Chapter 129 Saint Remains City

When Luluo’s voice rang out, Zhou Yuan’s pupils shrank slightly. To think that the youth in ash robes was actually from the Sword Empire…

Moreover, Zhou Yuan had heard of this individual’s past achievements, and could easily say that he was the cream of the crop amongst the younger generation in the Cangmang Continent.

In fact, he would not be the least bit inferior even when matched up against the likes of Wu Huang.

Zhou Yuan never imagined that he would actually meet this legend here.

The youth in ash robes paused for a moment, before lifting his black cloth covered eyes as looked in Luluo’s direction and replied in a raspy voice, “I too never expected that I would meet the Little County Lord of the Thousand Beast Empire here.”

Zhou Yuan was struck by a flash of understanding. No wonder Luluo had dared to promise him a dukedom in the Thousand Beast Empire. It turns out that she was that Little County Lord.

These two were the elite amongst the younger generation of the Cangmang Continent.

The youth in ash robes suddenly turned towards Yaoyao, a slight trace of graveness visible on his rather impassive face as he slowly said, “Although there are no Genesis Qi undulations from your body, I feel that you are extremely dangerous.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyelids jumped. Although this guy was blind, he was able to see more clearly than anyone else. Ordinary people would not be able to sense how dangerous Yaoyao actually was.

Yaoyao merely continued to gracefully take small bite after bite of the roast meat, paying no heed to the youth in ash robes’ words.

“And this Genesis Beast…” The youth in ash robes looked towards Tuntun.

Tuntun turned away, butt now facing him as it dug into its meat.

The youth in ash robes finally shifted his gaze towards Zhou Yuan and earnestly said, “You seem to be somewhat weaker.” 

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth twitched as his face turned black as a storm. Can’t you just eat your meat in peace? Why do you have so much to say?

After which, the youth in ash robes fell silent. He once again began to ravenously devour every scrap of the roast meat in his hand, even licking his fingers clean.

When the final bit of food was eaten, he was finally satisfied. He lifted his head to look at Zhou Yuan. “Thank you. I owe you a debt of gratitude.”

Zhou Yuan nonchalantly waved his hand.


The youth in ash robes did not intend to make any conversation. After saying what he needed, he turned around and left. Direct and efficient, no beating around the bush.

Zhou Yuan rather admired such directness and suddenly spoke up, “Are you going to Saint Remains City?”

The youth in ash robes seemed to nod, but his feet did not pause.

Zhou Yuan asked, “Want to go together?”

The youth in ash robes shook his head. “I’m used to being alone.”

“Oh.” Zhou Yuan nodded. “I just want to tell you that you’re heading in the wrong direction. Saint Remains City is that way.”

He extended a finger and pointed in a certain direction.

The youth in ash robes’ footsteps finally came to a halt as the atmosphere became awkward once again.

He was silent for a long time, before somewhat rigidly turning around and quickly walking in the direction Zhou Yuan had pointed in. In a few breaths, he faded from view, though the last glimpse of his back seemed to cut a slightly sorry figure.

Zhou Yuan watched his figure disappear, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. This guy seemed to be pretty directionally challenged. Just how had he managed to walk all the way here from the Sword Empire?

Luluo also watched the youth in ash robes leave as she remarked, “Blind Sword seems to have grown stronger again, he’s likely on the brink of stepping into the Alpha-Origin stage.”

“It is said that he was already able to kill an Alpha-Origin expert at the advance Heaven Gate stage. I wonder how strong he will be once he reaches the Alpha-Origin stage.”

Luluo clicked her tongue. “I’m afraid that even Little Frost and I together will not be able to beat him.”

Zhou Yuan gave a slight nod. The youth in ash robes was indeed very formidable. Zhou Yuan had sensed an extremely threatening aura from the former that made him understand that the current him would not be his match.

After all, being late by two years in opening his meridian channels had resulted in a gap between Zhou Yuan and these elite geniuses. However, he was confident that he was continuously shortening the gap between them.

Yaoyao elegantly wiped her little red lips and shot a look at Zhou Yuan. “If Wu Huang is on the same level as him, it will be rather dangerous for you.”

Luluo interjected in surprise, “Eh? Little bro, that Wu Huang is your enemy?” 

Soon after, her large eyes looked at Zhou Yuan with pity. “Then it’s over for you. There is no way that you will be able to beat him. That monster is very strong. When the Sword Empire and the Great Wu Empire were at war, Wu Huang and Blind Sword once had a duel with each other.”

Zhou Yuan curiously asked, “Who won?”

Luluo secretly grinned. “Neither. So they ended up killing an Alpha-Origin expert from the opposing side to dispel some of their frustration.”

Zhou Yuan rolled his eyes, tributing a moment of silence to the sacrifice of the two Alpha-Origin experts.

“That’s why it will be best for you to quickly run away if you encounter Wu Huang in the Saint Remains Domain.” Luluo concluded with a wide grin.

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth slanted downwards. Wu Huang was indeed very strong, but if Zhou Yuan was able to ascend to the Heaven Gate stage and level up his Spirit to the advance Illusory stage, his battle power would not be weaker than the latter.

However, after hearing Luluo speak such words, Zhou Yuan was now somewhat anxious. He had yet to fulfil even one of these two conditions.

“We should also hurry.” Said Zhou Yuan. He wanted to get to Saint Remains City as soon as possible and obtain the two Genesis resources. Only then would he be able to absorb the Spirit source energy which would aid his Spirit in breaking through into the advance Illusory stage.

Yaoyao and Luluo naturally did not raise any objections. Thus, after a short rest, they started to travel once again.

In the following few days, they no longer made any pit stops and travelled at full speed. As such, they soon began to gradually approach their destination.

However, just as they were about to leave the mountains, Yaoyao suddenly made the other two wait for a while as she slipped into the dense forest alone.

Zhou Yuan and Luluo exchanged a puzzled look. After waiting for some time, they saw a figure in white leisurely walk out from the dense foliage.

It was a sight that made their jaws fall open and eyeballs practically pop from their sockets.

Because the one that had walked out was tall, slim and blessed with an extremely handsome-pretty face. The long fine black hair had disappeared into thin air, while the slight curves of her chest had somehow been masked up by something, making it flat as a board.

Yaoyao had transformed from a young lady into an incomparably handsome pretty young man.

“What the heck are you up to?” Zhou Yuan felt as if his head was lost in the mist.

Yaoyao calmly replied, “The appearance of a girl is too attention grabbing and troublesome.”

In Gu City, it was her beauty that had drawn the nuisance called Gu Lang. Although they had been the ones who gained in the end, the whole affair had still been an inconvenience in Yaoyao’s eyes.

Therefore, she had decided to masquerade as a guy.

“So handsome!” Luluo’s large eyes were practically spewing light. This guy version of Yaoyao was just too outrageously handsome that even someone who knew the secret like herself felt her heart flutter a little.

“This appearance of yours… is really going to steal all of my thunder.” Zhou Yuan felt as if he had a toothache. He himself was an okayish handsome fellow, but when compared to Yaoyao’s current appearance, that slight handsomeness was now suppressed to a mere background prop.

“What thunder can you have?” Yaoyao casually retrieved a fan, creating a picture perfect look of the ideal man.

“I’ll be handing Tuntun over to you. As a man, carrying it around will make me look bad.” Yaoyao offhandedly threw the innocent looking Tuntun to Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan held up Tuntun and looked at it as his face turned black. Come on, I’m the real man here. Do you think carrying Tuntun will make me look good?

However, Yaoyao did not care about such matters and leisurely strolled forward with a wave of her hand.

“Let’s go.”

Zhou Yuan could only let out a long sigh as he gazed upon her back. He placed Tutun on his shoulders and quickly caught up.

The thick forest began to disperse before them as their view abruptly widened.

A magnificent city proudly stood some distance away, an enormous Genesis Rune boundary extending from above the city, covering it like a dome.

Sounds of rustling wind were unceasing as figure after figure arrived from every direction atop their Genesis Qi and landed inside the city.

Zhou Yuan involuntarily swallowed a deep breath as he marvelled at this scene, while excitement gradually began to blaze in his eyes.

This was it! The nearest city to the Saint Remains Domain!

It was at this very place that the countless prided geniuses of the Cangmang Continent were beginning to converge.

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