Chapter 127 Splitting the Treasure

Deep in the mountains far from Gu City, two Genesis Beasts descended from the sky.

Tuntun turned back into its little beast form and jumped into Yaoyao’s arms, while the ice bird also transformed into a small bird and hopped onto Luluo’s shoulder.

“Quick! Take out the treasure for us to see.” Luluo’s large eyes were filled with wonder as she looked at Zhou Yuan, her face overflowing with curiosity and anticipation. After causing such havoc in the Gu clan, the only benefits they got was that thing in Zhou Yuan’s hand.

Zhou Yuan smiled and nodded. He patted his Universe bag and the black crystal ball appeared in his hand.

“What is it?” Luluo inspected the ball, somewhat puzzled. Although she was able to detect the extremely pure Spirit source contained within the crystal ball, she could not identify it.

Yaoyao walked forward and concentrated on the ball for a few moments, before a slightly bewildered voice sounded, “This is… a Saint Spirit Crystal?”

“Saint Spirit Crystal?” Asked both Zhou Yuan and Luluo. They had evidently not heard of it before.

Yaoyao seemed to sigh as she explained, “It is a true treasure and has been called the gem of the Spirit. I would never have expected to find it in the hands of a tiny clan such as the Gu clan.”

Zhou Yuan curiously inquired, “What function does it have?”

“With it in your possession, even if you do not practice any Spirit tempering method, your Spirit will be continuously refined and strengthened.” Yaoyao looked towards Zhou Yuan as she continued, “Of course, if you also practice a Spirit tempering method, it will be akin to adding wings to a tiger.”

“Moreover, the most amazing thing about it is its ability to absorb Spirit power and transform it into Spirit source energy to strengthen itself. If you are able to refine the crystal and make it your own, as long as the difference is not too great, anyone who dares to attack with the Spirit will likely end up as its food. Thus, it is said to be the ultimate treasure with regards to defending against Spirit attacks.”

Zhou Yuan and Luluo wet their lips when they heard this. In a certain sense, both of them could be said to be Spirit cultivators, and hence clearly understood the value of the Saint Spirit Crystal.

The function of being able to increase one’s Spirit cultivation speed alone made it practically priceless.

They understood just how difficult it was to temper one’s Spirit. In fact, Zhou Yuan had spent almost an entire year practicing the Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone Visualisation Method, but had yet to reach the advance Illusory stage.

However, there only one of these crystals.

Zhou Yuan somewhat helplessly scratched his head. Luluo had been a huge contributor to their success in obtaining the Saint Spirit Crystal. If her ice bird had not stopped one of the Alpha-Origin elders, Yaoyao would have been under a tremendous amount of pressure.

Hence, it was really going to be a little troublesome to split the goods.

However, Luluo generously spoke up at this moment, “No need to take me into consideration. If not for you guys, I may have even fallen for the Gu clan’s plot.” 

She knew that the majority of the risk had been taken by Yaoyao and Zhou Yuan.

In addition, she had originally intended on entering the Spirit Refining Tower. If not for Yaoyao deciphering the secret of the Spirit Devouring Tower, her Spirit may have even be sucked away like some of the more unfortunate individuals.

Yaoyao gave Luluo a second glance when she heard this. Soon after, she said with a smile, “Relax, there’s something for everyone.”

These words made Luluo rather happy and pleased. If there were enough benefits to be split, no one would grumble that his share was too much.

Yaoyao pointed at the black crystal ball and said, “Over the years, the Gu clan has used this Saint Spirit Crystal to absorb quite an incredible amount of Spirit source energy. However, their crude methods were incapable of taking out all of this accumulated energy.”

“In turn, this has now benefited us.”

As her words fell, Yaoyao took out a Genesis Brush. The brush tip descended, drawing extremely complex Genesis Runes on the black crystal. These Genesis Runes weaved together, emitting a peculiar undulation.

Luluo could not help but praise out loud as she watched, “Big sis Yaoyao, your mastery over Genesis Runes is truly amazing!”

Her Spirit was not weak, but the sight of those Genesis Runes still made her feel a little dizzy. It was obvious that the runes Yaoyao were drawing were not ordinary at all.

Yaoyao was fully immersed in her work, making her unable to reply. It would seem it was going to be a little strenuous even for her this time, densely packed sweat appearing on her gleaming forehead.

Zhou Yuan pulled back the insatiably curious Luluo such that Yaoyao would not be disturbed.

This lasted for almost an entire hour before Yaoyao finally breathed out as if a huge burden had been lifted from her shoulders.

In front of her, the surface of the black crystal ball was already dotted with numerous Genesis Runes.

The Genesis Brush in Yaoyao’s hand gently pointed at the crystal.

One could only watch as the runes began to glow brightly. Rays of light that were both dazzling and divine seemed to burn like a holy fire as they fully engulfed the crystal ball.

Ch ch!

The sound of frying oil seemed to echo from within the light.

Zhou Yuan and Luluo watched in amazement as the crystal ball rapidly began to shrink while a mysterious liquid slowly dripped down from it.

Yaoyao nimbly retrieved a few jade bottles and collected the mysterious liquid.

In a short few minutes, the originally head-sized crystal ball had shrunk to the size of a baby’s fist. It was no longer black , but instead a milky white on which faint and mysterious patterns could be seen.

Yaoyao lightly swirled one of the jade bottles. One could see drops of liquid slowly flowing within as if they possess a mind of their own, an extremely mystical sight.

Zhou Yuan curiously asked, “What is it?” 

The sight of the liquid caused his Spirit to stir hungrily as if a starving person had suddenly seen a sumptuous feast.

“It is the purest Spirit source energy, one of the best supplements for the Spirit.” Yaoyao smiled.

“There’s a total of twelve drops here.” Yaoyao handed one of the jade bottles to Luluo and said, “These four are for you.”

“Thank you big sis!”

Luluo’s large eyes were practically glowing as she received the bottle. These four drops of Spirit source energy were akin to half a year of tough training. It was indeed a huge haul.

Yaoyao held out another bottle and swayed it before the anxiously waiting Zhou Yuan. “As for you… you get two drops.”

Zhou Yuan gave a pained look. “Why do I get two drops?”

Yaoyao flatly said, “The other two drops have been deducted by me due to your earlier transgressions.”

She was obviously referring to the matter of Zhou Yuan grabbing her waist.

Zhou Yuan’s face had practically turned green as he howled, “This is clearly abuse for your own personal vengeance!”

Yaoyao swept him a glance and nonchalantly responded, “I originally planned on giving the Saint Spirit Crystal to you, but since you believe that I’m being unfair, we can forget about it.”

Zhou Yuan’s expression instantly changed, no hesitation whatsoever as he declared, “I was wrong.”

By the side, Luluo clicked her tongue and said with a grin, “Little bro, your skin is pretty thick.”

Yaoyao likewise rolled her eyes at him. With a flick, the Saint Spirit Crystal was flung towards Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan happily caught it. This operation had been really worth it!

With this item, he should soon step into the advance Illusory stage, right?

Once he was there, he would finally possess the qualifications to vie with the other prided geniuses in the Saint Remains Domain.

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