Chapter 1284 The Everchanging World

Two years passed in the blink of an eye.

These two years were rather turbulent for the all-heavens.

The Dragon Spirit Utopia affair caused an uproar to sweep across the all-heavens. The Sacred Race had been growing increasingly active over the past few years, an observation that greatly worried the all-heavens. The all-heaven factions understood that having different standpoints and fighting would always exist, like how the human race and the Genesis Beast Clans would kill and hunt each other. However, these two parties would show some restraint overall, and know when to stop.

However, these unspoken rules could not be applied to the Sacred Race. They had been born to destroy all life in the Tianyuan World such that they would one day become its only rulers, while their Sacred God would become an existence akin to the Ancestral Dragon.

Hence, there was no room for reconciliation.

The Sacred Race had withdrawn to their four heavens after the great world-ending war, and seemed rather peaceful. However, the various all-heaven factions did not dare let their guard down in the slightest, because they clearly understood what kind of power the Sacred Race possessed.

In fact, numerous people and even some Saint experts felt that it was hopeless to resist the Sacred Race.

If the Ancestral Dragon’s will had not suddenly appeared in the world-ending war and gravely injured the Sacred God, all the races in Tianyuan World would likely be nothing but livestock for the Sacred Race, and slaughtered for their pleasure.

The Ancestral Dragon’s will might have protected them once, but it could not do so a second time.

If the Sacred God awakened again and recovered His power, what did the all-heavens have to resist Him?

It was because of these many reasons that the Omega Shrine was born, constantly watching for any activity from the Sacred Race.

Now, the Sacred Race had begun to go after the many suppressed or sealed Sacred God Essence Blood. In other words, they were preparing to receive their Sacred God when he awakened. The matter naturally caused a huge commotion in the Omega Shrine. After several discussions, the all-heaven Saint experts ultimately decided to send out the first all-heavens war call ever since the Omega Shrine was established.

The all-heavens war call essentially consisted of mobilizing the all-heavens to begin war preparations.

After it was released, the Omega Shrine began to dispatch Saint experts to explore the primal-chaos space. It was a place where countless domains were constantly born and destroyed, an area that both the all-heavens and the Sacred Race seldom stepped into. Due to the instability of the domain, it was filled with numerous dangers. In fact, there were times that even Saint experts would be lost within it.

When the Ancestral Dragon gravely injured the Sacred God, some of His essence blood and other substances were sealed away in this primal-chaos domain.

The Omega Shrine’s current plan was to find these sealed locations and do what they could to strengthen the seals.

Something worth mentioning, was that this seal strengthening method originated from Yaoyao.

In the two years while Zhou Yuan and Tuntun were tempering themselves in the Ancestral Spirit Mountain, the Omega Shrine had sent supreme sovereign Cang Yuan as their representative to personally invite Yaoyao to hopefully lend her power in their fight against the Sacred Race.

With regards to this matter, Yaoyao sat in silence for an entire day before ultimately agreeing.

As for the Sacred Race, they soon responded to the all-heavens movements. Numerous Sacred Race experts flooded into the primal-chaos space, clashing once again with the all-heavens after thousands of years.

In these clashes, the all-heavens were once again given a thorough taste of the Sacred Race’s terrifying power.

The primal-chaos domain was not covered by the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array. Hence, the Sacred Race could freely dispatch their experts and armies.

In the initial clashes, the all-heavens troops were utterly crushed. Even while disregarding the Saint stage, the advantage still clearly belonged to the Sacred Race in other cultivation levels.

Hence, after their initial crushing defeats, the all-heavens abandoned large-scale clashes, resorting instead to hide and strike tactics. They would first scout out the seal locations, before sneaking in various sized detachments to strengthen the seal.

After all, the primal chaos domain was an extremely complex environment, and the Sacred Race could not possibly scout out all of their movements inside.

With regards to this new tactic, the Sacred Race was indeed without any good countermeasure, and could only send many scouting teams to try their luck. Of course, the Sacred Race was also searching for these seal locations to retrieve as much of the Sacred God’s essence as possible.

Hence, the all-heavens and the Sacred Race began a series of repeated skirmishes in the primal chaos domain, the merciless and cruel killing gradually dyeing the place with the faint smell of blood.

After thousands of years, this was the new battlefield between the all-heavens and the Sacred Race.

Both sides called it the Outerspace Battlefield.

As the war waged on, a tense atmosphere gradually enveloped the all-heavens.

Saint experts did not participate in the war for the time being, because they were too powerful and were basically akin to tactical nukes. As usual, their main job was to carefully watch each other. The main actors of the Outerspace Battlefield were the Law Domain experts, while the Nascent Source experts worked as support.

The experts of these two cultivation realms would represent the all-heavens’ main forces for some time.

Due to this, the various all-heavens factions began to pour all their efforts and resources into their most talented Nascent Source experts. In fact, even Saint experts personally gave pointers to these heaven prides. After all, compared to the Law Domain level, the Nascent Source experts were better building material.

Of course, only a handful of Nascent Source heaven prides ultimately obtained this rare opportunity.

Due to these special circumstances, the all-heaven Nascent Source level grew at an astonishing rate. In a short two years, numerous heaven pirdes emerged at a rate that would never have been thought possible before. They continuously racked up amazing achievements on the battlefield, bringing them instant fame and countless followers.

Many remarked that it was a new era.

Among them, three Hunyuan Heaven heroes were the most dazzling of them all.

The Devourer, Zhao Mushen.

The Yin Yang Master, Su Youwei.

The Martial Empress, Wu Yao.

These three individuals were merely ordinary Nascent Source experts two years ago. However, after two years of nurturing, they revealed their shocking talent and potential, and were subsequently even awarded the opportunity to enter the Omega Shrine to obtain guidance from the Saint experts.

After two years, their Nascent Sources grew to 9 inches!

Moreover, they had the remarkable accomplishment of slaying a Sacred Race pseudo Law Domain expert!

Such rapid growth and accomplishments shocked countless people. Everyone understood how much potential the 9 inch Nascent Source represented. After 9 inches, every impossibly tiny bit of growth was akin to seeing a whole new world that ordinary people would never understand.

Some even said that this trio were future Saint experts in the making.

Hence, even among the countless heaven prides, abnormalities and monsters that were making their marks in this era, this trio were the most dazzling of them all.

When mentioning this trio, someone would naturally recall a certain rather famous individual from two years ago...the Tianyuan Region’s Zhou Yuan.

However, the past two years of silence from him plus the rapidly changing world of constantly emerging heaven prides caused him to fall out of the spotlight. Some would sigh regretfully over how the once most dazzling Nascent Source star of the all-heavens had ultimately lost his radiance, outshined by the new generation.

However, such regretful thoughts would only last for an instant before quickly being forgotten once more.

With how tense things were in the all-heavens, no one had the time to think about someone who seemed to have gone missing for the past two years. The people would rather follow the heaven prides that were currently making their marks in the Outerspace Battlefield.

Hence, as time flowed, Zhou Yuan’s name was gradually forgotten.


Deep within the forgotten Dragon Spirit Utopia that had been sealed for the past two years.

The Ancestral Spirit Mountain silently towered over the land. The mountain suddenly trembled faintly as a small crack appeared at its foot. A foot kicked out from the crack, sending boulders tumbling.

A dirty figure leisurely walked out from the dust along with an equally dirty small-dog-like creature.

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