Chapter 1286 Cang Yuan’s Feelings

A 9.7 inch Nascent Source.

Cang Yuan’s elderly face was somewhat dazed as he stared at Zhou Yuan. This loss of composure surprised Zhou Yuan. Cang Yuan did not have such a huge reaction even when he discovered Zhou Yuan’s Spirit had advanced to the Allroamer stage earlier.

However, Cang Yuan soon returned to his senses. He stared at Zhou Yuan in a peculiar manner and slowly said, “It seems that you do not truly understand what a 9.7 inch Nascent Source represents.

“Although the Allroamer stage is strong, it is not that rare in this world.

“A 9.7 inch Nascent Source, however...there’s only ever been a handful even from the long history I know of.”

One must know that many Nascent Source experts would have used up practically all of their potential upon reaching 8 inches. When this happened, some of the luckier ones might be able to establish pseudo Law Domains. However, if nothing exceptionally huge happened, they would be stuck at this cultivation level till the end of their lives.

Only by achieving a 9 inch Nascent Source would one truly have a chance to step into the Law Domain stage.

After reaching the 9 inch mark, every tiny increase would bring unimaginable changes. It was said that those who reached 9.5 inches would have the potential to become Saint experts, while those who surpassed the boundary of 9.5 inches would be almost guaranteed to become a Saint expert if they did not die early.

It was basically guaranteed to reach the Saint stage!

In a certain manner of speaking, Zhou Yuan’s 9.7 inch Nascent Source meant he was essentially a future Saint expert. This was more convincing than even the evaluation given by prime sovereign Jin Luo previously.

What made Cang Yuan’s heart churn even more, was that Zhou Yuan was still at the perfect Nascent Source stage, and had not even established a pseudo Law Domain. He understood it was not because Zhou Yuan could not, but because he did not wish to.

Because Zhou Yuan was more ambitious than this.

9.7 inches still did not satisfy him!

If Zhou Yuan was able to somehow bring out even more of his potential and reach 9.8 inches… Cang Yuan thought hard. In all of the long history he knew of, any Nascent Source experts that had managed to draw out such a level of potential would likely have the qualifications to reach the triple lotus Saint stage. Although it was not for sure, they would have a greater chance than others.

Triple Lotus Saint...

This was a cultivation level that even Cang Yuan was aiming for.

In the all-heavens, only the Omega Shrine’s three prime sovereigns had reached this cultivation realm.

From this, one could see how remarkable a 9.8 inch Nascent Source was. It was no surprise that Cang Yuan had momentarily lost his composure when he heard that Zhou Yuan’s Nascent Source was 9.7 inches.

As his heart gradually calmed down, Cang Yuan’s expression returned to normal. “I’m a single step away from the triple lotus stage. If you also manage to reach this level one day, our Tianyuan Region would become a faction second only to the Omega Shrine.”

Cang Yuan could not help but chuckle at his words. He was honestly not very interested in such things, but it did make him feel pretty accomplished when he thought of it.

Zhou Yuan was also a little astonished. A triple lotus Saint was the strongest existence in the all-heavens. He never imagined that he would have already attained the qualifications to aim for it.

Cang Yuan did not dwell on the subject and quickly changed the topic. “Many things have happened in the two years that you guys have been in closed cultivation. Things have changed far more drastically over these two years than the previous dozens of years.”

“Oh?” A look of surprise was revealed on Zhou Yuan’s face.

Cang Yuan began to tell them in detail the events that had transpired in the all-heavens over the past two years, paying extra attention to the Outerspace Battlefield.

After hearing about everything, Zhou Yuan could not help but be a little shaken. Had the all-heavens and the Sacred Race already begun to clash? Although it was only limited to this Outerspace Battlefield for the time being, it was clearly a sign of bigger things to come.

At the thought of the incomparable enormous Sacred Race, even Zhou Yuan’s heart subconsciously sank, feeling a tremendous amount of pressure.

“Over these two years, the all-heaven Nascent Source experts have greatly increased in both quantity and quality. Numerous heaven prides continue to appear. It could be said that heroes emerge in trying times.”

Cang Yuan sighed before he smiled and said, “However, the person who actually made all of this possible is Yaoyao.”

“Yaoyao?” Zhou Yuan was taken aback.

Cang Yuan nodded. “To be more precise, it is the Ancestral Dragon Pill she created.”

Zhou Yuan was utterly list, feeling as if the entire world had changed while he was locked away. What the heck was this Ancestral Dragon Pill? He had never heard it before.

“She actually drew inspiration from sending you two into the Ancestral Spirit Mountain. The all-heavens and the Sacred Race are currently searching for sealed Sacred God Matter locations in the primal-chaos domain, because it will also contain some wisps of the Ancestral Dragon’s will. Anyone who obtains these wisps of Ancestral Dragon will can bring them back to Yaoyao. She will then use them as ingredients to make Ancestral Dragon Pills.

“These pills can substantially boost the cultivation of Nascent Source and Law Domain practitioners, which is why the all-heaven Nascent Source level has grown at more than double the rate in a short two years.

“As a result, the Ancestral Dragon Pill has become crazily popular in the all-heavens.

“To obtain more pill ingredients, the all-heaven Nascent Source and Law Domain practitioners have bravely ventured into the Outerspace Battlefield to search for the sealed locations. While gathering Ancestral Dragon will, they would also strengthen the seal on the Sacred God Matter.”

As he spoke of these matters, a look of admiration appeared on Cang Yuan’s face. Refining fragments of Ancestral Dragon will into Ancestral Dragon Pills was something that he, and probably even the three prime sovereigns could not do. It was likely that Yaoyao was the only one in the entire world who could tame the Ancestral Dragon’s will.

This was something even the Sacred God could not achieve.

“Yaoyao’s influence and fame in the all-heavens has reached crazy heights, and even old folks like us can’t compare. The all-heavens people call her the Ancestral Dragon Goddess, and several cheekier individuals have even started the goddess religion…” At this point, even Cang Yuan did not know whether to laugh or to cry, feeling as if he could no longer keep up with the younger generation.

Zhou Yuan was also stupefied.

Cang Yuan looked straight at Zhou Yuan and suddenly said, “With all the things she has done, she has likely racked up bigger contributions than even us old fellows...however, I know that Yaoyao has done all this mostly because of you.

“The Omega Shrine Saint experts were originally split on their opinions towards Yaoyao. Due to the Sacred God, some of the more radical Saint experts are very guarded against the gods. They are afraid Yaoyao will become the next Sacred God.

“After all, gods are supreme beings, and no one knows what kind of attitude they will have towards mortals.

“Although I stole Yaoyao from the Omega Shrine back then to protect her and treated her as a daughter as she grew up, I always understood that my feelings towards her were due to her special identity. Hence, my feelings are in a sense impure.

“Yaoyao also understands this. That’s why although she respects me, her growing divinity has gradually weakened such feelings. In this world, only you and Tuntun have the purest feelings towards her, and because of that, she has chosen to do so much for the all-heavens for your sakes.

“If you two did not exist...even I cannot be certain if Yaoyao would help the all-heavens.”

Zhou Yuan did not know what to say as he gazed at the complicated expression on Cang Yuan’s face. Cang Yuan words were true, he had protected Yaoyao for so many years mostly because of her true identity. To be honest, it was not Cang Yuan’s fault and an ordinary person would have understood. However, Yaoyao was clearly not an ordinary person.

The awakening of her divinity should slowly isolate and grind away such feelings after all.

Once such feelings contained any impurities, they would be erased.

From Cang Yuan’s account, Zhou Yuan could guess that Yaoyao’s divinity progressed over these past two years. This time, it had even begun to affect the relationship between them.

This made a sliver of worry rise within Zhou Yuan.

Cang Yuan clearly only wanted to voice out these things to someone, and did not need an answer from Zhou Yuan. Hence, he soon recollected himself and smiled at Zhou Yuan. “Let’s go, I’ll bring you to see her.”

He suddenly paused as mischief appeared on his face.

“Right, I forgot to tell you one thing...for the past two years, Yaoyao has become far too famous and attracted numerous heaven prides. This is only normal due to her exceptional beauty, and there are indeed many men in this world who would gladly bend over and submit to her

“However, her crazy identity meant that ordinary people would not dare to confess their feelings.

“But that does not include everyone. There’s this one guy who’s pretty amazing. He has ignored Yaoyao’s identity and repeatedly wooed her for nearly two years…”

Cang Yuan suddenly felt the pressure beside him abruptly increase.

He turned his head and saw Zhou Yuan grinding his teeth.

“God damnit, I never imagined that there would come a day when someone would dare go after my girl?!”

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