve what your heart wants. You need Ancestral Dragon Pills, you can’t lose this opportunity,” Saint Du Huo persuaded. 

Xu Beiyan’s eyes turned chilling, and he immediately nodded. Then, he respectfully reached out to take the strand of hair.

“I will listen to masters’ teachings."  

What he did wasn’t for selfish desires but to refine more Ancestral Dragon Pills. This was a huge matter that concerned and would benefit all-heavens. Zhou Yuan was too selfish to replace him using connections.  

Zhou Yuan, I am more qualified than you for the position. Xu Beiyan wore a deep expression. The position of assisting the goddess in refining Ancestral Dragon Pill and the position beside the goddess.

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