Chapter 1276 No Way Out


When the Ancestral Spirit Mountain was moved, the entire Dragon Spirit Utopia began to ripple crazily. Genesis Qi roared as it wreaked havoc, sweeping up endless gales.

The expressions of Zhou Yuan, Ai Tuanzi and the others changed. The Ancestral Spirit Mountain was connected to the Dragon Spirit Utopia, and was essentially the core of this domain. Once it was moved away, the entire Dragon Spirit Utopia would soon crumble to pieces.

Most importantly, they were still inside the Dragon Spirit Utopia! If this domain was destroyed, they would not be able to escape death either.

Ai Tuanzi’s body trembled as she gritted her teeth, gathered her courage and shouted, “Everyone, we have to stop him!”

An exceptional and unimaginable amount of courage was needed to act against a Saint expert.

As her voice rang out, Ai Tuanzi made her move. She circulated her Genesis Qi at full power, creating a powerful attack that pounced towards Shi Ying.

Behind her, the other grade-7 Wanshou Heaven experts trembled as they gathered their Genesis Qi to unleash their attacks.

Numerous torrents of Genesis Qi roared forth. The barrage was imposing and impressive, a great contrast to its target, a tiny baby that was two fists big. However, everyone could feel that attacks were doomed to fail.

Shi Ying raised his head to look at the incoming Genesis Qi attacks as a smile emerged on his face. It had been many years since he had seen Nascent Source experts dare to attack him...

“How lamentable.” Shi Ying pointed at the air.


A ripple spread from his fingertip.

Space froze wherever the ripple passed, trapping the numerous incoming attacks like bugs in amber.

None of the attacks were able to move no matter how powerful they were.

Shi Ying casually waved his hand.

The numerous Genesis Qi torrents exploded, turning into resplendent specks of light that filled the sky.

The expressions of Ai Tuanzi and the others changed drastically as an indescribable power descended and mercilessly crushed their bodies.


The numerous pseudo Law Domain experts vomited blood. Their figures staggered backwards as their auras rapidly weakened.

They were on completely different levels.

Powerlessness and despair flooded everyone’s eyes. They understood that if the majority of the Saint Nascent Source’s power was not focused on the Ancestral Spirit Mountain, they would not have been let off with just serious injuries.

Zhuang Xiaoming, Jin Qingtian and the other pseudo Law Domain experts dragged their heavy bodies to Ai Tuanzi’s side.

Even the top grade-7 experts such as Ai Zhi, Jiang Hongying and Meng Chong gathered towards her. They were Wanshou Heaven’s greatest elites in the Dragon Spirit Utopia. However, these elites had nothing but fear on their faces now.

Zhuang Xiaoming asked in a hoarse voice, “What do we do now?”

Ai Tuanzi did not know how to answer. The Dragon Spirit Utopia was facing its imminent destruction. Moreover, from the earth-shaking disturbance outside the domain, it was likely that even the Wanshou Heaven Saint experts were too busy to come.

They were at a dead end.

Ai Tuanzi softly said, “We can only hope that the Wanshou Heaven Saint experts will be able come in time. There’s nothing we can do.”

Her words were filled with a deep feeling of powerlessness.

Everyone fell silent as grief filled their faces. They finally understood how tiny grade-7 experts were in the eyes of the Saint experts.

While the Wanshou Heaven group was despairing, Zhou Yuan’s brows were tightly furrowed. Like everyone else, things would become extremely troublesome for him if Shi Ying managed to move away the Ancestral Spirit Mountain and the Dragon Spirit Utopia was destroyed.

Zhou Yuan asked Tuntun in his mind, That old guy shouldn’t be a real Saint expert, right? Do we have any chance of beating him to death together?

There’s a one percent chance. Tuntun’s reply sounded in his head.

Zhou Yuan was surprised.

However, there’s a ninety-nine percent chance we’ll be killed by him. Tuntun's following words froze his surprise. Soon after, Zhou Yuan gritted his teeth and said, You seem to be in quite a humorous mood. 

Tuntun sneered. You’re too delusional. To think you dare to even consider killing a Saint expert!

Zhou Yuan curled his lips. What else can we do? Sit by and watch him destroy the Dragon Spirit Utopia? I don’t think that he will be so kind-hearted and let us off once he’s done.

The only reason why they had not been obliterated was because Shi Ying needed all of his power to move the Ancestral Spirit Mountain. Once he was free, Zhou Yuan firmly believed that he would not hesitate to exterminate all of them.

After all, it would be all too easy for him.

Tuntun fell silent at these words. The current situation was indeed pretty bad. If they tried something they would die, if they didn’t they would die. It seemed that only death awaited them.

At the end of the day, the Saint stage was just far too powerful.

Although Shi Ying had not come in his true body, his power was not something that Tuntun and Zhou Yuan could ever hope to match.

Tuntun finally had an idea, How about we ask big sis for help?

Zhou Yuan resentfully said, Can you not be so pathetic and always think about relying on Yaoyao? Can’t we depend on our own power?

He paused for a moment, before he asked, Can you get in touch with her?

I thought you could. Tuntun retorted.

Zhou Yuan let out a depressed sigh. You can shut up now.

He frowned in misery. Moments later, something suddenly struck him. Actually, we’re not completely helpless...I do have something that might pose a tiny threat to him.

Oh? Tuntun was rather shocked. Zhou Yuan’s pathetic strength could threaten a Saint Nascent Source? Who was he kidding?

Zhou Yuan said, However, my Genesis Qi foundation is far from enough. If you can help me increase it to another six or seven hundred billion, it might just be enough.

Tuntun was quiet for a whole. Soon after, its roar sounded in Zhou Yuan’s head, Help you increase it by another six or seven hundred billion? Zhou Yuan, are you making fun of me!

Couldn’t he say something a little more reliable?

One must know that even their fusion could only reach three hundred billion. Increasing by another six or seven hundred billion was completely delusional.

Zhou Yuan helplessly said, Then there’s nothing I can do. Even the best cook needs tools to make a good meal.

Genesis Qi surged at his shoulder, forming a phantasm of Tuntun.

It seemed to hesitate before sending a thought, You really have something that might work?

Zhou Yuan looked towards the Saint Nascent Source that was slowly dragging the Ancestral Spirit Mountain out from the ground and slowly said, I can tell that he and the Ancestral Spirit Mountain are in some kind of deadlock, otherwise, the speed would not be so slow. As long as I can break this balance, or perhaps loosen the vortex boundary a little, it would not be so easy for his plan to succeed.

When that happens, the Ancestral Spirit Mountain might even escape from his control and turn on him.

He had not thought of even attempting to hurt the Saint Nascent Source. Let alone a Genesis Qi foundation of several hundred billion, even a trillion won’t be anywhere near enough. Hence, his goal had always been to try and hinder somehow.

Tuntun pondered deeply when it saw Zhou Yuan’s serious expression. It is not impossible to boost your Genesis Qi to an astonishing level for an instant.

For real? Zhou Yuan was shocked.

Tuntun’s eyes turned towards Ai Tuanzi and the others as an evil light flashed in its eyes.

Of course, we’ll need to gather several pieces first...from their despairing appearances, they should not reject us.

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