Chapter 1278 Power that Moves the Heavens

Ancestral Dragon Moves the Heavens.

When the voice rang out in Zhou Yuan’s heart, he seemed to see a scene from the beginning of the world. An incomprehensibly enormous, endless dragon was born from the void, its ancient, primal will filling every corner of the universe.

As he stared at the giant body amidst the formless mass of creation, an indescribable feeling of respect surged in Zhou Yuan’s heart.

It was the legendary Ancestral Dragon.

In this moment, Zhou Yuan felt the Heavenly Dragon Qi in his body boil, rejoice and leap excitedly...

The Ancestral Dragon Scripture circulated with more liveliness and force than ever before.

Shock filled Zhou Yuan’s heart. Only after using the Ancestral Dragon Moves the Heavens did he finally realize its boundless wonders.

This Genesis Art contained a sliver of the Ancestral Dragon’s mark!

It was precisely because of this mark that Zhou Yuan could visualize the Ancestral Dragon, although it was partially covered in primal chaos and could not be seen too clearly.

However, one must know that even Saint experts would not be able to visualize the Ancestral Dragon without some luck and fate.

It was an existence that was just too vast and heavy. The Ancestral Dragon’s strength was something difficult to bear for even Saint experts.

From this, one could see how rare a Genesis Art like the Ancestral Dragon Moves the Heavens was!

In the scenes Zhou Yuan saw, the dragon silhouette within the primal chaos released a roar that resounded across the world. Primal chaos parted as the heavens began to move, forming the many heavens and countless domains.

The Ancestral Dragon created the world, moving the land and sky. This was the so-called ‘Moving the Heavens’

Zhou Yuan’s eyes seemed to turn incomparably deep as an indescribable aura slowly spread from him.

The aura made the surrounding Genesis Qi tremble and prostate as if they were bowing to him.

Ai Tuanzi and the others stared at Zhou Yuan’s figure in shock and fear. They felt his figure become impossibly imposing, making them feel as if they were in the presence of a Saint expert.

However, Zhou Yuan was clearly not a Saint expert, which meant he must be activating an unimaginable Genesis Art.

“As expected of the person who created a miracle in Guyuan Heaven. To think that he has already grown so much in less than a year.” Ai Tuanzi sighed softly, her tone tinged with admiration.

Zhou Yuan was still an advanced Nascent Source expert, however, he seemed to have an endless arsenal of trump cards. Even a top pseudo Law Domain expert like Ai Tuanzi was not confident of beating him.

With such talent, once he stepped into the perfect Nascent Source stage, he would likely be invincible under the Law Domain stage.

The other pseudo Law Domain experts sighed deeply. As elites of their respective clans, they were naturally proud practitioners. However, all of their pride had been smashed to pieces in front of Zhou Yuan.

They understood that he was not someone that could be measured by logic. Someone like him truly possessed the makings of a Saint expert.

Makings of a Saint expert...

These words circled in everyone’s hearts, but no one could even bring themselves to feel envious. When the gap between you and someone reached a certain level, you would naturally not view yourself and the other party as people on the same level.

Jiang Hongying’s head hung from her shoulders in silence. She was recalling the many times she had made things difficult for Zhou Yuan, suddenly feeling as if a donkey had really knocked her head silly.

While various emotions churned in the crowd, boundless Genesis Qi surged around Zhou Yuan, forming a giant Genesis Qi vortex that was a thousand miles wide.

Zhou Yuan’s body began to fall apart again.

Tuntun’s warning sounded in his mind, Zhou Yuan, you’re almost at your limit!

Zhou Yuan took in a deep breath. Ancestral Dragon Moves the Heavens was far too terrifying. Even in this state, he found it very difficult to properly activate it.

However, this was only logical. The technique originated from the moment when the Ancestral Dragon created the world, and there were likely very few Genesis Arts in this would that could actually match its power.

In addition, he was currently at the advanced Nascent Source stage, activating such a technique at this cultivation level was indeed somewhat ludicrous.

Fortunately, Zhou Yuan did not need the technique to fulfil much of its true potential.


Genesis Qi rumbled in his body like a million berserking floods, and was ultimately drawn into his right arm.

Genesis Qi continuously gathered before frantically being compressed and smashed together using a special method.

In the end, all that remained was a strand of heaven moving power.

His right arm suddenly became unimaginably heavy, so heavy that it nearly dragged Zhou Yuan’s entire down with it.

Your Genesis Art is too terrifying, how are you going to release it! Tuntun’s voice in his mind was filled with terror.

If he continued to hold onto this power, Zhou Yuan would be destroyed before he could achieve anything.

Zhou Yuan was likewise aware of this problem. A fiercely resolute look flashed in his eyes as he formed a knife-hand with his other arm and chopped.


Blood splattered as Zhou Yuan’s entire arm was chopped off.

When his right arm fell, primal chaos began to spread before rapidly shrinking back, forming a glowing primal chaos ball.

The ball was merely the size of a fist, however, the nearby space rapidly crumbled around it, creating black spatial voids.


When his arm was severed, the rest of Zhou Yuan’s body was released from the heavy binding. With a roar, the glowing primal chaos ball shot through the air, heading straight for Shi Ying.

The ball seemed to pierce through space itself, arriving in front of Shi Ying a split second after it appeared.

“You overestimate yourself, ignorant fool!” Although Shi Ying could feel that there was something strange about the glowing ball, he merely chuckled indifferently. As an almighty Saint expert, it was hard for him to feel any caution towards Nascent Source ants.

Although he felt indifferent, Shi Ying did not allow the ball to land without doing anything. He extended a tiny hand, wisps of mysterious fire jumping from his palm, causing the temperature in the Dragon Spirit Utopia to rise.

It was Saint Fire!

Saint Fire gathered on Sh iYing’s palm, forming a fire lotus before drifting out towards the glowing primal chaos ball.

The ball and the lotus collided.

To everyone’s surprise, there was no loud sound or shockwave. The two terrifying forces eroded at each other, causing the entire domain to begin cracking and falling apart.

Ai Tuanzi and the others swallowed as they watched. What had they just seen? The fire lotus made from Saint Fire had not immediately burned away the glowing primal chaos ball from Zhou Yuan?

That was Saint Fire!

It was the unique art of a Saint expert. Even the Law Domain would be instantly burned into nothingness by it.

However, it had not instantly incinerated the glowing ball?!

They were, of course, not the only ones to be shocked. Even Shi Ying was taken aback. Soon after, an eerily chilling light surged in his pupils.

“Interesting…” Shi Ying’s tone was calm, but contained a heart-palpitating chill.

A clash like this had infuriated him.

An ant had stopped his attack. Although it was not a serious effort, it was still unacceptable.

Shi Ying’s palm twirled. In the next instant, the Saint Fire lotus suddenly blazed. To everyone’s horror, they sensed the Genesis Qi in the Dragon Spirit Utopia begin to burn.

The fire lotus slowly unfolded and swallowed the glowing primal chaos ball. The petals closed again, returning to its original form.


The Saint Fire lotus seemed to bulge slightly before returning to normal.

The attack that had combined all the Genesis Qi of Zhou Yuan and numerous pseudo Law Domain experts had been neutralized...

It had not done even a single point of damage to Shi Ying.

However, Zhou Yuan was not disappointed by this result. Instead, a relieved smile appeared on his face.

He had felt a faint vibration from the Ancestral Spirit Mountain when Shi Ying neutralized the glowing primal chaos ball’s power.

Although it was nearly negligible, the vibration rapidly began to intensify until the entire mountain shook violently.

Bang! Bang!

The giant chains around the mountain slowly began to crumble.

Zhou Yuan’s attack might have been akin to a feather to Shi Ying. However, this same feather had broken the equilibrium between him and the Ancestral Spirit Mountain.


The mountain that had been lifted by Shi Ying began to slowly descend.

Shi Ying’s baby face twisted in rage.

“Blasted ants!” His furious roar swept to every corner of the Dragon Spirit Utopia like a storm.

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