Chapter 1264 Against Pseudo Law Domain

Zhou Yuan could feel the sky becoming taller as he landed on the seed battle platform. This was because space was extending. 

The battle platform appeared to be no more than ten thousand square meters, yet the space inside could withstand the destructive force from battles under the Law Domain stage.

Chi Bei, who had a skinny skeleton-like face, stared blankly at Zhou Yuan. It was only after a while that he curved his lips in an unfathomable smile.

"You actually…dare to come up here.” Chi Bei couldn't help chuckling, as he imagined, Zhou Yuan was too ignorant.

Although he knew Zhou Yuan had quite a bit of fame within all-heavens, he couldn’t understand why someone of the advanced Nascent Source stage would have the courage to face someone at the pseudo Law Domain stage.  

"You almost made me think I’m on the Saint battle platform,” said Zhou Yuan with a smile.

Chi Bei shook his head, saying, “You have a sharp tongue, but unfortunately it’s useless.”

He extended his withered finger and pointed at Zhou Yuan, “I’m going to take your head today. It will be my step to promotion within the Sacred Race.”


Chi Bei didn’t say anything anymore, but terrifying Genesis Qi erupted from his body.

The Genesis Qi, vast and mighty, blotted out the sky and sun and even caused the space to crumble.

The boundless pressure created could be felt from even beyond the battlefield.

Zhou Yuan felt a mountainous weight on him under such pressure. He assumed a solemn and serious expression because the Genesis Qi stars erupted from Chi Bei reached a terrifying level of around 140 billion!

“He is indeed a tricky opponent.”  

It was no wonder that even Ai Zhi was reluctant to face him. The gap between them was too great. Even if he went onto the battlefield, he would just be delivering food to Chi Bei. 

As Zhou Yuan stepped forward, the 7.6 inch Nascent Source in his Divine Dwellings sat down cross-legged and Genesis Qi suddenly erupted.

Although the platinum Genesis Qi also filled the sky, its intensity was much weaker than Chi Bei’s.

Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi foundation was only around 110 billion even if strengthened from the Ancestral Spirit Pond’s cleansing. 

There was a 30 billion difference between him and Chi Bei.

The gap would have made ordinary Nascent Source experts feel despair and admitted defeat long ago.

“Is your Genesis Qi foundation where your confidence lies? It's worse than trash from the Spirit Phoenix Clan,” mocked Chi Bei in a hoarse voice.

Zhou Yuan ignored him and suddenly folded his hands together. 


“Earth Saint Rune!”    

Two secret strengthening arts were instantly activated, and as the ground quaked, Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundation steadily rose till it reached 120 billion.

Chi Bei narrowed his eyes. "Secret arts that can temporarily increase one’s foundation. It seems you have many good things on you.”

Ordinary strengthening secret arts were no longer effective for people at their level, unless they were true Saint artifacts, but such treasures were incredibly rare for true Law Domain experts and even more so for someone at the pseudo Law Domain stage.

But Zhou Yuan activated two secret strengthening arts consecutively, making many people envious.

“Unfortunately for you, it’s useless,” Chi Bei said with a faint smile.    

He lifted his hand into the air and slammed down.


As the palm smashed down, the space above Zhou Yuan broke apart and an incomparably huge skeletal hand shrouded in grey Genesis Qi roared down like a catastrophic meteor, striking where Zhou Yuan was with destructive power.

Even space shattered to fragments in that instant.    

The pressure created from that terrifying impact made even Zhou Yuan’s face turn solemn. He lifted his face and inhaled. Crimson runes spread across his skin and heat was generated with his every breath. Even the air around was incinerated and the ground at his feet slowly turned to lava.  

“Great Flame Devil!” With a low roar, his body enlarged and he turned into a Crimson magma devil figure in the blink of an eye.  

Several lava-formed runes began to flow around the tremendous magma devil and eventually, they formed a fiery-red devil eye at its chest. 

The devil eye was crimson and appeared to hold a world of lava. 

Not only did Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundation soar from the Ancestral Spirit Pool, even his Spirit and physical body received huge upgrades.

The Great Flame Devil also reached great heights through such an opportunity. 

The Great Flame Devil was a top Little Saint Art specially used to cultivate one’s physical body, and even if it wasn’t a true Saint Genesis Art, once mastered, and coupled with Zhou Yuan’s increasingly tough Saint Glass Body, it could erupt with terrifying powers.

“Great Flame Devil, Flame Eye World!” As Zhou Yuan roared in his heart, the crimson devil eye at the magma devil’s chest erupted with thousand rays of crimson light.

The crimson light sped towards the giant skeletal hand smashing down.

The giant skeletal palm transformed into a beam of grey light and was pulled into the magma devil’s eye. Suddenly, the eye trembled violently as if an earth-shaking collision was happening inside.

However, it only lasted a dozen breaths.

Grey auras constantly spiralled up from the eye and soon even the giant skeletal hand was incinerated. 

“Interesting. I didn’t expect you to have refined your blood and qi to such levels,” exclaimed Chi Bei. How could he not tell that the lava as well as blazing heat were formed from Zhou Yuan’s blood and qi, which could only be achieved by someone with supreme control of one’s bodily strength.


While speaking, the crimson red eye at the magma devil’s chest erupted another thousand lava torrents. They streaked across the sky like a meteor shower, landing in Chi Bei’s direction.

A majestic attack. 

Chi Bei smiled faintly at the stunning spectacle while slowly spreading his hand open.


A grey Law Domain suddenly spread out from Chi Bei.

The Law Domain was 2500 feet! 

Chi Bei’s indifferent voice sounded, “This is called the Thousand Bone Domain!” 


As his voice faded, countless bones emerged in the air and connected with one another to form a wall of bones. 


The wall withstood the endless lava torrents striking down. Zhou Yuan’s attack was unable to cause any damage.

"Zhou Yuan, enough with your showy moves…Let me kill you quickly…”

Chi Bei stretched out his bone-like hand and curled his five fingers in front of the magma figure.

As space tore apart, countless bones stretched out, and like vines, wrapped around the magma figure. Even the intense heat produced from the magma figure was unable to destroy them.

"Bone God's Grip!” 

Vine-like bones suddenly constricted with Chi Bei’s indifferent voice.


The space collapsed, forming a huge black hole.

As the vine-like bones constricted, the magma demon was crushed to pieces amidst astonished gazes and lava splattered across the sky. 

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