Chapter 1281 Self-immolate

A giant cauldron towered over the land, encompassing the entire Ancestral Spirit Mountain.

Torrential blood flames surged within the cauldron, surrounding Shi Ying in a sea of fire with no escape.

The blood flames were extremely terrifying. Even though Shi Ying was circulating his destructive almighty power, he still failed to push back the flames. Instead, his many attacks were swiftly incinerated.

Anyone could see that Shi Ying had been forced into a corner.

Ai Tuanzi and the others could not help but swallow, their hearts filled with shock.

After all, they had personally witnessed how invincible Shi Ying was. However, even an existence like him was pushed into such a pitiful state by Zhou Yuan’s close female Saint friend.

It made them breath heavy sighs of relief while also growing deeply respectful of her.

Likewise, there was also more respect in their eyes when they looked towards Zhou Yuan. However, it was mainly in awe of his ability to gain the favor of such an almighty existence.

In a certain manner of speaking, this was proof that there was definitely something special about him.

Torrential blood flames continued to churn.

Shi Ying released an angry roar. He was after all only a double made from half a Saint Lotus, and was gradually finding it increasingly difficult to withstand the Ancestral Spirit Mountain’s power.

If this continued, it was only a matter of time till he was refined.

If his half Saint Lotus double was destroyed, Shi Ying’s original body would be hit by a serious backlash. Countless years would be needed to recover from such injuries.

Hence, the alarm and anger in Shi Ying’s heart was near impossible to calm.

He had spent a long time preparing this plan for the Sacred Race, scouting the number of Saint experts that would be stationed at Wanshou Heaven over this period and even hindering the Omega Shrine. They had planned for everything, but failed to take into account that the Third God would be in Wanshou Heaven!

Moreover, from the power she had displayed, it was apparent that she was gradually awakening. Otherwise, he would not feel so pressured.

Shi Ying’s expression fluctuated indeterminately. In the end, he suddenly stopped resisting as a resolute look glowed in his eyes.

Since he was trapped, he could only use his last resort: igniting his Saint Lotus double!

The power from igniting his Saint Lotus double should allow him to escape in a crippled form, reducing his losses. However, Shi Ying did not plan on running.

His eyes lowered slightly as he stared at the foot of the Ancestral Spirit Mountain.

His mission was not complete yet.

Since he could not move the Ancestral Spirit Mountain, he would have to complete the original task.

Heh, the Wanshou Heaven Saint experts were truly stupid to think that the Sacred Race’s goal was the Ancestral Spirit Mountain.

With such thoughts swirling in his head, Shi Ying cast away all hesitation. He pushed his palms together and golden runes suddenly began to appear on his Saint Nascent Source body.

An indescribably violent and almighty power suddenly exploded from the tiny body.

The power was so strong that it immediately pushed back the blood flames the moment it appeared.

Golden flames poured from the Saint Nascent Source body, making him akin to a stove that could incinerate the land.

In the mirror, Yaoyao’s eyes flashed at this sudden turn of events.

“Igniting his Saint Nascent this his last desperate struggle?” She mumbled to herself in confusion. The Sacred Race Saint expert’s resolution had surpassed her expectations.

Terrifying power rose in the Dragon Spirit Utopia, causing the domain to slowly crumble.

However, while Yaoyao was preparing herself to face him, Shi Ying suddenly laughed. “For the Sacred God!”

To everyone’s surprise, instead of blasting towards the giant cauldron, the destructive power from the burning Saint Nascent Source leaped towards the foot of the Ancestral Spirit Mountain.


The entire Dragon Spirit Utopia shook violently. Cracks akin to deep abysses spread from the Ancestral Spirit Mountain like a spiderweb, swiftly reaching out in all directions to cover the entire domain.

Million-mile-long mountains were turned into deep seas, plains were cut in half and the seas were filled.

The terrain had changed completely.

Zhou Yuan and the others were horrified as they hastily avoided the terrifying shockwaves to prevent themselves from being turned to dust.

The terrifying ripples lasted for half an incense stick of time before slowly fading.

Zhou Yuan and the others looked over. A dim figure flickered like a nearly extinguished candle on the Ancestral Spirit Mountain’s peak.

It was Shi Ying’s Saint Nascent Source.

However, it had become dim and transparent as if it was about to fade, clearly because it had exhausted all of its power.

A feeling of unease rose within Zhou Yuan, because he could not see any regret on Shi Ying’s face. Instead, he was greeted by a strange smile.

“Third God, you can no longer stop the Sacred Race’s plan.

“My mission is complete.”

When the final word was said, the Saint Nascent Source shattered, turning into specks of light that filled the sky. The Genesis Qi in the domain seemed to grow more abundant and excited.

However, Zhou Yuan and the others did not pay any attention to these changes because they could feel the Ancestral Spirit Mountain began to tremble faintly.


As the shaking continued, a crack suddenly appeared on the peak before swiftly travelling downwards.

The Ancestral Spirit Mountain had been cracked open!

Zhou Yuan dazedly stared at this scene, his eyes filled with bewilderment. Had the Sacred Race Saint expert sacrificed a Saint Lotus double just to crack open the Ancestral Spirit Mountain?

In the mirror, Yaoyao’s brows were slightly furrowed. Her eyes flickered in thought as she stared at the cracked Ancestral Spirit Mountain. After a few breaths, she seemed to sense something and her expression abruptly changed.

“Quickly retreat!” Her urgent shout rang out in Zhou Yuan’s, Ai Tuanzi’s and the others’ ears.

Genesis Qi erupted as they rapidly withdrew without any hesitation.


The Ancestral Spirit Mountain violently shuddered as endless fiendish qi spouted out, dyeing the sky blood-red.


However, the most terrifying was yet to come. As the fiendish qi flowed out, Zhou Yuan and the others saw a blood-red lotus slowly rise from the Ancestral Spirit Mountain’s peak.

The blood lotus was covered in extremely ancient patterns. As it glowed, the entire world seemed to tremble.

An indescribable pressure spread, mysterious, ancient and primal.

If one took a closer look, one would discover that the pressure did not originate from the blood lotus, but the seemingly alive dark golden liquid at its center.

The dark golden liquid slowly squirmed. When it appeared, all light seemed  to be devoured by it.

Zhou Yuan and the others could not identify it, but they could guess that it was something extremely terrifying.

Outside the Dragon Spirit Utopia, Jin Yanghuang and the other Wanshou Heaven Saint experts also saw this scene. After a brief silence, they finally realized its origins, causing their pupils to shrink as a chill surged out from their hearts, spreading to their entire bodies.

In the mirror, Yaoyao’s bright eyes shined with iciness. Her grip around the jade gourd slowly tightened as a grave voice sounded from her slightly parted lips.

“This is...Sacred God Essence Blood!”

To think that the Ancestral Spirit Mountain was subduing such a secret!

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