Chapter 1268 Chi Xuan

Chi Bei’s defeat at Zhou Yuan’s hands evidently had a huge impact. It not only boosted Wanshou Heaven’s morale, but also was a huge blow to the Evil Beast Clan.

After all, Chi Bei was regarded as one of the strongest in the Evil Beast Clan. It was impossible to ignore the impact the death of one of their most influential figures had on their clan. 

As a result, the Wanshou Heaven troops gradually showed signs of counterattacking.

Zhou Yuan activated the Ancestral Dragon Scripture with an indifferent expression and madly absorbed universe Genesis Qi to restore himself.

Azure runes suddenly emerged on his skin, emitted mighty auras of vitality and healing his crippled arm. 

He was grasping every minute to restore his strength.

With nothing else to do, Zhou Yuan cast a glance over at Ai Tuanzi’s and Tuntun’s battle platforms. After all, their opponents should be the strongest pseudo Law Domain experts in the Evil Beast Clan. Even Chi Bei, who Zhou Yuan defeated, was weaker than them. 

But regardless how strong they were, they were facing opponents stronger than them.

Ai Tuanzi was indeed worthy of being called the strongest at the Wanshou Heaven’s pseudo Law Domain stage. Even if Chi Yuan’s strength had increased from the Ancestral Spirit Mountain’s fiendish qi, Ai Tuanzi gradually took back control of the situation.

There was no need to talk about Tuntun’s side. Chi Qiu, who was equally as strong as Chi Yuan, remained in a disadvantageous state throughout the battle with Tuntun.

Alpha Holy Beasts are indeed extraordinary.  

Besides Tuntun and Ai Tuanzi, it was hard to tell which side had the upper hand on the other seed battle platforms.

But Zhou Yuan knew that the whole situation would be reversed once Ai Tuanzi and Tuntun turned their dominating position into a victory.

Wanshou Heaven’s overall strength is very strong. The Evil Beast Clan can’t contend. Zhou Yuan nodded.

But this was normal because the main Genesis beast clans were in Wanshou Heaven, and although the Evil Beast Clan was created by their Sacred God, it had never won against the Wanshou Heaven since its birth. Of course, it still managed to bring endless trouble to Wanshou Heaven, which was why the Genesis beast clans in Wanshou Heaven hated them so deeply. 

But even if the situation seemed to be gradually improving, Zhou Yuan didn’t relax his vigilance because the mysterious black-robed man still hadn’t appeared.

That guy made him feel uneasy like a thorn on his back.

He must be scheming something to lurk in the dark.

A fierce light flashed in Zhou Yuan's eyes and he immediately circulated the Decoder Saint Rune again. He scanned the surroundings again, only to see the entire Ancestral Spirit Mountain was shrouded in monstrous fiendish qi. Additionally, the fiendish qi was increasingly growing stronger as the fierce battles continued.

The blood-red vortexes that Zhou Yuan saw before showed no sign of strengthening and the mysterious black-robed man seemed to have disappeared.

Zhou Yuan studied the blood-red vortexes and saw different points connected to each other, a sign of a boundary formation. However, the boundary was particularly complex and even Zhou Yuan couldn’t analyze it with his Spirit.  

However, he could tell the boundary hadn’t completely formed.

Zhou Yuan scrunched his brows. The incomplete boundary had previously drawn up fiendish qi from the Ancestral Spirit Mountain and strengthened the Evil Beast Clan, but for some reason, Zhou Yuan felt the strengthening wasn’t its main purpose.

The black-robed man must have something else planned.

Zhou Yuan ceased his thoughts. Since he couldn’t detect the mysterious black-robed man, he had no choice but to quietly let the situation continue.  

He had a hunch that the black-robed man would act again when Ai Tuanzi’s and Tuntun’s battles end.

Zhou Yuan's eyes drooped. He operated the Ancestral Dragon Scripture with all his strength to restore his Genesis Qi, but at the same time, kept his guard and was ready to respond to any changes. 

Half an hour passed while he waited.   

When more than half of his Genesis Qi was restored, the outcome of the match on Ai Tuanzi’s and Tuntun’s battle platform had been determined.  


Two earth-shaking noises resounded.

Many people followed the source of the noise.   

Chi Yuan and Chi Qiu, two pseudo Law Domain experts were tragically blasted away and their blood-soaked body tore deep cracks into the battle platform. 

Ai Tuanzi hovered in the air, a cold light flashing in her eyes and her long ponytail gently swaying in the wind. 

Tuntun, who was in his combat form, appeared particularly mighty and mysterious when the sun shone on him and his golden-purple scales sparkled. His might as an Alpha Holy Beast spread like the tide. 

The Wanshou Heaven troops erupted in deafening cheers.

The victory of Ai Tuanzi and Tuntun marked the end of the battle and Wanshou Heaven undoubtedly occupied the upper hand.

Amidst cheers, Chi Yuan and Chi Qiu, who were severely wounded on the battle platform, wore tragic smiles and then, their faces bore looks of determination. 

The Genesis Qi in their bodies began to riot and then their bodies suddenly exploded.

An earth-shaking noise resounded and the entire Ancestral Spirit Mountain seemed to be quaking.

Terrifying Genesis Qi mixed with blood dyed the two seed battle platforms red as it gushed across the area. 

The cheering stopped abruptly.  

The Wanshou Heaven troops stared dumbstruck at the scene. Chi Yuan and Chi Qiu were severely wounded but they still had the strength to protect themselves, yet they chose to self-destruct. 

What were they trying to do?    

Only Zhou Yuan knew their motive.   

This was because he was watching the two closely with his Decoder Saint Rune.

When they exploded, Zhou Yuan saw their blood and flesh form two markings that merged into the battle platform.

Blood-red vortexes also formed in the two seed battle platforms.

And when the two vortexes took shape, Zhou Yuan felt the Ancestral Spirit Mountain’s fiendish qi violently rippling. 

“Ah…" there was a sigh of pity. 

Ai Tuanzi, Zhou Yuan, Tuntun and others suddenly turned around and saw a black-robed figure on a battle platform.

“He really appeared again!” Zhou Yuan’s eyes were ice-cold.   

Ai Tuanzi pointed at the black-robed figure from afar. “The mouse finally showed itself?”

“Haha…” The black-robed man chuckled. He removed his hood, revealing his white hair, which was the Evil Beast Clan’s symbol. 

He was a young Evil Beast Clan expert. His white hair was braided into little braids, but the strangest thing was that he didn’t emit the ruthless and violent aura unique to the Evil Beast Clan. 

A golden rune pattern glistened in the center of his brows.

"You can call me Chi Xuan,” said the black-robed man with a gentle smile.

"What are you doing lurking around?" Ai Tuanzi said coldly.

Chi Xuan smiled slightly. "Of course it’s for the Ancestral Spirit Mountain.” 

His honesty instead took Ai Tuanzi and the others aback.

"Your people also want to get a share of the Ancestral Spirit Mountain?” a Wanshou Heaven expert sneered.

Chi Xuan smiled, “Your Wanshou Heaven has occupied the Dragon Spirit Utopia for years, but it seems you still don’t know much about the Ancestral Spirit Mountain.

"You only know that there are seed battle platforms on Ancestral Spirit Mountain, but you must never thought there is a higher-level battle platform above the seed battle platforms?”

Ai Tuanzi and other Wanshou Heaven experts’ pupils shrank.

Chi Xuan said indifferently, ”The seed battle platforms aren’t the Ancestral Spirit Mountain’s limit. There is a battle platform above it that we call the Supreme Battle Platform. Whoever occupies that battle platform can control the Ancestral Spirit Mountain.”

His words drew exclamations of shock.

Many Wanshou Heaven’s pseudo Law Domain experts exchanged glances with each other, but Ai Tuanzi said coldly, “Nonsense!”  

The Dragon Spirit Utopia had been opened countless times since the Wanshou Heaven discovered it but no one had heard anything about the so-called Supreme Battle Platform. Even the Saint of Wanshou Heaven had never mentioned it!

Chi Xuan smiled, “It doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist if you haven't seen it. But it does confirms one thing—and that is the people from Wanshou Heaven are incompetent.

“But I will open your eyes today…” He suddenly stamped his foot.


That slam shook the entire Ancestral Spirit Mountain and everyone could feel the fiendish qi that filled the Ancestral Spirit Mountain’s area suddenly pulsing. 

But with the Decoder Saint Rune, Zhou Yuan saw the boundless fiendish qi manipulated by the incomplete boundary and poured endlessly into Chi Xuan’s body.  

"Quickly stop him!" Zhou Yuan roared, his expression changing dramatically.

Ai Tuanzi was the first to shoot out. HIs figure shot out, heading straight for Chi Xuan.

However, just as she raced onto Chi Xuan’s battle platform, everyone’s face paled as they saw a terrifying Genesis Qi storm gathering.


The Genesis Qi storm was so unbelievably strong that even a slight contact made Ai Tuanzi cough up blood and blasted her back.

Terrifying crimson Genesis Qi turned into a blood-colored sea and completely enveloped all battle platforms. A gush of terrifying aura shot into the sky from that blood sea. 

Even Zhou Yuan couldn’t help gasping for breath and felt his scalp going numb. 

This was because he could feel Chi Xuan’s strength had soared to an extremely frightening level. 

It was the strength of 300 billion Genesis Qi stars!  

Even Zhou Yuan wanted to curse out loud, Are you cheating?! It’s more ridiculous than mine!


But while emotions were brewing in Zhou Yuan’s heart, the top of the Ancestral Spirit Mountain suddenly vibrated.

Many people were dumbstruck when they looked over because they saw the thick blood-red mist had subsided, revealing a crimson battle platform.  

That crimson battle platform was superior to any of the ten seed battle platforms, whether it was in scale or momentum!

Even Ai Tuanzi was dazed for a moment and a storm was stirred up in her heart. 

Who would have thought that what Chi Xuan said turned out to be true?

On Ancestral Spirit Mountain, there was a battle platform that had never appeared before…

A Supreme Battle Platform!  

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