Chapter 1292 Yaoyao’s Training

News of Zhou Yuan taking over from Xu Beiyan soon spread to the entire All-Heavens City.

It naturally caused quite a commotion. After all, Xu Beiyan had performed pretty well for the past two years. It had been a long and tough journey to achieve the current level of stability and gradually increasing yield. Won’t suddenly replacing him waste all of this hard earned experience?

Moreover, although Zhou Yuan’s Spirit had advanced to the Allroamer stage, he was still very green. In comparison, Xu Beiyan had slowly solidified his Allroamer stage foundations for many years, and was likely much better in Spirit control than Zhou Yuan, right?

Due to all of these reasons, almost no one optimistic about Zhou Yuan taking over.

However, this decision was personally made by the goddess, and even the Saints experts stationed in All-Heavens City could not change anything. This made many people jealous...

The goddess was clearly perfect, why would she do such a thing for a mere Zhou Yuan?

Could even the goddess be unable to escape from shackles of the heart?

But why was that someone not me!

Fortunately, Zhou Yuan was rather tactful. He had declared that if the pill yield rate did not surpass Xu Beiyan’s in the next pill production session, he would voluntarily give up the position.

However, some people felt that he was only finding a way out for himself to prevent losing all face if things didn't work out.

At least he had a little smarts.

However, he was ultimately too young and prideful. If he felt that he was not up to the task, he should have rejected the position in the first place. Failing after causing such a commotion would not only bring shame to himself but also implicate the goddess.

Due to this matter, an air of excitement enveloped All-Heavens City. 

Teams that returned from their missions put their next missions on hold, intending to personally witness the outcome of the next pill production session. After all, it was a matter that deeply affected their interests.


While All-Heavens City was abuzz with this matter, the main actor, Zhou Yuan began his Ancestral Dragon Pill cramming session under Yaoyao’s supervision.

“Thirteen Law Domain experts will provide a continuous supply of Genesis Qi as fuel throughout the process...

“As my assistant, your main task is to control their Genesis Qi and adjust the output according to what I need to refine the main ingredient, the Ancestral Dragon will fragments.”

In a peaceful and secluded courtyard.

Yaoyao was elegantly seated on a bench inside a stone pavilion. Tuntun napped on her long legs like a little doggy, while she stroked its fur and explained to Zhou Yuan, who was seated on a sizable rock in front of her.

“Can’t believe it requires a continuous supply of Genesis Qi from thirteen Law Domain experts…” Zhou Yuan was amazed. The Ancestral Dragon Pill was indeed extraordinary. Just the line-up for the provision of Genesis Qi alone was something the entire Tianyuan Region could not fulfil.

“That won’t be easy.”

Zhou Yuan’s expression turned grave. The Genesis Qi of thirteen Law Domain experts was tremendous. To direct and control such a huge amount was definitely no easy task.

“Although it’s one of the more difficult aspects, it is not the most problematic. After all, this is not a fight and the Law Domain experts will not intentionally resist you. Hence, your Allroamer stage Spirit should be able to achieve it after some training.” 

Yaoyao's drawn out voice sounded, “The joint alchemy process is the most troublesome part. As my assistant, you must be aware of every change in the alchemy cauldron and send out each wave of Genesis Qi to precise locations at the correct timing.

“Xu Beiyan had been unable to grasp this rhythm during his first year, leading to numerous failures. As the failures piled up, he gradually managed to grasp the rhythm, but still can’t do it perfectly. Hence why the yield has not never been high.”

Zhou Yuan nodded with a thoughtful look on his face. This was indeed a very troublesome part. He had to guide the Genesis Qi of thirteen Law Domain experts while paying close attention to Yaoyao’s rhythm. Any slight mistake in between would affect the final result.

However, there seemed to be no shortcut. The only method he could see was slowly grasping the rhythm through trial and error.

The problem was that he did not have much time.

“When is the next session?” asked Zhou Yuan.

“All-Heavens City conducts two sessions a month. The next one should be in half a month’s time.”

Zhou Yuan winced. Even Xu Beiyan had taken a year to get used to the rhythm, wasn’t it far too difficult for him to do it in half a month?

Upon seeing his expression, the corners of Yaoyao’s mouth curled upwards. “To be honest, this part will be the easiest for you instead.”

“Why?” Zhou Yuan was stunned.

Yaoyao placed a hand on her chin, her clear eyes seemingly smiling in amusement. “Because I can place a little of my will in your Spirit so we can share our senses to a certain extent. You’ll easily be able to know which stage of the process we’re at and what you’ll need to do next.”

Zhou Yuan was stupefied. They could do this?

Wasn’t this basically an open-book exam?

Xu Beiyan was having a closed-book exam while he had an open-book exam?

“You…” Zhou Yuan could not help but awkwardly scratch his head. Yaoyao clearly already had a solution for this ‘biggest problem’. However, she had said nothing and allowed Xu Beiyan to experience a year of failure.

“Why didn’t you use this method for Xu Beiyan?”

Yaoyao swept a glance at Zhou Yuan and answered, “Why should I share senses with him?”

Her tone was a little cold, seemingly akin to the overbearingness of a young teenage girl. However, Zhou Yuan understood that it was due to the divinity in her body that made her learn more towards being apathetic. Although she had agreed to manufacture Ancestral Dragon Pills, she did not care whether they succeeded or not.

In addition, this fusion with the Spirit and sharing senses was a rather unique link. Yaoyao would willingly engage in it with Zhou Yuan, but she could not possibly do the same with Xu Beiyan, even if the price was being unable to properly produce pills for nearly a year.

Zhou Yuan nodded and smiled. “In order words, I only need to focus on guiding and controlling the thirteen Law Domain experts’ Genesis Qi.”

Yaoyao gave a faint nod. Soon after, she reached out and pointed in the air.


Zhou Yuan’s surroundings immediately changed as thirteen mighty torrents of Genesis Qi surged out, flowing and roaring around him like angry dragons.

Yaoyao nonchalantly said, “For the next half a month, you shall practice guiding these thirteen Genesis Qi torrents with your Spirit. When you can maintain harmony between them, you should be good enough.”

Resplendent light emerged between Zhou Yuan’s brows as powerful Spirit force surged out like the tide. The strength of his Spirit was unimaginable two years ago.

Spirit power flooded out and began interacting with the thirteen Genesis Qi torrents.

The initial contact was unsuccessful. Each torrent was equivalent to a Law Domain expert’s entire stock of Genesis Qi. Hence, even with his Spirit at the Allroamer stage, it was still rather strenuous.

However, he was not worried. As he grew more accustomed, he was confident of grasping their individual rhythms. Subsequently, he would be able to harmonize them with his own Spirit control and naturally be able to guide the thirteen Genesis Qi torrents.

However, he had underestimated the training Yaoyao had prepared for him.

“For the next pill production session, you’ll also need to assist me in refining Ancestral Dragon will fragments. Hence, you can separate part of your Spirit now to make a double that will familiarize the refinement process with me.” A ball of mystic yellow qi rose from Yaoyao’s hand, giving off ancient and primal undulations.

It was a strand of extremely weak Ancestral Dragon will.

Zhou Yuan could not help but grimace. Now that his Spirit had stepped into the Allroamer stage, he could separate part of it to create a Spirit double that would share its senses with him. However, separating his Spirit would undoubtedly split his attention, making it more difficult to guide the Genesis Qi torrents.

However, he knew that this was a test Yaoyao had prepared for him.

Spirit light flickered between his brows as a nearly corporeal figure slowly rose from within, turning into another Zhou Yuan.

The two Zhou Yuan looked at each other and smiled. It was quite a peculiar feeling.

The Spirit double landed in the stone pavilion, sat in front of Yaoyao and began helping her refine the strand of Ancestral Dragon will.

Due to having seperated part of his Spirit, Zhou Yuan lost control of the Genesis Qi torrents, causing them to chaotically flow about. In the end, they smashed into his body, blasting him into the ground amidst a cry of alarm.

In the stone pavilion, Zhou Yuan’s Spirit double shivered, its body rippling before stabilizing again.

He glanced at the sorry figure of the original body, before turning back to the strand of Ancestral Dragon will. With a deep breath, he closed his eyes and began learning how to help Yaoyao refine the strand...

Yaoyao was fixed on having Zhou Yuan help her, and did not care what anyone else thought. She might not care about others, but Zhou Yuan needed to do his best because he did not wish for others to talk about her.

He said to himself, Zhou Yuan, you have to work hard.

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