Chapter 1265 Battle

Lava splattered everywhere as Chi Bei crushed the imposing magma demon in one palm strike. 

Many Wanshou Heaven experts felt their hearts tightened.

Chi Bei’s strength was too terrifying, and coupled with his pseudo Law Domain, the power erupted from him made many people’s scalp numb.

Standing on the battle platform, Chi Bei narrowed his eyes as he watched the lava explode in the sky like fireworks, and said with a smile, ”You’re not dead?”


The space in front of him suddenly ripped apart as a silhouette blasted out and a Genesis Qi tore slashed through the air towards Chi Bei like a lightning bolt. 

Chi Bei coldly sneered. As he lifted his hand, countless bones gathered in his palm and transformed into a tremendous skeletal hand. In the blink of an eye it was already slamming down. 

Space shattered. 


The skeletal hand forcibly slammed the silhouette into the ground, causing the earth to quake and crack.

“You dare launch a sneak attack within my Law Domain area? I don’t know if I should call you naive or stupid.” Chi Bei gave a sinister smile as he lifted the huge skeletal hand again.

But he abruptly froze when he looked ahead because he noticed the figure under the huge skeletal hand had silver skin even if it looked identical to Zhou Yuan. Additionally, it hadn’t been crushed, though its body had sunken in a little but no blood seeped out.

While Chi Bei was stunned and puzzled, a resounding sword cry rang out from behind him and a sharp qi caused piercing pain to his skin. 

He sharply turned his head, only to see the space there had torn apart and seven rays of rainbow-colored sword light were whizzing out. 

The seven sword rays were so stunning and mesmerizing and even seemed to contain galaxies.

But Chi Bei could sense boundless danger under that stunning spectacle.

Chi Bei knew that he would suffer greatly if the seven sword light struck him in his unguarded state even if he was at the pseudo Law Domain stage.

But fortunately, he was vigilant of Zhou Yuan from the start.

Chi Bei’s contempt for Zhou Yuan was only on the surface. He wasn’t an idiot so he knew how strong the sacred heaven prides from the Sacred Race were. Although Zhou Yuan had only defeated sacred heaven prides at the Heavenly Sun stage, he knew those who could achieve the title sacred heaven pride were all talented people with great potential. Even if Zhou Yuan had only defeated the Sacred Race’s sacred heaven prides at the Heavenly Sun stage through luck, it still demonstrated his outstanding ability.

Therefore, Chi Bei remained vigilant against Zhou Yuan, even if the opponent was only at the advanced Nascent Source stage. 

That vigilance also gave him the confidence to face Zhou Yuan’s surprise attack.

Chi Bei had already folded his hands together in a seal.

“Saint Genesis Art, Skeletal Paper Armor!” As he roared, grey qi descended from his Law Domain, transforming into a white paper armor around Chi Bei.

The paper armor covered with speckled marks was seemingly fragile but it held terrifying defensive power.  


The seven sword lights slashed down, striking the skeletal paper armor. As sharp clangs rang in the air, Chi Bei was repeatedly blasted back and the space around the collision constantly shattered.  

Although cracks spread across the armor, it only completely broke to pieces after the seven sword lights had faded.  

Chi Bei’s feet slammed into the ground and he reeled back, causing the ground to crack. He stared at the figure walking out from the void with a darkened expression. 

Blood-colored qi surged around his deathly pale face, which he forcibly suppressed.

Although his skeletal paper armor had already withstood 90% of the sword light’s power, some sword qi still penetrated his body and brought him piercing pain. 

As Zhou Yuan stepped out of the void, he looked at Chi Bei with his brows knitted together. The previous seven sword lights were naturally the Sky Severing Sword Lights.  

He finally could summon seven rainbow sword lights after the upgrade from the Ancestral Spirit Pond. He thought he could distract Chi Bei using Silver Shadow and launch a sneak attack, but the result wasn’t what he had hoped.  

“You’re very cautious,” Zhou Yuan sighed. 

Although Chi Bei seemed contemptuous of Zhou Yuan, the many means he had prepared showed that he regarded Zhou Yuan as an opponent equal to Jiang Ba.

That guy is cunning. Chi Bei stared coldly at Zhou Yuan, saying, "But I still underestimated the trouble you would cause. However, since your sneak attack failed, it’s now my turn, isn’t it?” 

Zhou Yuan smiled. “Who said I am done?”

Chi Bei felt all his hair stand on end because there was the same sharp sword qi rising behind him. 

When he turned his head around, his pupils abruptly shrank because he saw the silver Zhou Yuan that had collapsed on the ground opened its eyes and then its mouth, shooting out seven dazzling sword lights. They pierced through space and slashed down with unbelievable speed.

The white skeletal armor was already destroyed and it was impossible to summon another one in such a short period, even for Chi Bei.

As a result, he could only let out a low roar as he drew back with lightning speed and fully activated the Law Domain’s power to again form a wall of bones in front of him.

Seven rainbow sword lights whizzed over and tore through the wall of bones with crushing power. In just a few breaths, the sword lights were already in front of Chi Bei and were slashing towards him under his horrified gaze. 


As a tragic scream resounded, the seven sword lights pierced right through Chi Bei’s body and left seven holes. 

A look of disbelief remained on Chi Bei’s face.


On Ancestral Spirit Mountain, many people’s eyes were filled with shocked disbelief. Zhou Yuan killed Chi Bei? 

“Zhou Yuan, be careful! The Law Domain hasn’t dispersed! He isn’t dead yet!” Ai Tuanzi’s voice sounded.

But Zhou Yuan was already aware of this and remained on guard because he knew the seven sword lights activated by Silver Shadow could at most wound Chi Bei and weren’t enough to kill him. It was obvious that Chi Bei had other intentions to pretend to be dead. 

As a result, Zhou Yuan didn’t come forward to investigate further and just disappeared from the spot.

At the same time, Chi Bei’s body that was pierced with seven holes gradually turned grey and he eventually turned into a skeleton frame, disintegrated and vanished. 

“Law Domain power, the coffin of blood and bones.” As a faint whisper sounded within the grey Law Domain, the surrounding space suddenly distorted and Zhou Yuan, who had vanished, felt a force locked onto him, forcing him to reveal himself.

When he appeared, a bone coffin emerged behind him. The coffin lid opened and Zhou Yuan was swallowed in one mouthful.


The lid slammed shut and completely sealed the coffin.

Many Wanshou Heaven experts’ expressions changed dramatically.

Zhou Yuan's performance was already perfect, but who would have thought that Chi Bei had such bizarre means…A pseudo Law Domain expert was indeed tricky and it was impossible to defend effectively against one inside their Law Domain.

“Zhou Yuan…”    

Ai Qing’s beautiful face paled and her eyes were filled with worry and nervousness.

“Humph…” Ai Zhi coldly snorted and muttered to himself, “You brought this on yourself. Do you really think someone like you can challenge Chi Bei?”

He was afraid to step forward before because he sensed the terror of Chi Bei. But Zhou Yuan went out to steal the limelight and might lose his life before he grabbed the limelight.  

But that was good because after Zhou Yuan threw away his life from stupidity, no one would think Ai Zhi was really afraid and was just wisely protecting himself.  

Zhou Yuan stepped forward even if he knew it was impossible to win, which was what the enemy wanted. This wasn’t courageous but foolish.

Within the grey Law Domain.  

As grey mist pulsed, Chi Bei’s figure emerged, looking at the bone coffin with a sinister and chilling gaze. “Zhou Yuan, your power is extraordinary. You are only at the advanced Nascent Source stage yet you forced me to use such means. But unfortunately for you, there is still a difference in strength between you and I. 

“Only Law Domain stage power can withstand my blood and bone coffin. Regardless what means you have, you will be turned to blood and bones.

"You can never imagine the Law Domain stage’s power. Even a pseudo Law Domain is more than enough to deal with you.

“But it’s a pity that I can’t bring your head back…” while Chi Bei muttered to himself, streaks of blood-red crawled out from the coffin and gradually dyed the coffin red. 

As the red grew increasingly intense, a voice could be heard from within the coffin.

“Law Domain stage power? You think I don’t have any?”    

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