Chapter 1280 Yaoyao Takes Action

A giant Saint Fire meteor that could destroy at least half of the Dragon Spirit Utopia was frozen in the air, unable to descend even a millimeter further. It was undoubtedly a shocking sight.

However, for Ai Tuanzi and the others, the shock from the frozen meteor was nowhere near as intense as the shock from seeing the girl in the floating mirror.

Her clear voice was completely emotionless and her words stupefied everyone.

She had called him a mere Saint Nascent Source...

Who was she?

Behind Ai Tuanzi, Jin Lan and the other Golden Monkey Clan members swallowed repeatedly. They naturally recognized the beautiful girl.

Jin Lan said with a dry mouth, “She came with our Golden Monkey Clan together with Zhou Yuan and seems to be very intimate with him.”

When Yaoyao arrived, he could still clearly recall that even their clan leader, who had been in closed cultivation for many years, had personally come out to welcome her.

Of course, they had been unable to understand why Jin Yanghuang had been so regarded her so importantly back then. Only now did they realize that this girl possessed strength that could match the Saint stage!

Otherwise, there was no way to explain how she had easily stopped the insanely powerful attack from the Saint Nascent Source.

“Intimate with Zhou Yuan?” The corners of everyone’s lips twitched slightly.  Of course they could understand what these words meant, the two were clearly in a relationship...

Ai Zhi could not help but say, “That can’t be true, right? From what she had done so far, she’s likely a Saint expert.”

What the hell did they think Saint expert was to the all-heavens?

The Saint expert was an existence that stood at the apex. Grade-7 and Nascent Source experts like them were nothing in the eyes of such an existence. How could Zhou Yuan have gained the favor of that female Saint expert? Was he really so charismatic?!

Although Ai Tuanzi found it unbelievable as well, she still rationally said, “Her earlier words have already proven that they have a close relationship.”

The corners of Ai Zhi’s mouth twitched. He felt that there was no longer any logic left.

That was a Saint expert, an almighty existence. How could she have such relations with Zhou Yuan? What part of him deserved such fortune?

While everyone was shocked, Zhou Yuan also stared at the floating mirror in amazement.

“Yaoyao…” Zhou Yuan awkwardly scratched his head. The recent turn of events was evidently due to some secret technique Yaoyao had planted in his body before entering the Dragon Spirit Utopia.

This warmed his heart a little. Soon after, he sighed and said in a slightly depressed tone, “It seems that I’m really going to be known in the all-heavens as the king of depending on my girl.”

Tuntun disdainfully looked at him from his shoulder, “Why do I feel that you’re a little happy about that title?”

Zhou Yuan frowned and resolutely denied it. “Impossible, you must be imagining it.”

Tuntun disdainfully chuckled.

While man and beast were bickering, Shi Ying’s expression fluctuated indeterminately as he stared at the pretty figure in the mirror. When he finally saw her clearly, his pupils shrank.

Shi Ying slowly said in a voice filled with deep wariness, “I did not be in the presence of the Third God.”

As a Sacred Race Saint expert, Shi Ying was likewise aware of Yaoyao’s identity.

In the mirror, Yaoyao’s gaze was calm and cold. She did not reply to Shi Ying and merely pointed with a finger.

Crystal-clear alcohol poured out from the jade gourd. In the next instant, the surface of the mirror rippled as the alcohol flowed out like a bone-chilling spring.

The icy spring surged towards the Saint Fire meteor like an ocean. The Saint Fire was swiftly extinguished as the enormous meteor made from Genesis Qi began to decompose, turning into countless specks of light that scattered across the land.

Shi Ying watched with gloomy eyes as he slowly said, “O honored Third God, although you are a noble god, you should have yet to fully awaken. Moreover, you’re only a projection. This isn’t enough to scare me off.”

Although he was a double made from half a Saint Lotus, Yaoyao was merely a projection and could not match him!

In the mirror, Yaoyao’s eyes remained clear and indifferent. “Is that so? I don’t hold the same opinion.”

She raised her hand and her slender fingers formed a seal.

“You want to move away the Ancestral Spirit Mountain, but have you asked for its permission?”

As Yaoyao’s nonchalant voice rang out, everyone suddenly felt the Ancestral Spirit Mountain begin to shudder violently.


Endless fiendish qi spouted forth, dying the entire horizon blood-red.

Shi Ying’s expression changed slightly as he quickly slapped his hands together. Genesis Qi converged towards him, turning into two giant hands that tried to crush the mountain from the top and bottom.


However, the fiendish qi was seemingly infinite. It pushed back at the two giant Genesis Qi hands and began eroding them. As the two forces clashed, the hands were gradually corroded away.

Shi Ying’s figure jerked, forcing him to stagger two steps backwards.

His expression had turned extremely ugly. The Ancestral Spirit Mountain seemed to have released all of its fiendish qi, and his current Saint Nascent Source strength could no longer suppress it.

This was all because of Yaoyao.

“As expected of the Third God!” Shi Ying gritted his teeth.


As he spoke, the fiendish qi had already enveloped the entire domain. The qi churned, gradually forming an enormous blood-red cauldron.

The translucent cauldron seemed to contain the entire Ancestral Spirit Mountain, trapping Shi Ying as well.


Fiendish qi frantically converged and compressed in the blood-red cauldron, ultimately forming blood-red flames.

The flames whizzed forth, turning into a million different shapes that pounced towards Shi Ying’s Saint Nascent Source.

Shi Ying howled in anger as he circulated his Saint power. His surroundings were partitioned into separate spatial domains, while his body hid within them, making him almost impossible to find.

However, he had underestimated the blood flames.

Blood flames swept forth sticking to him like a shadow.

Spatial domain after domain was incinerated into nothingness as the flames finally locked onto Shi Ying. A sea of blood-fire soon surrounded the Saint Nascent Source.

The blood flames surged, negating all spatial undulations, making it impossible for Shi Ying to escape.

Shi Ying's angry roar thundered, rippling space itself.

To his horror, he finally realized that he had underestimated the Third God. Even though she had not fully awakened, a single projection could draw the Ancestral Spirit Mountain’s power!

“That’s right, the Ancestral Spirit Mountain originated from a sliver of the Ancestral Dragon’s Spirit, while the Third God was born from the Ancestral Dragon’s will. She will naturally be able to borrow its power.” 

Shi Ying’s heart sank as unease grew within him.

Yaoyao’s cold and airy voice echoed across the domain, “Since you willingly servered half a Saint Lotus to come here, you can stay and become nourishment for the Ancestral Spirit Mountain.”

Torrential blood flames roared as they surged towards Shi Ying.

Shi Ying’s expression changed drastically. He now knew that the Third God was planning on refining him with the Ancestral Spirit Mountain’s fiendish qi.

How vicious!

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