Chapter 1288 Meeting Again

When Yaoyao’s figure was seen walking out of the Great Alchemy Hall, the numerous gazes outside instantly converged on her. At this moment, it felt as if even the air had frozen.

The Nascent Source and Law Domain experts that were considered heaven prides in their respective factions felt slivers of inferiority in the face of this indifferent, perfectly beautiful face, making them even more respectful of her.

A beauty like this definitely deserved her title of goddess.

However, as frequent visitors of the All-Heavens City, they had a rough understanding of Yaoyao’s character. Perhaps because of her out-of-this-world identity, she appeared extremely aloof. Besides the occasional contact during pill creation, she basically did not converse with anyone.

Hence, everyone was stunned for a time when they saw Yaoyao voluntarily walk out of the Great Alchemy Hall.

Some of the people who were more aware of her affairs could not help but cast amazed gazes at the man blowing a black flute outside the hall. After all, Xu Beiyan had not hidden his adoration of the goddess for the past two years. Although he had not properly confessed, his every action clearly displayed his intentions.

Many people rather admired Xu Beiyan for having such courage because there were an uncountable number of men in All-Heavens City that secretly adored her.

However, only one person had ultimately dared to display their adoration till now: Xu Beiyan.

Of course, they could not deny Xu Beiyan’s excellence either. Regardless of whether it was looks, talent, strength and even future potential, he was absolutely top class in the All-Heavens City. Perhaps, only someone like him would dare to reveal his adoration for her.

Had Xu Beiyan’s persistence finally bore fruit?

Was the goddess’ indifferent heart finally moved by his two years of dedication?

At this thought, the many Law Domain experts felt sour waves of envy. Although Xu Beiyan was outstanding, to see the goddess descend to the mortal level and lose her aloofness for a certain someone honestly made them feel jealous.

While various emotions churned in the hearts of the crowd and they imagined countless ways the scenario could play out,  Yaoyao walked out of the grand hall, her slim and graceful figure now standing in front of it.

The music from the flute also stopped.

Xu Beiyan’s eyes rippled as he gazed at the beautiful figure that had exited the hall. Even someone like him could not help but feel an indescribable happiness and surprise.

He had the same thoughts as everyone else. The goddess would normally never step out of the Great Alchemy Hall, and there must be a reason since she suddenly made an exception today. Moreover, who else was there outside the hall who was at least a little attractive but him?

Could his two years of persistence finally bore fruit?

Xu Beiyan’s handsome face remained calm on the outside, but his insides were churning crazily as he tightly gripped his black flute.

He was indeed filled with adoration towards the girl before him. He would never have expected that he would one day become so infatuated with a girl and think of her night and day. She made him toss and turn in his sleep as if ants were gnawing at his heart. At times, he would even laugh at himself. Perhaps it was retribution from being overly cold to all those girls that had confessed their feelings to him in the past.

Xu Beiyan was a confident person. Hence, after realizing his feelings, he had directly revealed them and not hidden them away.

However, he was also smart about it. He knew that the goddess was very aloof by nature, and thus did not bother her excessively. He mostly spent his time playing the flute outside the hall, and believed the day would eventually come when his feelings would get through.

Xu Beiyan put down the black flute in his hand and revealed a small smile at the beautiful figure as he gathered his courage to walk forward.

Just as he was about to move, however, the goddess atop the steps cast her gaze instead towards the plaza in front of the hall, before walking down without even a single glance his way.

Xu Beiyan’s expression turned a little rigid, a stunned look in his eyes.

On the plaza, the numerous experts also stared in shock. So the goddess had not come out because of Xu Beiyan?

However, this was quickly followed by even more confusion. If it was not for Xu Beiyan, then why?

Under the numerous watching gazes, the goddess unhurriedly and gracefully traversed through the crowded plaza, the sea of people parting wherever she passed.

In the end, her footsteps finally stopped.

She had stopped in front of a young man carrying a small beast.

Numerous astonished gazes shifted towards the young man’s smiling face.

“Who is that?”

“He seems to be a little familiar...”


Many gazes looked to each other as information was exchanged.

While almost everyone was bewildered, the small beast in the young man’s arms suddenly leaped towards the goddess and landed in her embrace, emitting happy noises.

The young man also looked at the goddess, revealing his white teeth as his smile widened. It seemed that he did have some charisma.

The goddess gently caressed the small creature’s fur before concentrating on the young man before her as the corners her lips raised slightly. The frosty look that seemed to cover her face all year round suddenly began to melt away as a breathtaking smile appeared.

In that instant, the entire plaza felt much brighter.

The crowd’s eyes nearly popped from their sockets as they stared in disbelief at this scene. The goddess is smiling...

“Not bad, you didn’t waste the past two years.” Yaoyao faintly nodded, her voice turning gentler.

The one standing in front of Yaoyao was naturally Zhou Yuan, who had followed Cang Yuan to the All-Heavens City. He gazed at her beautiful face before looking at the shocked gazes around them as he said in a low voice, “O mighty goddess, why do I feel as if I’m going to be beaten up by the crowd.”

Yaoyao’s lips curled slightly at this cheekiness. “Follow me.”

She immediately turned around, following her original path back.

Zhou Yuan gazed at her back before turning towards the now dumbstruck group of Law Domain experts that had been conversing earlier and grinned. “What I said earlier was true.”

He then quickly followed.

The two passed through the plaza. There were clearly many people around them, but the atmosphere was rather silent. Several gazes locked onto Zhou Yuan, wishing they could stab him with their eyes.

This made Zhou Yuan click his tongue in surprise. It was not like he had never walked with Yaoyao before. Although she always drew many amazed gazes, the amount of hate he got was clearly nothing compared to now.

These changes had nothing to do with him. It only meant that Yaoyao’s charm had grown to a terrifying level over the past two years.

Zhou Yuan sighed deeply before bravely enduring the knife-like gazes. He really wanted to tell them that they were right, he was the man behind your goddess!

However, he did not do so in the end, because he was afraid of being beaten.

They soon reached the end of the plaza and began climbing the steps. Zhou Yuan suddenly felt the attention of a certain gaze. He turned his head to the side and saw a Xu Beiyan in his long ink-green gown staring at him with a slight frown.

“The Tianyuan Region’s Zhou Yuan huh…,” mumbled Xu Beiyan as he lowered his gaze. He did know about Zhou Yuan, including the fact that he seemed to be quite close to Yaoyao. However, Xu Beiyan was not concerned, because he felt that he far surpassed Zhou Yuan in every aspect. The only reason why Zhou Yuan was closer to Yaoyao, was because they had met each other earlier.

Xu Beiyan inhaled, suppressing the feelings in his heart as a slight smile appeared on hsi face again.

So what if Zhou Yuan was a little earlier? Xu Beiyan did not believe in first come first serve, nor did he fear any competitors.

There was still time in the future after all.

While various thoughts were swirling in Xu Beiyan’s head, Yaoyao suddenly stopped and turned her head to the side. “You’re called Xu Beiyan, right?”

Xu Beiyan was taken aback. He quickly cupped his fists together. “For the lady goddess to remember my name after assisting you for two years, it has all been worthwhile.”

He was quite humorous. Together with his handsome face and good manners, even Zhou Yuan could not help but admit that this guy was really outstanding.

However, Yaoyao pondered for a moment and said, “You don’t need to help in the future. Zhou Yuan will handle it.”

At these words, the expression in Xu Beiyan’s eyes finally changed as his face turned completely rigid.

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