Chapter 1272 Battle Between 300 billion


When the blood-red Law Domain suddenly spread out from Chi Xuan, a boundless ruthless aura erupted. Anyone with an unstable mind would likely lose their mind and be filled with murderous rage.

After the blood-red Law Domain formed, blood-colored qi spiralled up next to Chi Xuan, transforming into giant crimson monsters.

The giant beasts emitted monstrous fiendish qi, and even their eyes were filled with ruthlessness and killing intent.

Additionally, the giant beasts released terrifyingly powerful Genesis Qi that were like real substance, shocking everyone.

“The people captured by my Beast Demon Law Domain will be transformed into a beast demon. Their Spirit and body would be changed and would be controlled by me.”

Chi Xuan curled a corner of his lips in a sinister sneer. “You will become one of them soon.

“Go, crush him!”   

With a flick of his finger, countless blood-red beasts released a deafening roar and charged towards Zhou Yuan in a fierce and fearless manner.

As Zhou Yuan clenched his hand, the Heavenly Yuan Brush appeared in his grip in a flash. 

He sped out like a flash of lightning, charging into the group of beasts. Then, terrifying Genesis Qi erupted and thousands of jet-black hair were fired out like a rain of arrows.

Many fierce blood-red beasts were torn to shreds.

But then, beams of blood-red auras descended again and endlessly transformed into fierce beasts.

Zhou Yuan stood alone in the vast beast tide. Every attack of his swept away a large area of beasts but beasts quickly filled that area again.  

It was as though the fierce beasts would never be destroyed within the crimson Law Domain.

Even Ai Tuanzi would feel troubled in the face of such never-ending attacks. 

"This guy's Law Domain is bizarre." Zhou Yuan couldn’t help exclaiming after he destroyed dozens of giant fierce beasts with the Heavenly Yuan Brush.

“Move aside, I’ll do it!” Tuntun’s impatient voice rang in Zhou Yuan’s mind. 

The space around Zhou Yuan suddenly dimmed, and many black-hole-like vortexes appeared in the void.

“Roar!” A low roar sounded from Zhou Yuan’s body.

The black hole vortexes suddenly expanded, swallowing the endless beast tide wherever they passed. When the black hole vibrated, countless berserk torrents rushed out and battered the blood-red Law Domain.

“Humph!” Chi Xuan snorted, his eyes cold and sinister. Endless blood-colored qi rapidly gathered above him to form a giant hand.   

Countless fierce beasts were moving in groups on the giant hand, producing loud ferocious roars.

"Thousand Beast Blood Seal!”

The hand slammed down like a mountain towards Zhou Yuan.

But Zhou Yuan stood rooted to the spot while Tuntun's imposing roar echoed in his body. Then a giant beast appeared out of thin air—it was Tuntun's body.

The giant beast opened its huge mouth, which seemed to contain a black hole vortex. Then, pure black light rapidly gathered to form a giant black ball.

The black ball was as deep as an abyss and without the slightest ray of light, as though had swallowed everything.

But Zhou Yuan could sense the frightening power contained in the black ball.

This power didn’t belong to Zhou Yuan, but was mobilized by Tuntun.

The two had combined and so, they could both control the merged body, but only they could use and control the techniques that they knew.

For example, Zhou Yuan couldn't use the devouring ball formed from devouring power and could only depend on Tuntun.

But in the same way, Zhou Yuan was the only one who could control his Genesis arts and they couldn’t be activated by Tuntun.


The black ball suddenly shot out, causing voids to collapse one after another wherever it passed. Eventually, it clashed head-on with the blood beast hand smashing down.


There seemed to be a mushroom cloud formed from Genesis Qi rising from the Supreme Battle Platform.

Devastating shock waves collided into the space around the battle platform.

Ai Tuanzi and the others couldn’t stop their expressions from changing as they watched the collision. This was because both sides’ Genesis Qi foundation exceeded 300 billion and they knew they likely couldn’t endure such a collision if they were there instead. 

They never imagined to witness a match of such a level between people below the Law Domain stage.


Terrifying shock waves raged across the Supreme Battle Platform before it gradually subsided. By the time everyone looked over, the space there had already collapsed and was gradually recovering.

But when they saw Zhou Yuan’s figure, gasps rang out in rapid successions.

Zhou Yuan trod across the ground carrying a huge golden bell on his shoulders. The bell mouth was dark and even produced waves of terrifying energy.

But the mouth, like a monstrous cannon, was locked on Chi Xuan, who had just calmed his Genesis Qi fluctuation.

Chi Xuan naturally noticed Zhou Yuan's movements right away. His face turned sullen. Zhou Yuan and Tuntun had launched continuous offensives in turn and thus their attacks were rhythmic and without any pause. Chi Xuan, who was strengthened by the Ancestral Spirit Mountain’s fiendish qi, felt a shortness of breath and extremely troubled in the face of such attacks.

Moreover, he sensed danger from the golden bell that Zhou Yuan carried on his shoulder.

But Zhou Yuan had no intention of giving him the time to respond. Terrifying Genesis Qi converged inside the golden bell and an earthshaking ring reverberated throughout the world. 

Shrouded in destructive power, a terrifying sound wave torrent instantly pierced through voids and sped towards Chi Xuan.

Chi Xuan's face grew overcast. He knew he had to use powerful means, otherwise under Zhou Yuan and Tuntun’s successive attacks, he would expose his flaws sooner or later and his disadvantageous situation would turn to a defeat.

Chi Xuan frantically retreated while manipulating his Law Domain power to form strong blood-red walls one after another in front of him. Countless beast heads popped out from the walls with a fierce and ruthless roar.

At the same time, Chi Xuan slashed his chest with his sharp fingers, revealing a beating heart.

Drops of almost black blood floated out as the hearted pulsed.

With a cold and sinister face, Chi Xuan brushed the blood and essence with his fingertip. As he changed hand seals, images fluttered about in the air.

The blood-red Law Domain vibrated violently at the same time.


Chi Xuan let out a ferocious scream as his skin and flesh tore apart and an iron tail covered with bony spikes extended out from his back. 

Countless fierce beasts gathered within the Law Domain, roaring and charging towards Chi Xuan, and finally tunnelled into Chi Xuan's body.

His body suddenly enlarged, blood spurted everywhere, the sun was obscured, and a gush of indescribably fiendish qi surged into the sky.

“Beast God Transformation!”  

Amidst the deafening roar, a thousand-foot demon silhouette stood tall in the blood mist. It spewed out monstrous fiendish qi like a fierce demon stepping out from the nine underworld abyss to swallow all living beings.  

The fierce demon had a pair of red eyes like crimson lanterns. It suddenly balled its giant hand into a fist and punched out at the sound wave torrent speeding through the voids.

The demon fist blasted down like a meteor.


A loud collision drowned out all sounds across the world and the terrifying shock waves from the impact constantly shattered the space around, forming black holes one after another. 

The sound wave torrent lasted for several breaths before it faded.

The giant demon only quivered a little and drew a step back to steady itself. But the entire platform quaked violently.

Zhou Yuan’s expression changed. That guy easily blocked my Heavenly Dragon Golden Bell in my current state.


The space around Zhou Yuan suddenly shattered as a demon hand with endless fiendish qi spiralling from it stretched out with incredible speed and even created blasts of wind and thunder.

Zhou Yuan retreated at lightning speed.

But that demon seemed capable of shuttling through space. In a flash, it was already approaching Zhou Yuan and its terrifying power gushed towards Zhou Yuan.



Zhou Yuan was blasted away, and his body tore deep crevasses into the battle platform before it was buried by the dust and smoke. 


Uproar broke out in the Wanshou Heaven troops and everyone’s expressions changed dramatically. 

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