Chapter 1291 Yaoyao’s Changes

The tightly shut doors sealed off the outside noise, creating a silent atmosphere.

Carrying Tuntun, Yaoyao casually sat down on the steps, her slender hand ruffling Tuntun’s shaggy head before pulling its ear into all kinds of shapes. Her cold, beautiful face was still pretty much emotionless, but Zhou Yuan could sense that she was not in a good mood.

He walked over, seated down beside her and placed her hand in his own. He did not speak, silently keeping her company.

Yaoyao leaned over, placing her face on Zhou Yuan’s shoulder. After a long time, she finally said in a soft voice, “While you and Tuntun weren’t around, I felt myself becoming less and less human and I just can’t seem to care much anymore...

“Do you know that I’ve even begun to become distant to Grandpa Hei. I clearly didn’t wish for it, but I always feel slightly alienated when I’m facing him.

“Only when I see you and Tuntun will I feel some emotion, making me feel that I’m still human and not an indifferent god that watches over the mortals.”

Zhou Yuan hugged Yaoyao’s shoulder, his eyes full of tenderness and self-reproach. Although he had always mockingly called himself the all-heavens king of relying on his woman, he had been doing all he could to improve himself. He had repeatedly experienced near-death fights, enabling himself to constantly evolve, progress and grow stronger.

He believed that a day would come when he would no longer need Yaoyao to stand in front of him, but instead shield her from all the storms that came their way.

Unfortunately, he was still far from achieving this goal even till now.

Zhou Yuan softly said, “Yaoyao, I will always be there no matter what happens.”

Tuntun also softly barked in her arms as if saying it would be there too.

Yaoyao smiled faintly, clearly feeling a little better.

Upon seeing her mood had improved, Zhou Yuan smiled bitterly and asked, “Why do you suddenly want me to participate in the Ancestral Dragon Pill production? Although their words were unpleasant, they were justified. Xu Beiyan has been coordinating with you for two years and should be much better in producing these pills.”

Although he had made himself appear confident earlier, it was all an act. No matter how arrogant he was, he did not feel that he would be better than Xu Beiyan, who had two years of experience.

However, there was one thing he had been genuine about. If he failed to do better than Xu Beiyan, he would not shamelessly hold onto the role because it would only draw anger from the majority and would not be worth it.

Yaoyao responded, “I don’t like that Xu Beiyan. I’m naturally aware of his intentions over these past two years, and although his performance is adequate, I’m really getting a little tired of him. He keeps playing his flute outside whenever I want some peace and quiet. If I did not have some rationality left, I would have already made him disappear.”

Zhou Yuan began to sweat. He honestly felt that Xu Beiyan was top tier in every aspect, but Yaoyao was clearly someone who could not be measured by common sense.

Hence, he weakly said, “Yaoyao, if I met you now instead, I feel that I would have been killed countless times for all the things I did to you in the past.”

Yaoyao rolled her eyes at him, “There aren’t that many what ifs in this world.”

She paused for a moment before continuing, “You will be highly paid for assisting me in the Ancestral Dragon Pill production. As long as we succeed, you will obtain several pills every month. You could say that I’m fighting for your benefit, because the Ancestral Dragon Pill is an excellent item that you will definitely need from now onwards.”

The other Nascent Source and Law Domain experts would likely need to take several trips into the Outerspace Battlefield to obtain a few Ancestral Dragon Pills and risk their lives countless times. In fact, All-Heavens City estimated at least one casualty every mission. From this, one could see just how costly it was to obtain Ancestral Dragon Pills.

Compared to risking one’s life to find Ancestral Dragon will fragments, assisting in producing Ancestral Dragon Pills was undoubtedly a cushy job.

Zhou Yuan was touched. He emotionally stared at Yaoyao and said, “You’re so good to me, how else can I repay you but with my body?”

The corners of Yaoyao’s lips curled downwards as she lifted Tuntun. “I think you can give your body to it instead.”

Tuntun was originally enjoying himself on Yaoyao’s lap. When it was suddenly lifted to Zhou Yuan’s face, it displayed an extremely disdainful expression as its tail viciously whipped towards his face.

Zhou Yuan bent his head to the side to avoid the attack as he glared at Tuntun. This fellow was so untactful, why was it intruding in their romantic time.

Yaoyao extended her arms into the air and stretched, revealing her almost perfect curves. Soon after, she lazily said, “Everything I said earlier was true, including the part that you’ll do better than Xu Beiyan.”

Zhou Yuan was surprised. “Am I really more suitable than him?”

Yaoyao said, “The most difficult part of creating the pills is taming the Ancestral Dragon’s will. They say that I’m the only one who can do it, but that is not entirely true...

Her bright eyes looked straight at Zhou Yuan. “You can too.”

“Me?” Zhou Yuan’s heart shook. According to master Cang Yuan, this was something that even the three prime sovereigns could not do. Yaoyao could only do it because she was born from the Ancestral Dragon’s will and was considered the Ancestral Dragon’s daughter, but he...

His eyes suddenly flashed. “Is it because of the Ancestral Dragon Scripture?”

Yaoyao gave a faint nod, “You’re not too stupid.

“Due to the Ancestral Dragon Scripture, the Ancestral Dragon’s will will have a much lower resistance towards you. Of course, if you won’t be able to refine the Ancestral Dragon’s because you aren’t strong enough. However, I will be the main force while you’ll be supporting me to ease my burden. With this combination, our success rate and yield will naturally be incomparable to before.”

Yaoyao nonchalantly continued, “The others are really useless, including Xu Beiyan. For the past two years, I had to make up for their mistakes and incompetence countless times. To be frank, it’s eighty percent their fault that the success rate and yield had been so low in the past.”

Her tone was filled with disdain towards the group of idiots.

Zhou Yuan could only force a smile before he breathed a sigh of relief. It would naturally be best if he could improve the Ancestral Dragon Pill’s success rate and yield. Otherwise, it would certainly not feel good to fail and be mocked by others.

Moreover, he could also put a stop to gossip such that people would not think Yaoyao was just acting wilfully, although in a certain manner of speaking, she did have the right to be wilful.

However, Zhou Yuan did not wish for such things to happen, he would rather bear everything by himself.

“There should be half a month till the next pill production session. Over this period, you will do your best to familiarize yourself with the steps and process.” Of course Yao Yao did not wish for Zhou Yuan to fail and become a laughing stock either.

Although she could wash her hands of this entire affair, how could Zhou Yuan continue on in the all-heavens if she did so?

Zhou Yuan nodded and cupped his fists together. “Please guide my kindly teacher Yaoyao.”

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