Chapter 1289 Replace

In front of the Great Alchemy Hall.

After hearing Yaoyao’s words, the always calm and confident Xu Beiyan could no longer conceal his emotions, finally allowing them to be visible on his face. Yaoyao’s abrupt declaration had clearly upset him.

Fortunately, Xu Beiyan still had some wits about him and did not begin shouting to question her. He earnestly looked at Yaoyao and said, “Great goddess, did I make some mistake while assisting you? If so, please tell me so I can remedy it.”

He smiled bitterly as he continued, “It was not easy for us to improve the success rate and pill production number per batch over the past two years. If we replace anyone at this juncture, won’t it affect the production of Ancestral Dragon Pills?

“You should know that the All-Heavens City numerous Nascent Source and Law Domain experts risked their lives to bring back the pill ingredients in hopes of exchanging for Ancestral Dragon Pills. Hence, our success rate and production efficiency is of utmost importance to them!”

Towards the end, Xu Beiyan seemed to lose his composure somewhat, causing his voice to grow louder.

Outside the Great Alchemy Hall, the watching crowd naturally heard Xu Beiyan. They were instantly taken aback before their expressions began to change.

“What does he mean? Are they going to replace Xu Beiyan?”

“Is that appropriate? Xu Beiyan has already assisted in the pill production for two years and has ample experience. Moreover, he has an Allroamer stage Spirit, making it much easier to adjust the other Law Domain experts’ Genesis Qi influx. Why are they suddenly replacing him?”

“Lady goddess seems to want Zhou Yuan to take over and replace Xu Beiyan?”

“This...this is preposterous!”

“That’s right, Zhou Yuan is merely a Nascent Source expert, how can he participate in the Ancestral Dragon Pill production? Even if the goddess wants to support him, there should be no need for him to take this particular job, right?”

“If this leads to a decrease in the Ancestral Dragon Pill production, won’t we have to bear the losses?”


The crowd exploded into whispers in front of the hall. The numerous Nascent Source and Law Domain experts, who were originally just watching for entertainment, could no longer remain calm. After all, the Ancestral Dragon Pill production affected their interests.

According to the rules of All-Heavens City, every practitioner needed to hand over all the Ancestral Dragon will fragments they obtained in exchange for tokens. When the Ancestral Dragon Pills were subsequently produced, the token holders would be able to exchange the tokens back for pills accordingly.

However, this was where the problem lay. The Ancestral Dragon Pill production was not stable and would often fluctuate. This led to a substantial fluctuation in the token exchange rates.

Normally speaking, four tokens could be exchanged for an Ancestral Dragon Pill.

If the pill production was better than usual, the rate might be three for one, but if it was worse, it might even reach six for one.

From this, one could see how important the pill production rates were for struggling Nascent Source and Law Domain practitioners of All-Heavens City.

This was also why they reacted so greatly upon hearing that Yaoyao was intending to replace Xu Beiyan, who had been assisting for the past two years.

As the disturbance outside the Great Alchemy Hall continued, space rippled and four figures walked out.

The appearance of these four figures caused the commotion to die down. Everyone recognized these two individuals. They were the Saint experts stationed in All-Heavens City.

“What’s going on? What scandal has made all of you so noisy?” A green-robed elder’s gaze swept across the crowd as his deep voice boomed, causing everyone to keep quiet out of fear.

The green-robed elder was known as Saint Lu Liu. In addition, he was one of Xu Beiyan’s masters.

Hence, after asking his question, Saint Lu Liu turned towards Xu Beiyan as his tone softened. “Beiyan, what’s going on?”

Xu Beiyan hurriedly bowed. He glanced at the fully composed Yaoyao, clearly hesitating to speak.

Saint Lu Liu frowned and impatiently said, “Stop dilly dallying and spit it out.”

Xu Beiyan smiled bitterly and said, “Lady goddess suddenly wanted Zhou Yuan to replace me in the pill production, and our friends here are worried that their token exchange rate will be affected. That’s why there was a commotion.”

Saint Lu Liu frowned deeply. He glanced at Yaoyao, but ultimately did not question her directly. After all, her status was far too special, and even Omega Shrine Saint experts like themselves did not dare to be rude in the slightest.

Hence, he looked towards Zhou Yuan and said, “Zhou Yuan, I know that you are amazingly talented, but the Ancestral Dragon Pill production is far too important. Xu Beiyan has practiced for two years in order to reach a certain level of compatibility with the honored goddess. If you suddenly interfere, the pill production rate might be affected. This is very unfair towards the All-Heavens City practitioners who have risked their lives to obtain Ancestral Dragon Spirit fragments.”

“Moreover…” Saint Lu Liu paused before he slowly said, “Given your talent and potential, it is only a matter of time till your name spreads to all the heavens. There should be no need to resort to such tactics, right?”

His tone was slightly commanding, undoubtedly displaying the pressure of a Saint expert.

Zhou Yuan frowned a little. Just as he was about to speak, an elderly chuckle rang out beside him. “Lu Liu, don’t randomly insinuate things for the young ones. Yaoyao definitely has her reasons for choosing Zhou Yuan, and there is no need for you to give your opinion on this matter.

“If you really have any problems, go report to the three prime sovereigns.”

Zhou Yuan turned his head and saw Cang Yuan’s figure appear.

Lu Liu was clearly somewhat unhappy due to Cang Yuan’s appearance. “Am I not saying the truth? The current crew is already the most compatible. Is there a need to make random changes and affect the big picture?”

The nearby Nascent Source and Law Domain experts could not help but nod in agreement at his words.

After finishing, Lu Liu looked towards Yaoyao and cupped his heads together, “Honored goddess, may I enquire why you want to replace Xu Beiyan?”

The crowd also cast their gazes over.

Yaoyao gently stroked Tuntun’s soft fur, her beautiful face filled with indifference. She glanced at Lu Liu and nonchalantly said, “The most important reason is because I like Zhou Yuan to assist me of course. My mood will be better.”

Lu Liu’s elderly face turned a little stiff, while the corners of Xu Beiyan’s eyes twitched.

The crowd were also dumbstruck. They never imagined that Yaoyao would be so direct...

Cang Yuan could not help but let out a bitter chuckle. Sure enough, Yaoyao did not have much interest in other people and their affairs. She had mainly stayed here to produce pills for Zhou Yuan’s sake.

Hence, she would not give anyone else face.

The atmosphere turned stifling, no one knowing what to say...

However, after a few moments, Yaoyao calmly spoke again, “Secondly…...only with00 Zhou Yuan assisting me will the Ancestral Dragon Pill production and success rate be at its highest. This is something no one else can do.”


Amidst the silence, it seemed the several people secretly breathed sighs of relief.

Sure enough, the honored goddess was not being wilful. She had the big picture in mind.

Although everyone felt there was a huge problem with the main reason, only Cang Yuan understood that there was actually no problem at all. In Yaoyao’s heart, having Zhou Yuan’s company was indeed far more important than any pill production or success rate.

After breathing sighs of relief, the crowd returned to their senses. Wasn’t Zhou Yuan only a Nascent Source expert? How could he perform better than Xu Beiyan?

However, when they gazed at Yaoyao’s frosty face, no one dared to question her.

Xu Beiyan’s expression fluctuated for a while, in the end, he could not help but step forward, his sharp gaze locking onto Zhou Yuan as his voice rang out, “I refuse to believe it!”

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