Chapter 1270 Combine

Zhou Yuan’s refusal evidently failed.

“Grand elder Zhou Yuan, today's matter is very important to our Wanshou Heaven. I really hope you can help us. My Wanshou Heaven will remember your kindness,” said Ai Tuanzi sincerely.

The other pseudo Law Domain experts nodded in agreement. 

Chi Xuan's 300 billion Genesis Qi foundation almost crushed them to the point of despair. They finally saw a glimmer of hope, how would they be willing to give up.

Helpless, Zhou Yuan shot a glare at Tuntun and said, “I have never heard you talk about any combining ability.” 

Not only had Zhou Yuan never heard about it, Ai Tuanzi and the others were also curiously and puzzledly looking at Tuntun.

A smile cracked over Tuntun's lips and he lazily wrote on the stone slab, “Alpha Holy Beasts are that extraordinary!”

Everyone was at a loss for words.   

“Ancestor Taotie can combine with any other people? Based on strength, Ai Tuanzi and Zhuang Xiaoming should be better suited, isn’t that right?” asked a pseudo Law Domain expert.

Tuntun immediately shook his head. "Only Zhou Yuan can do it!”

“Why?” Zhou Yuan looked surprised.

"Because you have once refined my holy beast blood, so you can combine with me for a short period.” Tuntun explained on the stone slab.

There was another reason that Tuntun didn’t mention. Once they combined, his body would enter Zhou Yuan’s Divine Dwellings. But the Divine Dwellings were extremely important to any cultivator and was the source of Genesis Qi. If anything were to happen there, it could have a devastating effect on the cultivator. 

Moreover, he would become extremely delicate in that state and he could be put into a very dangerous situation if anyone had ulterior motives.

Therefore, both parties must have extreme trust in each other.

Tuntun fully trusted Zhou Yuan, but not in Ai Tuanzi and the others.

The others had no other questions.

“Grand elder Zhou Yuan, we can only depend on you,” said Ai Tuanzi gratefully.

Seeing everyone’s hopeful gazes, Zhou Yuan had no choice but to nod his head and said to Tuntun, “Then how does this combining work?”

Tuntun jumped onto Zhou Yuan's head and sent a wisp of thought into his mind.

Zhou Yuan took in the information contained in that wisp of thought, and after a moment, understanding dawned on his face.

The so-called combining was actually Tuntun entering his Divine Dwellings in a special form and forming a mysterious connection with his Nascent Source. This would allow the two to temporarily merge into one. 

Once the merging was successful, their strength could also be combined for a short period. 

It sounded simple but Zhou Yuan could understand the difficulties involved. After all, it was almost unthinkable to combine a human and a beast with different Genesis Qi and bloodline.

“We can only try first,” said Zhou Yuan.   

They would only know whether they would fail or succeed after trying.   

As his voice faded, he floated up and sat cross-legged in the air, while Tuntun also maintained a sitting posture on his head.

Ai Tuanzi and the others spread out and formed a protective circle around them. 

Chi Xuan, who was on the Supreme Battle Platform, also noticed the strangeness and frowned puzzledly. But he sneered coldly in the end. “Stop pretending. When I get the Supreme Battle Platform’s acknowledgement, whatever you do will have no effect.” Chi Xuan closed his eyes and began to form some sort of connection with the Supreme Battle Platform.

"Zhou Yuan, relax your mind and let me enter your body!” As Tuntun’s thought penetrated Zhou Yuan’s mind, his body gradually distorted and formed wisps of black light. Then, they all tunnelled into the top of Zhou Yuan’s head.

But the process failed and the wisps of black light were rebounded as Zhou Yuan’s Spirit flashed

“Don’t resist!” 

Zhou Yuan said angrily, “It’s reflex.”   

He immediately tried to calm his mind and suppressed his body’s natural repulsion towards foreign objects. The wisps of black light eventually successfully penetrated his body, followed along his meridians and broke into his Divine Dwellings. 

When the black light came to where the Nascent Source was, Tuntun’s figure suddenly appeared and he curiously studied Zhou Yuan’s Nascent Source and finally sat cross-legged in front of it. The black light transformed into chains and connected them.  

Zhou Yuan felt a strange power developing in his body.

That power was not only vast and ancient but also full of indescribable vitality.

He felt his strength would soar to a terrifying level if he could merge with that power.

He suddenly looked forward to the combining with anticipation.

Ai Tuanzi and the others cast curious looks because they also sensed Zhou Yuan’s imposing bearing soaring.

Zhou Yuan smacked his lips and as he met their curious gazes, he curled his lips in a confident smile. "Everyone, are you ready?! I hope you enjoy my show!”


Genesis Qi mist broke out from him and was immediately swept away by a gust of wind. Everyone hurriedly looked over and their faces stiffened a little.

A figure was sitting cross-legged where Zhou Yuan was. The figure had Zhou Yuan’s body and nothing much had changed but his head had become a bald beast head. 

It was Tuntun's head, just without any hair.

Tuntun’s head and Zhou Yuan’s body?   

What a strange combination.    

"Did it succeed?" Although the Tuntun head spoke, the voice remained Zhou Yuan’s.

Ai Tuanzi and the others were silent. This is considered a success, right?


But before they could answer him, the Genesis Qi inside Zhou Yuan’s body pulsed again, and as his flesh squirmed, he resumed his original human appearance.

Tuntun let out a roar inside his body, “Eat fart! It clearly failed!”

The corners of Zhou Yuan's lips twitched. The combining indeed wasn’t as simple as he had thought. The two’s Genesis Qi and bloodline weren’t of the same origin, and as a result it wasn’t that easy for them to merge. 

“Keep trying…”   

After a moment, Genesis Qi mist appeared again.    

A monster with Tuntun’s body and Zhou Yuan's head appeared.


“Haha, try again…” 


The assimilation was an eye-opener to Ai Tuanzi and the others. They learned what kind of abnormal state the merging between a human and beast could achieve. 

Its degree of ugliness and strangeness was comparable to the Evil Beast Clan’s.

However, following the numerous failures, Zhou Yuan vaguely became aware of certain laws and behavior. Every time the merging failed, he noticed the power of Tuntun's bloodline escaping from his body. The bloodline power of Alpha Holy Beast was too tyrannical and he couldn’t suppress it. 

Therefore, the merging was simply impossible!  

Unless there was the power of another bloodline that could calm Tuntun's Alpha Holy Beast’s. Only that would allow the two to successfully combine.

Zhou Yuan shook his head. The bloodline of Alpha Holy Beast is one of the strongest in the world. What could suppress it?

While pondering, Zhou Yuan’s heart trembled. Yaoyao can control the power of Tuntun’s bloodline! 

Yaoyao’s divine matter!    

Zhou Yuan's eyes lit up. He remembered that Yaoyao left divine matter in his body.

If he could awaken the divine matter in his body’s depths, he should be able to suppress the power of Tuntun’s Alpha Holy Beast bloodline.  

“Let’s try again!” He sent his thoughts to Tuntun, who had become lazy after failing so many times.  

Tuntun had no choice but to gather his energy and try to connect again. 

As the connection continued, the power of Tuntun’s ancient bloodline once again appeared in Zhou Yuan's perception. The bloodline was full of arrogance and rebelliousness, as if no being in the world could tame it.

Zhou Yuan paid no attention to the ancient bloodline’s mischief, and instead calmly perceived the divine matter in his body’s depths.

It was unknown how long that perception lasted when a ray of mysterious purple-gold light streaked passed. 

Zhou Yuan didn't hesitate to grasp that opportunity. He moved the mysterious divine matter and attempted to suppress Tuntun’s bloodline power.


When Genesis Qi mist emerged from Zhou Yuan's body again, Ai Tuanzi and the others didn’t seem to pay as much attention as they did before. After all, they had failed far too many times.


A terrifying Genesis Qi storm suddenly swept across the area.

Ai Tuanzi and others nearby were repeatedly blasted back. Then, they looked with joy and excitement at Zhou Yuan. 

They succeeded this time?    

At the same time.    

On the Golden Monkey Clan’s mountain.  

Yaoyao, who was clutching a jade gourd, suddenly lifted her head and gazed at the sky, a faint light flashing in her beautiful eyes.

Why are Zhou Yuan’s and Tuntun’s bloodlines mixing? The divine matter is also activated…What are they doing?

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