Chapter 1275 Moving Away

Space was slowly torn open as terrifying presences flooded out, causing the dark void of space to ripple violently.

The five Wanshou Heaven Saint experts stood within the void, wearing dark and cold expressions as they gazed at the divine painting that had appeared in the spatial crack

The divine painting was called the Sacred World Divine Painting and was a super Saint artifact of the Sacred Race.The painting had slain all-heaven Saint experts in the great world destroying war, and was thus both feared and famous.

The Sacred Race had not only dispatched five Saint experts, but also given them a superclass Saint artifact. From this, it was clear that they had come prepared.

What exactly was the Sacred Race up to?

The five Saint experts looked at each other, seeing the graveness and confusion in each other’s eyes.

“No matter what scheme they have, they won’t dare to move recklessly. In fact, they won’t even dare to step out of the spatial crack. I highly suspect the Sacred World Divine Painting was brought solely to conceal their presences,” said a familiar figure among the five Saint experts. It was the Golden Monkey Clan leader, Jin Yanghuang.

There was a great protective array outside the all-heavens called the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array. The all-heavens had once poured all of their power into this barrier, making it one of the strongest defences against the Sacred Race.

Even a Saint expert must pay a steep price in order to pass it.

Though the five Sacred Race Saint experts seemed to be present, they had used a special method to create a connection to Wanshou Heaven. Strictly speaking, they were merely projections.

This was why they did not dare to truly step into Wanshou Heaven. Once they entered, the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array would respond.

The tense bodies of the other four Saint experts relaxed slightly. Indeed, Jin Yanghuang was correct. The other side might appear to have broken through the boundaries between heavens, but they had not actually stepped into Wanshou Heaven.

The only person who had truly entered was Shi Ying, who was in the Dragon Spirit Utopia. However, he was merely a Saint Nascent Source made from sacrificing his Saint Lotus, and was not present in his true glory.

“Hehe, Jin Yanghuang, you’re pretty perceptive.” A terrifying presence surged within the spatial crack. The five Sacred Race Saint experts chuckled in the Sacred World Divine Painting, not denying Jin Yanghuang’s words.

“However, we’re not here to fight you guys for real. Our goal is to hinder.”

“When Shi Ying succeeds, our mission will be complete.”

Jin Yanghuang’s eyes narrowed. “What exactly are you guys after?!”

When the Dragon Spirit Utopia first appeared long ago, the Wanshou Heaven Saint experts had naturally explored it. They found that it had originated from a strand of the Ancestral Dragon’s Spirit, and could produce the unique Law Domain Seeds. Hence, the Wanshou Heaven Saint experts had designated the Dragon Spirit Utopia as a training ground for grade-7 experts in hopes of nurturing even more grade-8 Law Domain experts.

They discovered nothing else. Hence, in the Wanshou Heaven Saint experts’ eyes, the Dragon Spirit Utopia was merely a training ground. However, due to the Sacred Race’s many schemes, they had begun to realize that they might not have discovered all of its secrets.

However, Jin Yanghuang’s questioning shout was answered by a blast of boundless, almighty power from the crack. It was difficult to describe how great the force was. Small spatial domains seemed to crumble wherever it passed, creating numerous fireworks in the darkness.

A battle between Saint experts would destroy the sky and land. Even an existence like the Dragon Spirit Utopia would be obliterated by such power.


Jin Yanghuang and the other four Wanshou Heaven Saint experts icily snorted. In the next instant, endless, almighty power was also unleashed from their side, power that seemed capable of reversing the milky way and shifting moons and stars.

Ten Saint experts clashed in the primal chaos of space, the aftershocks from their clash destroying countless uninhabited domains.

The battle outside caused the entire Dragon Spirit Utopia to shake violently.

It felt as if one was a tiny leaf in the storm, likely to be torn to pieces at any moment.

In the Dragon Spirit Utopia, everyone shivered in fear. Although they were grade-7 elites, they were honestly not much stronger than ants in the face of the Saint experts’ terrible power.

“The Sacred Race has really come prepared.” Zhou Yuan raised his head to look at the rippling sky, his expression extremely grave.

Although he could not see the great battle between the Saint experts, he could feel the terrifying undulations. It was clear that the Wanshou Heaven Saint experts had been stopped.

“The Omega Shrine is always keeping a watchful eye over the all-heavens. Such a huge disturbance should be discovered soon. However, I don’t think that the Sacred Race will give them enough time to respond.”

While Zhou Yuan’s brows were tightly furrowed, the Saint Nascent Source on Chi Xuan’s head observed the sky. Soon after, he coldly chuckled. “It seems that no one can stop me.”

He did not even look at the nearby Zhou Yuan and the grade-7 elites of Wanshou Heaven. In his eyes, these ants could not change anything even if they tried.

“Aren’t all of you curious about the Sacred Race’s plan? Watch and you’ll find out soon.” The Saint Nascent Source smiled. Soon after, he lowered his head and looked at Chi Xuan. “It’s time for you to sacrifice your flesh for the Sacred Race.”

Chi Xuan’s body shuddered as his expression rapidly fluctuated. In the end, he bowed deeply and said, “It is my Evil Beast Clan’s honor!”

Shi Ying nodded, complete indifference on his baby face. He reached out and gently tapped Chi Xuan with a finger. The latter immediately let out a blood curdling shriek as his flesh and blood began to liquify, separating from his body.

In the span of a few breaths, only a skeleton remained. His flesh and blood had melted into a bloody swamp below his bony feet.

The fire of life in Chi Xuan’s empty sockets trembled before dimming and ultimately fading into oblivion.

Zhou Yuan’s eyelids jumped at this scene. The Evil Beast Clan seemed to be mere slaves to the Sacred Race, to be used and sacrificed at whim.

What a pitiful clan.

While these thoughts were flashing past in Zhou Yuan’s mind, Shi Ying waved his tiny hand. The pool of flesh and blood began to squirm, ultimately turning into a strange blood-red rune that swiftly burrowed into the ground.


Everyone felt the Ancestral Spirit Mountain begin to shake.

Blood-red vortices appeared on the numerous battle stages, every vortex spitting out a pillar of light. The light pillars interweaved in the air, forming blood-red chains.

The chains continued to intertwine with each other, before rapidly digging into the ground.

A cruel smile rose from the corners of Shi Ying’s mouth. Soon after, he jerked his hand upwards.

“Rise!” In the wake of his shout, Zhou Yuan, Ai Tuanzi and the rest watched in shock as the entire Ancestral Spirit Mountain slowly began to rise, lifted by countless blood-red chains.

Zhou Yuan’s scalp turned numb.

Was the Sacred Race really planning on moving the Ancestral Spirit Mountain away?!

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