Chapter 1287 Xu Beiyan

The primal-chaos domain was endless and without boundaries.

Amidst the floating formless mass, chaos storms would occasionally sweep past, wreaking havoc and destruction. These storms were the most ferocious in the world, and even Law Domain experts would likely be ripped to shreds if they were caught in one by accident. It was nearly impossible to survive.

There were no directions here. Without a guide of sorts, anyone who rashly entered would likely be trapped here their entire lives, unable to escape from the terrifying endless chaos.

At a certain location, rows of light blossomed within the primal chaos. Inside the light, a train of buildings rose and fell as far as the eye could see. Majestic halls were covered in golden light that gave off an indescribable feeling of strength. Even the waves of primal chaos that slammed into the light were unable to shake it in the slightest.

In the halls within the light, spatial vortexes would occasionally form as figure after figure flew out and landed. The constant flow of traffic made the place appear exceptionally bustling.

This scene was undoubtedly somewhat very out of place compared to the ice-cold silence outside.

This place was the main headquarters the all-heavens had prepared for the Outerspace Battlefield, and was known as All-Heavens City

The spatial vortexes could only be used by the all-heavens Nascent Source and Law Domain experts that held a certain special pass.

For the past two years, this place had been the frontline of the battle against the Sacred Race.

As one approached All-Heavens City, one would see an enormous hall at the very center that far surpassed all the other districts in both luxury and scale.

The grand hall did not have a roof. Hence, if you looked down from above, the first thing that entered your eyes would be an exceptionally large rainbow cauldron.

The rainbow cauldron was made from some unknown material and gave off a hard to describe feeling of ancientness. Countless Genesis Runes swam on its surface as if they were living things, like fishes in a pond, a mysterious and magical sight...

A dozen stone platforms floated around the cauldron, a figure giving off powerful Genesis Qi ripples seated upon each one. From the strength of their Genesis Qi undulations, they were clearly Law Domain experts!

They appeared to be circulating their Genesis Qi, continuously sending it towards the rainbow cauldron in the middle. The Genesis Qi transformed into a raging fire that rose within the cauldron.

It seemed that they were using their Genesis Qi as fuel for the rainbow cauldron.

The most important location, however, was right in front of the rainbow cauldron where an azure jade platform had been built. A beautiful figure was seated on this platform, her hands in a constant flux of motion. As the hand seals changed, ripples spread from the rainbow cauldron, accompanied by an indescribably primal and ancient aura.

Under this aura, the surrounding Law Domain experts could not stop themselves from trembling a little. It was an absolute suppression that originated from their bloodline and Spirit.

Although they had experienced this pressure countless times over the past two years, it was still impossible to get used to it. The shivering that originated from deep within their souls was even more tiring than a battle against other Law Domain experts.

It was tortuous. 

This suffering lasted for ten days.

As the beautiful figure on the azure jade platform finally released her last hand seal, the great burning fire within the rainbow cauldron abruptly vanished. In the next instant, vast qi rose into the air, creating strange, bizarre yet beautiful images in the sky, drawing countless amazed gazes.

The hall was filled by a thick fragrance of pill mist that invigorated the exhausting Law Domain experts when they breathed it in.

They looked at each other, seeing smiles finally appear.

Although it had been a tortuous few days, it had been rather smooth overall.

The pill mist swiftly dissipated, revealing the interior of the hall once more. Everyone looked over and saw several jade boxes floating in the air. Light seemed to overflow from the boxes, causing the hearts of the Law Domain experts in the vicinity to stir.

Because they contained Ancestral Dragon Pills.

Currently the most sought after item in the all-heavens that even Law Domain experts like them desired.

A single Ancestral Dragon Pill could save many years of training. Most importantly, there were no drawbacks, nor would it leave any impurities in one’s Genesis Qi...

It was basically a godly pill!

While the Law Domain experts enviously looked, a tall and slim figure stood up on the platform left of the azure jade platform. With a wave of his sleeve, the jade boxes were kept away.

The crowd’s eyes shined as they turned to the figure.

It was a man in a long ink-green gown. His long hair was scattered behind him, making him appear rather unruly. He had a handsome, chiselled face, his facial features so perfect and flawless it was as if they had been carefully carved with a small knife.

For a man like this, just his looks alone would make many girls fall in love with him.

More importantly, however, the Law Domain experts present understood that the man was not just blessed with good looks, and was actually extremely famous in the all-heavens.

Xu Beiyan from Qiankun Heaven. He not only boasted the strength of the Law Domain stage, but more astonishingly had attained the Allroamer stage in his Spirit cultivation. His Genesis Qi and Spirit cultivation had basically perfect foundations.

Moreover, he was no unaffiliated cultivator, and had three masters that were all Saint experts of the Omega Shrine!

It was said that these three Saint experts had all wanted to recruit Xu Beiyan as their disciple. However, all of them refused to give in to each other and nearly fought after an intense argument. In the end, they only agreed to take a step back after being persuaded by the other Qiankun Heaven Saint experts, the trio taking in Xu Beiyan as their disciple together.

With such a miraculous backstory, the name Xu Beiyan had long become a legend in Qiankun Heaven...

An individual that had everything, looks, talent, strength and even a strong background. Hence, he always became the focal point no matter where he went.

These thoughts swirled in the heads of the Law Domain experts as they cast friendly gazes at Xu Beiyan.

Xi Beiyan did not act arrogantly and responded to everyone with a nod and a smile. He then turned his gaze towards the pretty figure on the azure jade platform and reported in a loud and clear voice, “Great goddess, 9 Ancestral Dragon Pills were produced this batch. The lady’s pill making technique has become increasingly proficient.”

His words were genuine and gave a favorable impression.

However, the beautiful figure merely gave a light nod in response. She did not even look at Xu Beiyan. Instead, she retrieved an ancient text and slowly began to read.

A streak of light suddenly fell from the sky, illuminating her fair face.

Xu Beiyan’s heart could not help but stir at this beautiful scene. However, he made sure to not to stare excessively such that he would not offend her.

There was no dissatisfaction at her indifferent attitude. After all, he had already grown used to it over the past two years.

Hence, he did not disturb her and instead beckoned at the other Law Domain experts as he turned around and walked out of the room, enjoying their attention as they chatted along the way.

Outside the hall, Xu Beiyan retrieved a black flute and put it on his lips. The drawn out sound of a flute gently flowed forth.

Xu Beiyan was clearly very adept in music. Soundwaves containing gentle Genesis Qi spread, wiping away one’s tiredness. Its effect was apparent from how the Nascent Source and Law Domain experts outside the hall slowed down to listen.

Numerous gazes looked towards the man standing outside the hall, the eyes of several female practitioners involuntarily rippling.

Individuals that knew him exchanged a smile before they sighed.

“Who could have imagined that the very Xu Beiyan, who plagued the minds of countless talented girls in Qiankun Heaven, would one day become so infatuated with someone…”

“For the past two years, he always plays the flute here after the pill production is done. Onet must know that numerous girls in Qiankun Heaven would give almost everything for the chance to listen.”

“Hehe, how can ordinary women compare to the goddess?”

“Honestly, I quite admire his courage. I don’t even dare to look directly at the goddess while he’s brave enough to secretly display his feelings through music…”

“Although Xu Beiyan is not a Saint expert yet, he has high hopes of reaching that level. If he does, he might be worthy of the goddess.”

A voice suddenly interjected, “But I heard that the goddess already has someone she likes...who I believe is a guy called Zhou Yuan. He was amazing in the battle for Guyuan Heaven.”

The Law Domain experts were stunned. They looked over and saw a young man carrying a little-dog-like creature smiling at them.

“Nascent Source stage?” This person seemed to be a little untactful. Was a conversation between Law Domain experts something a Nascent Source practitioner could interject in?

One of the Law Domain experts softly chuckled and unhurriedly said, “Zhou Yuan? I remember him. However, there’s been nothing but silence from him for the past two years, and many others have already completely surpassed him in fame long ago. The world has changed far too much over the past two years, and if no one has heard of him, he has likely returned to mediocrity.”

“Don’t talk nonsense kid. Who do you think the goddess is? Even if Zhou Yuan has some ability, how can he possibly gain her favor? Moreover, he’s only a Nascent Source expert. Even if he’s supreme sovereign Cang Yuan’s disciple, how can he possibly compare to Xu Beiyan?” said another Law Domain expert with a slightly stormy face, feeling as if his goddess has been sullied.

“Yeah, even if these rumors are true, Zhou Yuan is no match for Xu Beiyan.”


They paid no further attention to the young man. Although the goddess was an untouchable existence to them, given Xu Beiyan’s qualifications, he might be able to move her heart one day. When that happened the goddess would descend to the mortal level, something that would probably be a joyous occasion for everyone.

However, their voices suddenly grew softer as their eyes gradually widened.

The goddess had walked out from the hall.

This had never happened before!

In the past, the goddess would not leave immediately after making the pills and instead begin to immerse herself in her ancient books.

Today, however, could it be...

They looked at each other, seeing the excitement in each others’ eyes. Had the goddess finally been moved by Xu Beiyan’s persistence?!

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