Chapter 1267 Perish


The mysterious yellow rod’s momentum wasn’t particularly astonishing when it smashed down, and simply looked like an iron rod falling. 

But Chi Bei felt indescribable fear pouring out from his heart’s depths.

All his hair stood on its end.    

Wisps of blood crawled around his eyes. This was because he sensed an extremely dangerous aura. 

The seemingly ordinary yellow rod seemed to possess the power to kill him! 

“Ah!” Overwhelmed with fear, Chi Bei couldn’t analyze how Zhou Yuan broke out of the coffin and could only roar fiercely.

His blood and flesh suddenly throbbed strangely and a spiky mane grew over his head like a waterfall. His eyes, red and fierce, were filled with ruthless intent. His veins bulged in his flesh like snakes and a long tail covered with spikes extended out from his behind, splitting the ground apart. 

Chi Bei had completely lost his human form, and at a rough glance, he resembled a bizarre product from many different Genesis beasts’ characteristics. 

Evidently, that was the Evil Beast Clan’s true form.    

As Chi Bei’s original form took shape, spikes pierced out from his skin and twisted around one another to form strange sharp cone-like shapes on his body. Each one was filled with terrifying Genesis Qi.

He roared while mobilizing all his powers and collided head-on with the yellow rod.

Chi Bei knew the iron rod could completely destroy him if he shrank back a little!

Therefore, he must fight with his life.   


Under shocked gazes, the cone spikes collided with the iron rod with a sharp clang. The surrounding space collapsed and turned into multiple black hole areas.

Chi Bei's eyes widened with horror because he found that the yellow rod possessed a strange power that could suppress Law Domain power. 

“How is it possible!?” His voice was filled with disbelief.


But regardless how unbelievable it was, when the mysterious yellow rod struck, the sharp cone spikes made crackling and crunching noises. 

Cracks gradually spread and widened around them.   

It would be difficult to resist anymore once they reached their limit.

In the end, as the yellow iron rod swung down, the cone spikes that gathered all Chi Bei’s strength were all exploded to pieces.

Bone fragments filled the sky.   

But before the rod exhausted all its strength, it smashed down on the top of Chi Bei’s skull.


A low noise rang across the battle platform. 

The air seemed to have frozen.

Countless eyes widened with shock because they saw the grey Law Domain vanishing at an astonishing speed.  

The grey Law Domain shattered and faded in just a few breaths.

Two figures stood opposite one another on the battlefield.

Zhou Yuan's face was pale and his arm was weak and scorched but he didn’t let go of his grip on the mysterious yellow rod. 

The other end of the rod was on the top of Chi Bei’s skull.

Chi Bei's eyes were wide with fear and unwillingness.

But he couldn't utter a word because his body was gradually crumbling to powder.

Powder first appeared on his head and then rapidly spread down his body. In the end, he vanished like smoke.  

Many people couldn’t help gasping out loud and felt a chill run down their body.

Zhou Yuan crushed Chi Bei to ashes with his rod?

What terrifying attack is that?!   

It should be mentioned that Chi Bei was part of the Evil Beast Clan and possessed an incomparably tough body and strength. Additionally, he was incredibly tenacious and his life force was terrifying. As long as he had one breath remaining, he would eventually recover regardless of how severe his injury.  

But why would he be killed in one strike and even his corpse was destroyed?!

Gazes filled with astonishment shifted to the mysterious yellow rod in Zhou Yuan’s withered hand. Although the rod looked ordinary, they felt a chill in their hearts when they laid their eyes on it. 

Zhou Yuan likely couldn’t destroy Chi Bei completely with his own power, which meant that power belonged to the mysterious yellow rod.  

That guy is too terrifying!    

Ai Tuanzi, who was about to help out, also froze for a moment. Even she felt seas were being turned upside down in her heart. 

Although Chi Bei wasn’t as strong as her, he could be regarded as a top pseudo Law Domain expert. However, he was defeated in the hands of Zhou Yuan, who was only at the advanced Nascent Source stage. 

“No wonder he could create such miracles in Guyuan Heaven,” She took a deep look at Zhou Yuan and marveled in her heart. 

Zhou Yuan’s accomplishments in Guyuan Heaven were so dazzling that she, who hadn’t witnessed it, found it unrealistic. But after witnessing Zhou Yuan create another miracle, she finally could say with certainty that Zhou Yuan indeed possessed such an ability and qualifications.   

Ai Qing finally could relax and her phoenix eyes lit up with brilliant light as she gazed at the slender figure wielding the yellow rod.

He was much more dazzling than all heaven prides from Wanshou Heaven.

Wanshou Heaven troops erupted in cheers and applause. Jiang Hongying, Meng Chong and the others, who were severely wounded, stared at the battle platform in a trance. Even Jiang Hongying, who had a grudge with Zhou Yuan, couldn’t utter a word and even felt a wave of fear in her heart. 

Only those who witnessed the scene could feel the terror that Zhou Yuan brought. 

 It wouldn’t be good to be an enemy to him.  

“How is that possible…” Only Ai Zhi’s body went icy cold as he stared in disbelief.

He couldn't believe that Zhou Yuan could defeat Chi Bei, who he didn’t dare to fight against.

If that was the case, what would the gap between Zhou Yuan and him be? 

From then on, whenever that battle was mentioned in Wanshou Heaven, Ai Zhi would be mocked and ridiculed.

Ai Zhi felt dizzy at the thought of that scene.

The prestige he worked so hard to build was likely ruined!


Amidst stunned gaze, Zhou Yuan also stared dazedly at the mysterious yellow rod.

In truth, the Heavenly Punishment Rod’s power also exceeded his expectations.  

“Such destructive power…”  A light flashed in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. When the Heavenly Punishment Rod smashed down, a tyrannical and terrifying force gushed out and instantly wiped away the vitality in Chi Bei’s body. He didn’t even have a chance to escape.

However, this was likely because Chi Bei let his guard down after sealing Zhou Yuan in the bone coffin. Otherwise, he would only be severely wounded and not completely destroyed. 


A crack suddenly spread across the Heavenly Punishment Rod in Zhou Yuan’s hand and it eventually burst apart and became flecks of light. 

Zhou Yuan felt throbbing pain in his body. His arm was almost crippled. The Heavenly Punishment Rod had absorbed all his flesh and blood.  

Even the Nascent Source in his Divine Dwellings became a little weaker and he felt sharp pain in his Spirit.

The previous attack looked simple but it consumed all of Zhou Yuan’s strength. 

Although Zhou Yuan’s state was bad, he didn’t show this in his expression because there were still evil beasts watching him on the battlefield. If he were to reveal any weakness, even a perfect Nascent Source expert could defeat him in his present condition, let alone someone at the pseudo Law Domain stage. 

Therefore, he stood with his hands clasped behind his back, his clothes fluttering in the wind, and ran his eyes across the several Evil Beast Clan experts.

As though saying who else?   

After he demonstrated his power by killing Chi Bei, wherever his gaze passed, pseudo Law Domain experts from the Evil Beast Clan evaded his gaze, not to mention perfect Nascent Source experts. 

No one responded.  

But in truth he was wiping cold sweats in his heart and heaved a deep sigh of relief. Fortunately he had good acting skills and managed to protect the seed battle platform.   

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