Chapter 1279 Fury of a Saint


The Ancestral Spirit Mountain slowly descended, causing the land to shake like crazy.

Shi Ying was also greatly affected. He had basically been in a tug-of-war with the mountain earlier, and was at a slight advantage. However, that equilibrium had now been broken by Zhou Yuan, causing the backlash to surge towards him like a vast flood.


A mouthful of blood was spat out from Shi Ying’s mouth, gold shimmering within the liquid. Every drop was as heavy as a mountain and able to transform into an entire ocean, filled with power that could shape the land.

The Saint Nascent Source face flushed red. The backlash from the Ancestral Spirit Mountain was difficult to bear even for someone like him.

“Blasted!” Fire was practically spitting from Shi Ying’s eyes, the resentment in his eyes so bitter that it was nearly about to melt Zhou Yuan. That mouthful of blood was a painful loss to him, and would take much time and energy to recover.

Moreover, the Ancestral Spirit Mountain was returning once more to the ground. What infuriated Shi Ying the most, however, was that a faint crack had appeared in the Mountain Moving Sacred Array due to Zhou Yuan’s earlier interference.

Normally speaking, such a faint crack was nothing to worry about. However, it had made Shi Ying pay a very painful price due its unfortunate timing.

Hence, Shi Ying was already considering whether he should eat Zhou Yuan alive.


In the primal-chaos-like space outside the Dragon Spirit Utopia.

Jin Yanghuang and the other four Wanshou Heaven Saint experts were closely watching everything that happened in the Dragon Spirit Utopia while exchanging blows with the Sacred Race Saint experts. They had originally been greatly angered when they saw the Ancestral Dragon Mountain being moved.

Who could have imagined that Zhou Yuan would foil Shi Ying’s plan at this crucial juncture, causing a variable in the situation.

This was honestly a very pleasant surprise from Jin Yanghuang and the other four Saint experts.

After all, they had not placed any hopes on Zhou Yuan and the others. In their view, only Saint experts could affect the current situation. Zhou Yuan and the other Nascent Source experts were far too insignificant and of course could not be counted upon.

However, it seemed they had underestimated the young man who had recently become very famous in the all-heavens.

However, although this turn of events was a pleasant surprise, Jin Yanghuang could not help but worry about Zhou Yuan. Shi Ying would surely be enraged after having his plans disrupted. If he decided to vent his anger, Zhou Yuan and everyone else in the Dragon Spirit Utopia would not be able to survive.

“We can only hope that the Omega Shrine will come to our aid soon.” Jin Yanghuang sighed inwardly before turning his attention back to the battle. A ferocious light flashed in his eyes as he stared at the spatial crack that continued to send out blasts of almighty power.

There was really nothing else they could for the time being.


Outside the Ancestral Spirit Mountain.

A relieved smile appeared on Zhou Yuan’s pale face when he saw the mountain stop rising and begin to fall.

Although he had paid a painful price, it was nothing compared to Shi Ying.

Moreover, causing a Saint expert to be injured at the Nascent Source stage would likely raise his fame to a completely new level if news were to spread.

However, while Zhou Yuan was immersed in his success, a thought from Tuntun suddenly exploded in his mind, Run, Zhou Yuan! That old bastard is going to kill you!

All of Zhou Yuan’s hairs stood up as he involuntarily looked towards Shi Ying,only to find a pair of pupils filled with endless resentment locking onto him.

An intense chill filled Zhou Yuan’s heart and he immediately used the little reserves he had left to hurriedly back away.

As he retreated, Shi Ying’s bone-chilling voice rang out across the area, “You ants, all of you will die!”

He extended a tiny hand and ruthlessly pulled.


The world began to ripple as if all the Genesis Qi in the entire Dragon Spirit Utopia was being pulled together by Shi Ying.


A loud rumble was suddenly heard from high up in the sky.

Zhou Yuan, Ai Tuanzi and the others raised their heads as horror rapidly flooded their eyes.

An inconceivably giant meteor was falling from the heavens. It was not a real meteor but something made from all of the Genesis Qi in the Dragon Spirit Utopia.

Moreover, Saint Fire burned around the meteor.

When this meteor landed, half of the Dragon Spirit Utopia would be instantly destroyed.

Zhou Yuan’s scalp turned numb. There was already no way to escape this doomsday attack.

“I guess an old tiger’s bottom should not be touched.” Zhou Yuan smiled bitterly. He had already used everything in his arsenal earlier, but it had failed to do any damage to Shi Ying. The blood he had spat out was mostly due to the backlash from the Ancestral Spirit Mountain.

He’s clearly showing you a Saint expert cannot be humiliated. Tuntun retorted on reflex.

Zhou Yuan rolled his eyes. “What do we do now? Is there any way to escape?”

How could they possibly escape such a wide range attack?

Tuntun transmission sounded rather helpless this time, Zhou Yuan you mega jinx, why do I feel that there’s always trouble wherever you go! Asking you to come help me was a terrible decision!

Zhou Yuan’s face turned black, but was unable to find any words to retort. Hence, he could only snort in response.

Since there was nothing there were no measures they could take, they could only pray that the range of the Sacred Fire meteor would be too wide so that Zhou Yuan could at least try to find a chance to survive.

When even Zhou Yuan and Tuntun had such a negative outlook, the Wanshou Heaven group had pretty much already given in to despair, abandoning all resistance.

After all, nothing could stop the rage of a Saint.

The meteor smashed through layers of space, bringing with it a future of absolute destruction as it fell.

Zhou Yuan’s expression was grave as ideas to survive rapidly flashed in his head. However, all of them were rejected.

The attack was just too terrifying. He could not think of any way to survive!

Flames of destruction swept forth from the falling meteor.

“You ants, all of you shall die!” A cruel look flitted across Shi Ying’s face.


An indescribably terrifying power descended, crushing even space itself.

However, just as Zhou Yuan was closing his eyes in preparation to receive the rage-filled attack, a mysterious light suddenly erupted from his body!

The light contained a mystical power, freezing even space itself as threads of light stretched outwards.

Under the glow of the mysterious light, the falling meteor slowly came to a stop as if it had been frozen in place.

It could no longer descend.

Below, the eyes of Ai Tuanzi and the others widened in shock and disbelief.

They were not alone, Shi Ying also involuntarily cried out as his expression changed drastically, “What?!”

His senses told him that the mysterious light seemed to contain an extremely ancient and primal power, a power that had suppressed his own.

How could this be?!

Zhou Yuan opened his eyes and dazedly stared at the mysterious light strings that had spread from his body. They felt somewhat familiar...

The mysterious light strings converged in front of Zhou Yuan, turning into a mirror.

The mirror rippled faintly as a verdant forest was revealed. Amidst the greenery, a pretty figure could be seen elegantly reclining on a branch.

A jade gourd swayed in her hand.

Ai Tuanzi and the others stared in shock at the beautiful girl in the mirror, every gaze unable to turn away from her fair face.

“Big sis! Big sis!” Tuntun’s figure appeared above Zhou Yuan’s shoulder and barked excitedly.

The girl dressed in azure clothes raised her eyes. Her gaze seemed to pierce through space, arriving inside the Dragon Spirit Utopia and locking on to Shi Ying.

An indifferent and airy voice echoed across the land, “A mere Saint Nascent Source dares to touch him?”

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