Chapter 1273 The Hidden Mastermind

Outside the battle stage, Ai Tuanzi’s and the others’ expressions changed when Zhou Yuan was sent flying as they stared at the enormous devil phantasm that had appeared in terror.

Despite the battle stage being a seperate domain, they could clearly feel the terrifying power contained within the enormous, devil-like phantasm.

If any of them had received the attack instead, their bodies and Spirit would have been utterly destroyed.

There was a grave look on the Ancient Whale Clan’s Zhuang Xiaoming’s face as he worriedly stated, “Chi Xuan is too powerful.”

Ai Tuanzi was silent for a moment before she said, “We don’t have any way to face him and can only place our hopes in Zhou Yuan and lord Ancestor Taotie.”

The other pseudo Law Domain experts smiled bitterly. She was right, this battle was not something the likes of them could interfere in.

Besides not having a complete Law Domain, the Genesis Qi foundations of both fighters had already reached the realm of the Law Domain stage.

All they could do now was believe in Zhou Yuan and Tuntun.


On the supreme battle stage everyone was watching, the enormous devil phantasm’s scarlet-red pupils stared at the dust as his eerie and chilling voice mocked, “Oh? So frail?”


Searing heat suddenly erupted from the dust, warping the surrounding space.

In the next instant, a flash of scarlet shot out.

It was a figure that looked tall and imposing like a metal tower. The imposing body was covered in glowing scarlet-red runes that looked as if they were made from magma, giving off a dreadful heat.

The breath from its nostrils was tinged with a sulfuric smile, making the air turn somewhat hazy.

Under the scarlet glow, mystic glass light flowed.

Zhou Yuan had simultaneously activated the Great Flame Devil and Saint Glass Body. 

With these two overlapping physical defensive layers, Zhou Yuan had managed to withstand Chi Xuan’s palm strike. However, several areas on his body had still ruptured open, a sign of how fierce the attack had been,

Zhou Yuan lowered his head and glanced at the gradually closing wounds on his body as he grinned, “That was quite painful.”

His eyes turned darkly cold. Chi Xuan was much stronger than he had imagined.

“Ordinary methods will be useless.” Zhou Yuan took in a deep breath, the chilling killing intent in his eyes nearly materializing as he gazed at the giant devil phantasm.

“Tuntun, get ready to fire off a big one!” A low roar responded inside Zhou Yuan’s body.


Zhou Yuan’s figure had already shot forth, space rippling under his feet with each step he took. In the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of the devil phantasm.

Zhou Yuan’s expression was ice-cold as millions of light rays suddenly exploded from his right hand. He reached into the light and pulled out a plain mottled metal rod.

It was a square-shaped metal rod with a hilt. When it appeared, a terrifying pressure rippled from it.

It was the Heavenly Punishment Rod!

Previously, Zhou Yuan had nearly depleted all of his Genesis Qi, physical power and Spirit to summon the Heavenly Punishment Rod. In contrast, he clearly had a much easier time due to the strong foundation provided by the fusion.

Even so, beads of blood appeared on Zhou Yuan’s right arm, dripping to the ground like blood-red pearls.

Expressionless, he raised the Heavenly Punishment Rod and swung it towards the giant devil phantasm.

The rod was only ten feet long, appearing exceptionally small in contrast to the thousand-foot-tall devil phantasm. When it was swung, however, Chi Xuan felt a piercing pain all over his body as extreme danger enveloped his heart.


With a savage roar, terrifying fiendish qi spouted forth, turning into thick blood-red clouds around his body.

The Heavenly Punishment Rod tore through the thick blood-red clouds while they continuously neutralized its terrifying power like a viscous blood-red swamp.

The rod slowly fell as Chi Xuan’s enormous body faintly trembled.

Both parties had fallen into a deadlock of sorts.

Zhou Yuan frowned slightly. His opponent was surprisingly tenacious. He should have been nearly unstoppable after summoning the Heavenly Punishment Rod.

Amidst the deadlock, Zhou Yuan shouted in his heart, Tuntun!


Tuntun’s roar rang out. In the next instant, Genesis Qi took the shape of Tuntun’s head and appeared right above Zhou Yuan’s head.

Its giant mouth opened, spewing a torrent of black wind.

The black wind was extremely strange. The blood clouds were rapidly dissolved wherever it passed, not neutralized but devoured by the black wind.

The black wind swiftly grew as it devoured the blood clouds, quickly eating through the thick swamp-like layers.

Chi Xuan’s pupils immediately shrank as he could not help but curse, “Ganging up on me, despicable!”

Zhou Yuan could not help but feel a little amused. Chi Xuan had done so many underhanded and sneaky things previously and was now calling him despicable. What a joke.

Though he was thinking these thoughts, there was no hesitation in his actions. With the chance created by Tuntun, the Heavenly Punishment Rod was no longer slowed and ruthlessly smashed towards Chi Xuan.

A horrified expression appeared on Chi Xuan’s face as he hurriedly retreated. The power in the rod made him feel a strong sense of impending death.

Although he was fast, the Heavenly Punishment Rod was faster.

In less than the time it took to take a single breath, the space in front of Chi Xuan abruptly shattered as the Heavenly Punishment Rod arrived, smashing into the giant devil phantasm’s head.


Time and space seemed to momentarily stop.

The endless fiendish qi that filled the sky froze before beginning to shrink back. In the span of a few breaths all the qi returned into Chi Xuan’s body.

Chi Xuan’s enormous body staggered backwards, shaking the land with each step.

The giant body began to crack and break, giant chunks of flesh falling as his body rapidly shrunk.

Moments later, Chi Xuan had returned to his original Evil Beast form amidst giant chunks of flesh and blood.

A tail covered in bone spikes swayed a little as an ash aura spread across his body.

The extinguishing power of the Heavenly Punishment Rod was swiftly destroying his life force.

However, Chi Xuan was far stronger than Chi Qiu. Thus, he was not immediately turned to dust...

However, he had definitely sustained serious injuries.

Zhou Yuan’s figure descended from the sky, breathing a deep sigh of relief as he gazed at Chi Xuan. With the chance Tuntun had created for him, he had finally found the opportunity to give Chi Xuan a vicious blow.

With the opponent heavily injured, there should no longer be any hope of a comeback.

Zhou Yuan frostily stared at Chi Xuan, but did not immediately approach to finish him off. Zhou Yuan planned to let the extinguishing power completely destroy Chi Xuan’s body.

Pant pant.

Chi Xuan’s breathing grew extremely painful and difficult. His expression was sinister as he raised his head to stare at Zhou Yuan and icily say, “As expected of the one who created a miracle in Guyuan Heaven…”

Zhou Yuan calmly said, “No matter what your Evil Beast Clan has come here to do, it’s over.”

Chi Xuan’s expression turned somewhat strange. “Over? You’re too naive.”

While he was speaking, Zhou Yuan shivered in fear when he realized that the extinguishing power in Chi Xuan’s body had suddenly disappeared.

Zhou Yuan’s expression changed slightly as he stared at Chi Xuan. Instead of swiftly leaping forward to give the finishing blow, he began to slowly back away.

Tuntun, there’s something strange about him! Inside his body, Tuntun roared in caution. Careful, there seems to be something extremely terrifying in his body!

Chi Xuan ignored Zhou Yuan and sighed softly. He struggled to his feet and knelt on one knee. His finger formed a seal and pressed it on his chest where the heart was.

“O great one, Chi Xuan is useless and can’t complete the mission you tasked me.” As Chi Xuan’s voice rang out, his back suddenly split open, blood spilling out as his raw flesh was revealed.

Chi Xuan trembled, unable to bear the tearing pain, but not daring to make a sound.

As his back was torn open, Zhou Yuan’s pupils shrank. He could see an infant-like hand reach out, using Chi Xuan backbone as leverage to slowly push itself out and stand on his head.

The small baby covered in blood stood on Chi Xuan’s head as his young and cold voice slowly rang out, “You’re indeed trash...I’ve given you so much support but you still needed me to personally come out. The Evil Beast Clan is truly lowly and useless.”

Zhou Yuan watched the entire thing play out. When he gazed at the baby that had appeared from Chi Xuan’s flesh, his scalp felt as if it had exploded.

How could he not know by now that his actions had forced out the hidden mastermind...

The baby was definitely a Sacred Race Saint expert!

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