Chapter 1283 Yaoyao’s Amazing Feat

In the primal-chaos-like space outside the Dragon Spirit Utopia.

Jin Yanghuang and the other four Wanshou Heaven Saint experts gazed at the spot where the Sacred God Essence Blood had disappeared, their expressions somewhat gloomy. The atmosphere was rather suffocating for a time.

They knew that Wanshou Heaven had lost completely this time.

For the mere price of a single heavily injured Saint expert, the Sacred Race had managed to retrieve the Sacred God Essence Blood. Of course, Jin Yanghuang and the others understood that they had not lost today, but the moment they began using the Dragon Spirit Utopia as a training area.

By continuously providing fiendish qi, they had allowed the Sacred God Essence Blood to survive.


Amidst the heavy atmosphere, space suddenly rippled as a spatial crack opened. Three figures stepped out, causing space to surge violently.

The first person was an elder in hemp clothes. The elder had a peaceful-looking face with golden eyebrows hanging from the corners of his eyes, and had a green wooden staff in his hand

A man and woman followed behind him. Although the two walked half a step behind the golden-brow elder, the vast presences from their bodies were stronger than Jin Yanghuang and the other Saint experts.

“It seems that we’re too late’ The golden-brow elder walked out of the spatial crack and sighed softly.

Jin Yanghuang and the others looked towards him and placed a hand vertically in front of their chests. “Greetings prime sovereign Jin Luo.”

The golden-brow elder was one of the Omega Shrine’s three prime sovereigns, Jin Luo. He was also the one who said Zhou Yuan had the bearings of a Saint in making.

Jin Yanghuang and the others then looked towards the man and woman behind him and nodded. “Supreme sovereign Mystic Dragon, supreme sovereign Spirit Phoenix.”

These two individuals were the Mystic Dragon Clan’s and Spirit Phoenix Clan’s Saint experts.

“The Omega Shrine already knows about this matter. Powerful Sacred Race experts caused a disturbance earlier, delaying the message you guys transmitted. Moreover, Sacred Race Saint experts came knocking at the world boundary, drawing the Omega Shrine’s attention.” Prime sovereign Jin Luo slowly said, “By the time we rushed over, it was already too late.”

Jin Yanghuang frowned deeply. “It seems that the Sacred Race has made many preparations for today.”

Prime sovereign Jin Luo shook his head. “They had already planted the seed back then and merely came to harvest the fruits today.”

The Wanshou Heaven Saint experts smiled bitterly. They had brought shame to the all-heavens today. However, there was really no one to blame. If they had sent two Saint experts to explore the Dragon Spirit Utopia back then, it was likely that even the Sacred God Essence Blood would not have dared to act.

Supreme sovereign Mystic Dragon asked,  “Prime sovereign Jin Luo, will the retrieval of the Sacred God Essence Blood have a huge impact on the current situation?”

Prime sovereign Jin Luo replied, “When the Sacred God was gravely injured by the Ancestral Dragon’s will, He lost a lot of essence blood that was split into thousands of parts sealed away all over the various heavens. The portion here in the Dragon Spirit Utopia is merely one of many.”

The Omega Shrine’s three prime sovereigns were practically the oldest existances in this world that had even experienced the world-ending war long ago. As such, they had personally witnessed the Sacred God being injured.

Supreme sovereign Mystic Dragon and the others secretly breathed sighs of relief. If it was only one among thousands, they could at least accept this loss.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo glanced at them as his elderly face turned even graver. “However, with the Sacred Race now starting to search for the Sacred God Essence Blood, it must mean that the Sacred God will soon awaken. As His awakening progresses, the sealed essence blood will begin to break free on their own and return to the main body.

“When that happens, He will once again appear in this world.”

A chill rose in the hearts of supreme sovereign Mystic Dragon and the others. For existances at their level, being reborn from a drop of blood was not overly miraculous. However, preserving their essence blood under the Ancestral Dragon will’s constant suppression for thousands years was not something they were capable of.

This was basically akin to being undying and indestructible.

In the face of such an existence, even supreme sovereign Saint experts like them could not help but feel a little powerless.

Such gods were far too terrifying.

As long as He existed, the all-heavens would be eternally suppressed by the Sacred Race. It would be near impossible to fight back.

“Only a god can fight a god.” Prime sovereign Jin Luo slowly said, “This time, the all-heavens are not completely without hope.”

As he spoke, his gaze turned towards Wanshou Heaven, seemingly seeing the beautiful figure amidst the verdant forest. He placed his hand vertically in front of his chest and smiled. “Many thanks to the Third God for taking action this time.”

In the forest, Yaoyao’s gaze also seemed to pierce through the boundaries of space as she lazily replied, “I didn’t help much.”

“It is the all-heavens’ blessing for the Third God to feel this way,” replied prime sovereign Jin Luo. He did not disturb her any longer and withdrew his gaze, turning back towards supreme sovereign Mystic Dragon and the others. “The Sacred Race has become increasingly active for the past few years, and is likely preparing for the Sacred God’s awakening. Wanshou Heaven should keep vigilant at all times.

“I’m afraid that numerous clashes await us in the near future.”

The Wanshou Heaven Saint experts’ faces turned grave. If this was the case, the all-heavens will no longer be peaceful.

After leaving these words behind, prime sovereign Jin Luo’s body faded away.

The Wanshou Heaven Saint experts looked at each other and sighed with bitter smiles.

Jin Yanghuang said, “Prepare to send our clan members out of the Dragon Spirit Utopia.”

A Saint expert asked, “Will the Dragon Spirit Utopia continue to be opened in the future?”

The Saint experts looked at each other. Since the Sacred God Essence Blood had been taken away, the Dragon Spirit Utopia should be safe. However, once bitten, twice shy. They were still wary of the Sacred God’s strange methods.

“Seal it for the time being.” After some discussion, the Saint experts decided on a conservative course of action.


“It’s finally stopped.” Zhou Yuan could not help but sigh in relief as he gazed at the now calm land.

Tuntun squatted on his shoulder, I’m afraid the trouble has just begun.

Zhou Yuan glanced at it in surprise. Although Tuntun usually seemed to be unconcerned about worldly affairs, it was after all an Alpha sacred beast and understood when to be serious.

“The Evil Beast Clan is so pitiful. In the Sacred Race’s eyes, they are just pieces that can be easily discarded.” Zhou Yuan looked at the Ancestral Spirit Mountain. All the Evil Beast Clan members that were sent into the Dragon Spirit Utopia were sacrificed to provide fiendish qi when the Sacred Race Saint expert activated the boundary.

Practically the entire mountain was littered in corpses, the smell of blood rich in the air.

Tuntun nodded in agreement, feeling that they were very unfortunate. Although the Evil Beast Clan were repulsive creatures, they originated from the same bloodline as the Genesis Beast Clans.


While they were conversing, space suddenly began to warp, gradually forming a spatial door.

A voice rang out in everyone’s ears like a bell, “Everyone, withdraw from the Dragon Spirit Utopia.”

It was a Wanshou Heaven Saint expert.

The Wanshou Heaven members were clearly relieved when they heard this, their tense bodies finally relaxing. They quickly swarmed towards the spatial door as if wishing they could leave immediately.

However, it was only normal to have such feelings. What should have originally been an ordinary training session ended up part of the Sacred Race’s evil plan. Moreover, after personally witnessing a Sacred Race Saint expert in action, it was already a huge blessing that they had managed to survive.

Zhou Yuan also prepared to leave with Tuntun.

Just as he was about to move, vast Genesis Qi suddenly gathered towards Yaoyao’s projection in the mirror, forming a giant hand that grabbed him and Tuntun.

The sudden turn of events startled everyone.

Zhou Yuan and Tuntun were likewise stunned. However, they did not resist because they knew it was Yaoyao.

However, they did not know what she was up to.

Yaoyao’s clear and melodious voice sounded from the mirror, “Wanshou Heaven Saint experts, I’ll be borrowing the Ancestral Spirit Mountain.”

The giant Genesis Qi hand appeared above the Ancestral Spirit Mountain and swatted downwards, sending Zhou Yuan and Tuntun falling into the crack amidst yelps of surprise.

The Genesis Qi hand turned into a sea of clouds that were quickly sucked into the Ancestral Spirit Mountain.


The mountain began to shake as a faint dragon roar that seemed to originate from the beginning of time echoed. Endless fiendish qi gathered above the mountain before being sucked in and destroyed.

As the fiendish qi disappeared, the Ancestral Spirit Mountain seemed to grow more and more condensed. In the end, the glaring crack slowly began to mend.

Anyone could feel that the Ancestral Spirit Mountain was clearly much purer than before.

With the crack sealed, Zhou Yuan and Tuntun were now trapped inside.

Ai Tuanzi and the others stared in shock at this scene. If they were not aware of the close relationship between Zhou Yuan and the female Saint expert, they might have believed that Zhou Yuan had been killed...

The Wanshou Heaven Saint experts outside the Dragon Spirit Utopia dazedly stared at this scene.

“The Ancestral Spirit Mountain seems to have been repaired…”

“Moreover, it is now purer than before. Is this returning to its original state?”

“The Third God was born from the Ancestral Dragon’s will. It appears that she is indeed capable of resonating with the faint will of the Ancestral Spirit Mountain…”

“She’s borrowing the will’s power to temper Zhou Yuan and Ancestor Taotie.”


The Saint experts looked at each other. In the end, they could not help but sigh. “What an amazing feat. Zhou Yuan and Ancestor Taotie will benefit greatly.”

Ai Tuanzi and the others naturally did not know what kind of blessings awaited Zhou Yuan and Tuntun. However, the Saint experts did. When Zhou Yuan and Tuntun emerged, they would be completely different.

Deep within the forest.

The mirror in front of Yaoyao slowly dissipated as she withdrew her hand. Her long eyelashes gently fluttered, concealing the faint trace of tiredness in her eyes.

Resonating with a strand of the Ancestral Dragon’s remnant will was not effortless even for her current self.

However, Yaoyao would willingly give her all for her two closest family members.

When their training was over, Zhou Yuan and Tuntun should receive tremendous benefits.

This wait took nearly two years.

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