Chapter 1285 Allroamer

“I can finally see the sun again…”

At the foot of the Ancestral Spirit Mountain, a dusty-faced youth raised his head and took in a deep breath of fresh air before slowly exhaling.

By his foot, a sooty little creature nodded in understanding and agreement, as if refusing to ever look back at the past two years of its life.

The human and beast were naturally Zhou Yuan and Tuntun, who had been locked in the Ancestral Spirit Mountain by Yaoyao for training two years ago.

After two years of special training, their appearance and auras had changed dramatically.

Zhou Yuan still had the same grin on his handsome face. However, his presence seemed to have become much gentler and milder. The previous relentless drive he gave off was completely gone, like a sword in its sheaf, its blade no longer visible.

His eyes had become exceptionally bright. If one took a closer look, one would discover a certain deepness within them that drew you in, as if sucking in your soul. It was rather mystifying.

Tuntun had also changed tremendously. Its previous suffocating sacred beast pressure seemed to have vanished completely. At first glance, it looked like an ordinary little beast, nothing special besides its cuteness.

However, someone with truly keen senses would be able to faintly feel the terrifying devouring power hidden under that cuteness.

Zhou Yuan lowered his head and looked at Tuntun, who was blinking its large eyes, and said with an expressionless face, “Tuntun, you’re walking further and further on the path of acting cute. Have you forgotten that you’re a sacred beast?”

How could he not know this little bastard’s sinister intentions? It obviously wanted to earn Yaoyao’s favor with this cute act.

What a crafty and cunning little bitch.

In response to Zhou Yuan’s mocking, Tuntun merely displayed a disdainful expression. It lightly tapped the ground with a paw and darkness instantly extended, forming an enormous black Law Domain in a short span of a few breaths.

The Law Domain enveloped Zhou Yuan, the omni-present devouring power within causing his eyes to widen slightly.

“This is...the Devouring Law Domain?”

Zhou Yuan said in surprise, “You’ve advanced to the grade-8 stage?”

A pleased look emerged in Tuntun’s eyes as it sent him a transmission, Zhou Youn you idiot, you obtained such a huge blessing but haven’t stepped into the Law Domain stage?

That’s right, in its senses, Zhou Yuan was still at the Nascent Source stage.

However, although he was a Nascent Source expert, he somehow gave off a slightly dangerous aura even to the grade-8 Tuntun.

In the black Law Domain, devouring power churned around Zhou Yuan, continuously devouring his Genesis Qi.

Zhou Yuan was naturally aware of the situation. He chuckled softly and said, “There's indeed still a little to go before advancing to the Law Domain, however…”

He gently waved his sleeve and the surrounding darkness suddenly began to recede, forming an invisible circle around him. Even Tuntun’s Devouring Law Domain was unable to invade the circle, as if it was being blocked by a powerful invisible force.

Zhou Yuan extended a finger and pointed.

Space instantly shattered, countless spatial fragments glimmering in the air. An invisible force wrapped around them, transforming them into long needles that surrounded Tuntun from all sides, locking onto it from every angle.

Amazement and surprise finally appeared in Tuntun’s eyes. It abruptly opened its mouth, sending out a burst of darkness. Devouring vortices formed from the darkness, swallowing all the spatial fragments as it withdrew the Devouring Law Domain.

It sent out a surprised transmission, Spirit power?

Zhou Yuan, your Spirit has reached the Allroamer stage?!

The Allroamer stage was a Spirit cultivation stage that was the equivalent of the Law Domain stage!

Tuntun was a little stunned. It never imagined that before Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi cultivation stepped into the Law Domain stage, his Spirit cultivation would grow so drastically, surpassing his Genesis Qi cultivation to reach the Allroamer stage first!

Only the Allroamer stage’s Spirit power could block a Law Domain’s influence!

Zhou Yuan nodded. He felt a little helpless with regards to this development. “Yeah, although I didn’t expect this either.”

Truth be told, this Spirit cultivation breakthrough had indeed surpassed Zhou Yuan’s expectations. After all, his Spirit cultivation had advanced not too long ago, and he had originally believed it would take much more time before he was anywhere near the Allroamer stage. Who could have imagined that the tempering inside the Ancestral Spirit Mountain would bring him such huge progress in his Spirit cultivation.

“It’s probably because you absorbed the Ancestral Dragon’s Spirit fragment. Although that tiny strand of Spirit in the mountain is negligible to the Ancestral Dragon, it is vast beyond imagination to you. Normally speaking, it should not have been possible for you to absorb it. After all, let alone you, even Law Domain experts would not dare to absorb the Ancestral Dragon’s Spirit fragment. However, you managed to succeed because of the Ancestral Dragon Scripture.”

An elder laughter suddenly rang out. Space rappled as a familiar figure slowly appeared.

When Zhou Yuan saw the elderly figure, he immediately cried out in surprise, “Master Cang Yuan.”

The one who had appeared was naturally Cang Yuan. There was a gratified look in his eyes as he smiled and looked at Zhou Yuan.

He could still remember when Zhou Yuan had teleported from the Great Zhou Empire’s ancestral grounds into the domain he had been hiding in. Back then, Zhou Yuan had merely been a boy whose eight meridian channels had not even been unblocked. After many years, he had now stepped into the Allroamer stage, giving him the qualifications to stand amongst the true elites of the all-heavens.

“At the Allroamer stage, you will be able to use your Spirit to move and manipulate all things, and travel freely in the heavens. Congratulations Zhou Yuan, you are now a true power to be reckoned with in this world.”

The Allroamer stage was equivalent to the Law Domain stage. Even in Hunyuan Heaven’s nine regions, individuals with such power were considered top experts, and would no longer be looked down on by anyone.

If he returned to the Tianyuan Region, Zhou Yuan would finally be qualified to stand shoulder to shoulder with the other grand elders even without his identity as Cang Yuan’s disciple. This time, the title was not due to another’s influence but recognized because of his own power.

Zhou Yuan felt a little emotional. The Allroamer stage was a level he had only dreamt of in the past. He never imagined that two years of closed cultivation would enable him to reach this goal.

Cang Yuan observed Zhou Yuan, his deep and intelligent eyes flickering in thought. Moments later, his eyes widened slightly as he said, “Your Genesis Qi foundation seems extremely strong, solid and condensed. I have never seen any Nascent Source expert reach this level.”

Someone as perceptive as Cang Yuan could naturally tell at a glance. Although Zhou Yuan had not reached the Law Domain stage nor established a pseudo Law Domain, his Genesis Qi foundations were strangely exceptionally astonishing.

“How many inches is your Nascent Source?” asked Cang Yuan.

Zhou Yuan frowned, a little unsatisfied as he answered, “Only 9.7 inches.

At his words, however, even Cang Yuan, who was very knowledgeable and had experienced countless things, was abruptly taken aback.

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