Chapter 1290 Substituted

“I refuse to believe it!” Xu Beiyan was not the only one who wanted to say these words. Everyone present had the same thought in their minds.

They did not believe that Zhou Yuan’s assistance would increase the pill production rate and success. No matter what, he only appeared to be a Nascent Source expert. With such cultivation, he did not even possess the qualifications to adjust the Law Domain experts’ Genesis Qi.

In their view, the goddess was exaggerating to try and console the crowd.

Xu Beiyan seemed to regret his words after they left his mouth. He looked at Yaoyao and sincerely said, “Lady goddess, I was not doubting you. It’s just that one’s Spirit cultivation must at least be at the Allroamer stage to aid you. Zhou Yuan’s strength and talent are definitely top tier, however, he is currently still lacking some experience.”

Yaoyao did not reply, merely glancing at Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan naturally understood her intention. He grinned and said to Xu Beiyan, “It just so happens that my Spirit has reached the Allroamer stage after the past two years of secluded cultivation.

As he spoke, divine light began to glow between his brows. A circular glowing Spirit ripple unfurled. The Nascent Source and Law Domain experts could clearly feel the strength of this Spirit ripple, causing their expressions to change as they looked towards Zhou Yuan in amazement.

He was really an Allroamer stage?!

The gazes of several Law Domain experts eased a little. Although the two years of silence had caused Zhou Yuan’s reputation to be a far cry from before, he was still quite well known. Even when disregarding his relationship with the goddess, being supreme sovereign Cang Yuan’s disciple already made them envious. They had originally believed that at least their cultivation was higher than Zhou Yuan.

However, it was now clear that Zhou Yuan’s Spirit had stepped into the Allroamer stage, making him an equal. Hence, their final piece of superiority over him was no more.

Xu Beiyan also stared at Zhou Yuan in shock, clearly surprised by this revelation. However, he soon collected himself and said, “Grand elder is truly talented, such a young Allroamer stage will certainly have a bright future ahead.

“However, even if grand elder Zhou Yuan has reached the Allroamer stage, creating Ancestral Dragon Pills is no easy task and requires one to constantly accumulate experience for a long time. I advanced to the Allroamer stage many years ago, but I can barely keep up with the honored goddess even after two years of practice. Currently, we’ve managed to achieve 9 pills per batch and are on an improving trend. If grand elder Zhou Yuan replaces me, won’t you have to waste time to familiarize yourself?

“The friction between the all-heavens and Sacred Race is ever growing, and time is the most important resource for us.”

Xu Beiyan looked towards Yaoyao and solemnly finished, “I hope lady goddess will reconsider.”

His tone was filled with sincerity, and his mannerisms were excellent, causing several people to secretly nod in approval. As expected of a top expert in Qiankun Heaven and the heaven pride taught by three Saint experts.

Several pairs of eyes could not help but turn towards Zhou Yuan. Although he had revealed his Allroamer stage Spirit, it was honestly not very nice for a newcomer to squeeze himself in like that.

Of course, they had directly forgotten that Yaoyao was the one who had started this. They could find no fault with the perfect goddess who selflessly made Ancestral Dragon Pills for them. It was Zhou Yuan who was obviously leading their perfect goddess atray, causing her to make such a muddle headed decision. How loathsome of him!

Saint Lu Liu indifferently said, “Supreme sovereign Cang Yuan, even if Xu Beiyan’s might not be up to standard, he has been working hard for the past two years. Isn’t a little too unreasonable to randomly find an excuse to replace him?

“If you don’t properly explain this to me, I will inform his other two masters. Although we might not be as experienced or powerful as you, I believe someone in the Omega Shrine will listen to us.”

Cang Yuan frowned a little. Just as he was about to speak, Yaoyao cut in, “Xu Beiyan has been paid for his services in Ancestral Dragon Pills. Moreover, it is quite a substantial amount. Hence, he did not help for free. In addition, I am in-charge of the entire pill production process and I can replace anyone I wish to.

“If you have any objections, you can take over the Ancestral Dragon Pill production.”

Saint Lu Liu’s face twitched. Everyone knew that only Yaoyao could create Ancestral Dragon Pills. This was something even the three prime sovereigns could not achieve, let alone him.

“Honored goddess, you…” Lu Liu could no longer hold back and said in a low voice, “are being somewhat unreasonable.”

Yaoayao glanced at Lu Liu before withdrawing her gaze. “I will not repeat this a second time. Only with Zhou Yuan assistance will the production of Ancestral Dragon pills reach its maximum output. I can only say that you are ignorant for not believing and I have no interest in explaining.

“If you guys keep pressing this matter, I will cease production of the Ancestral Dragon Pills.”

After leaving these final words behind, she began walking towards the Great Alchemy Hall.

The surroundings were silent. Everyone had been shocked by Yaoyao’s icy domineeringness. The numerous Nascent Source and Law Domain experts looked at each other in panic. If All-Heavens City no longer produced Ancestral Dragon Pills, this place would lose its meaning. 

Lu Liu likewise never imagined that Yaoyao would completely disregard everything. His mouth opened and closed repeatedly, no daring to speak for a time.

The other three Saint experts glared at him. Did this old fellow think Yaoyao was an ordinary person? She was a divine existence that was apathetic by nature, and yet you still dare to challenge her. If she was angered and decided to quit, could you bear the responsibility?

Lu Liu felt somewhat embarrassed under their glares and could only resentfully shut his mouth.

Only now did he realize that though the rules of this world applied to others and even Saint experts like them, such rules were useless to the Third God.

The other three Saint experts exchanged a look before looking towards supreme sovereign Cang Yuan, hoping he could mediate.

Cang Yuan helplessly shook his head, feeling somewhat sad. If it was the past, his words might have some effect, but as Yaoyao’s divinity continued to awaken, she no longer listened to him.

Hence, he could only look towards Zhou Yuan. He was likely the only person left who could convince Yaoyao.

Zhou Yuan softly sighed inside. It was of course satisfying for Yaoyao to do this, but it would also draw much dissent. Yaoyao probably did not care about such things, but he did not wish for her to be at the center of such dissent.

Hence, he quickly walked forward and grabbed Yaoyao’s hands, causing countless eyes to widen.

He turned his head and smiled at the crowd. “We welcome everyone to come observe the next Ancestral Dragon Pill production session. If the output does fall because of me, I will voluntarily resign from this position.”

After speaking, he pulled Yaoyao into the Great Alchemy Hall and it's doors rumbled shut, cutting off all the watching gazes.

Outside the hall, everyone looked at each other. They could only bitterly chuckle before scattering.

Only Xu Beiyan remained standing in front of the hall, no longer concealing his anger. The scene of Zhou Yuan pulling Yaoyao by the hand made his heart prick a little.

Lu Liu looked at the disciple he was proud of and saiad, “There are plenty of fish in the sea. Although this one is excellent, she might not be suitable. In the end, you might only hurt yourself.”

Xu Beiyan stared at the closed doors in silence for a long time before he slowly said, “I will not give up.

“I am better than Zhou Yuan in every aspect and it makes no sense for me to lose to him. He merely met her earlier…”

He bowed towards Lu Liu and turned around to leave with a swish of his sleeves.

When that day came, he would definitely be here watch. He wanted to see on what basis was Zhou Yuan, who had only recently advanced to the Allroamer stage, more qualified than him.

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