Chapter 1282 A Complete Loss

The viscous dark golden liquid slowly swirled on the blood lotus. An ancient and primal pressure spread from it, causing the domain to tremble violently as if it was going to collapse.

The expressions of Yaoyao, Jin Yanghuang and the other Saint experts changed one after another.

“Sacred God Essence Blood?!” Jin Yanghuang’s voice sounded, unable to conceal his shock. “How could such a thing appear in the Ancestral Spirit Mountain?!”

The Dragon Spirit Utopia was a mini domain that was attached to Wanshou Heaven. When the Saint experts discovered it thousands of years ago, the Ancestral Spirit Mountain had already been sitting inside.

They had explored the mountain before, and knew that it originated from a strand of the Ancestral Dragon’s Spirit. The Wanshou Heaven Saint experts were not overly surprised by this information. After all, all things had originated from the Ancestral Dragon, and several signs of it could still be found despite the many years that had passed.

These marks left by the Ancestral Dragon would often create amazing wonders, and the Ancestral Spirit Mountain should have merely been one of them.

Moreover, they had not detected any strange undulations in the Ancestral Spirit Mountain. Hence, it had gradually become a training ground for Wanshou Heaven.

They never imagined that they would have missed such a huge secret. To think that they had never discovered the Sacred God Essence Blood suppressed by the mountain!

The Sacred God Essence Blood naturally originated from the Sacred Race’s supreme god. Such an existence was nearly impossible to destroy, and even the divine blood that flowed in His body possessed terrifying vitality, let alone essence blood that was far purer than normal blood.

In addition, essence blood would not be easily abandoned even for an existence like the Sacred God.

So why had it appeared in the Ancestral Spirit Mountain?

Jin Yanghuang’s gaze flickered in thought. Soon after, another Wanshou Heaven Saint expert said in a low voice, “Could it be when He was gravely injured by the Ancestral Dragon’s will during the world-ending war?”

Jin Yanghuang’s heart shook as he was struck by a flash of understanding. “It must be!”

In the far past, the Sacred God had been gravely injured by the Ancestral Dragon’s will, and it was very possible for some Sacred God Essence Blood to have been lost. Some part of the Ancestral Dragon’s will might have shifted this Sacred God Essence Blood to the Dragon Spirit Utopia and transformed into the Ancestral Spirit Mountain to suppress it in an attempt to completely erase it.

However, the blood looked exceptionally lively. There was no indication that it was anywhere near destruction.

Jin Yanghuang’s expression turned cold and solemn. His gaze pierced through the boundaries of space, concentrating on the numerous battle stages on the Ancestral Spirit Mountain. Moments later, a certain idea flashed in his head as he somewhat difficulty said, “Everyone, I’m afraid we have been tempted and tricked by that Sacred God.”

“What do you mean?” The other four Wanshou Heaven Saint experts frowned.

“The Ancestral Spirit Mountain’s goal was to slowly destroy the Sacred God’s essence blood. However, every time the Dragon Spirit Utopia opened, we would send our elite grade-7 experts in to train. Towards the end, they would fight on the Ancestral Spirit Mountain’s battle stages for Law Domain Seeds.

“From the looks of it, however, the fighting has continuously produced fiendish qi. The fiendish qi accumulated inside the Ancestral Spirit Mountain, ultimately becoming nutrients for the essence blood, allowing it to survive till now.

“Hence, I suspect that all of this was a trap by the Sacred God Essence Blood.

“I believe the Divine Tiger Clan’s supreme sovereign Meng Yi was the one who explored the Dragon Spirit Utopia back then, right?” Jin Yanghuang looked to his side, where an extremely tall and muscular figure was standing. A tiger roar faintly echoed from him, together with the power of the heavens.

It was the Divine Tiger Clan’s supreme sovereign Meng Yi.

Ming Yi’s rough-looking face changed somewhat as he nodded. “That’s right, I was the one who was put in charge of exploring the Dragon Spirit Utopia.”

Jin Yanghuang slowly said, “You were also the one who pushed for making the Dragon Spirit Utopia a training ground, right?”

Meng Yi replied, “I did feel that it was beneficial to Wanshou Heaven…”

At this point, his face suddenly darkened. He had realized that something was wrong. Although the Dragon Spirit Utopia was beneficial to Wanshou Heaven, he was not someone who would be so obsessed over such matters.

So why had he personally pushed so hard for it?

Jin Yanghuang let out a bitter laugh. “I’m afraid supreme sovereign Meng Yi might have been secretly prodded by the Divine God Essence Blood, resulting in Him successfully making the Dragon Spirit Utopia a training ground.

“The subsequent fighting continuously produced fiendish qi, allowing the essence blood to survive. All it had to do in return was borrow the Dragon Spirit Utopia’s power to produce a few Law Domain Seeds.”

The other three Wanshou Heaven Saint experts gasped as they looked at the essence blood in wariness and alarm. Was the Sacred God really so terrifying? To think that its essence blood could even secretly influence Saint experts?!

Jin Yanghuang continued, “It might not be so terrifying. At the end of the day, it had hidden itself too deeply, while supreme sovereign Meng Yi probably relaxed his guard after discovering that the Dragon Spirit Utopia originated from a strand of the Ancestral Dragon’s Spirit. Moreover, all the Sacred God Essence Blood could do was use these favorable conditions to tempt us. Hence, we can only conclude that the Sacred God Essence Blood is too crafty. As expected of something that originated from Him.”

“Haha, Jin Yanghuang, you’re quite perceptive.” Laughter suddenly sounded from the Sacred Race Saint experts in the spatial crack.

“Since the Sacred Blood Essence has emerged, our mission is complete. Hahaha, no need to send us.”

As the voice faded, the almighty power withdrew into the spatial crack before it slowly disappeared.

Jin Yanghuang and the others did not try to stop them, because they knew it would be useless. The other party had connected to Wanshou Heaven through the Sacred World Divine Painting, and had not actually stepped in.

However, allowing the other side to leave as they pleased still made Jin Yanghuang and the others rather angry.

In the earlier fight, the Sacred Race side had been starting to tire, however, their main aim was merely to delay the Wanshou Heaven Saint experts. Since their goal had been achieved, there was naturally no need to stay here any longer.

Supreme sovereign Meng Yi looked towards the Sacred God Essence Blood and asked, “What do we do about the Sacred God Essence Blood? Shall we try to seal it in the Dragon Spirit Utopia?”

“It’s already too late.” Jin Yanghuang shook his head. “When the essence blood broke free of the Ancestral Spirit Mountain’s suppression, it has already connected to the main body and can no longer be stopped.”

Under Jin Yanghuang’s gaze, the blood lotus above the Ancestral Spirit Mountain slowly revolved as it swiftly faded away.

In the end, it disappeared from everyone’s sights.

Yaoyao watched from the mirror, making no attempt to stop it. She likewise understood that there was already nothing that could be done.

When the blood lotus disappeared, the strange chilling pressure in the Dragon Spirit Utopia also rapidly receded.

The Wanshou Heaven members within could not help but breath sighs of relief, glad that they had somehow survived in the end.

However, Zhou Yuan did not have the same feeling. Instead, his brows tightly furrowed together.

Although a Sacred Race Saint expert had been gravely injured this time, they had achieved their goal. The Sacred God Essence Blood they had plotted to free must lead to something even bigger.

Hence, no matter how anyone looked at it, Wanshou Heaven had fallen completely to the other party’s schemes.

It was a complete defeat.

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