Chapter 1263 The Cost of Helping

When Zhou Yuan's voice resounded, the many battle platforms on the Ancestral Spirit Mountain fell silent, followed by many astonished gazes from afar shifting towards his direction.

The astonishment on their faces uncontrollably deepened when they saw who spoke.

“Zhou Yuan?”  

Many Wanshou Heaven experts were surprised. Zhou Yuan had been coldly watching from beyond the Ancestral Spirit Mountain, but many people were indifferent to this because they believed the Wanshou Heaven wouldn’t be weaker than the Evil Beast Clan.

Moreover, given how Ai Zhi previously treated Zhou Yuan, everyone knew he would be upset and so almost everyone chose to ignore his existence.

Therefore, the fact that Zhou Yuan spoke in such a troubled situation drew even more attention. 

Even Chi Bei was slightly taken aback, but he immediately locked his gaze from afar on Zhou Yuan. He narrowed his eyes when he saw Zhou Yuan’s face. 

“Hunyuan Heaven’s Zhou Yuan?” he cried out in surprise. 

He recognized Zhou Yuan.     

But that wasn’t surprising because Zhou Yuan had defeated a sacred heaven pride from the Sacred Race in Guyuan Heaven, which must have stirred up waves within the Sacred Race. As an elite expert in the Evil Beast Clan, it was normal that Chi Bei knew about Zhou Yuan.  

“Interesting, I didn’t think a human would appear in Wanshou Heaven’s Dragon Spirit Utopia.”

Chi Bei chuckled, studying Zhou Yuan with his cold gaze. “Although you have made a name for yourself in Guyuan Heaven, aren’t you thinking too highly of yourself?

“Are you, a little junior who had just reached the Nascent Source stage, qualified to intervene?” 

Zhou Yuan, who was sitting cross-legged, smiled in response and said, “Jia Tu, a sacred heaven pride from the Sacred Race, also said the same thing as you in Guyuan Heaven. Why do you all have the same boring lines?”

Chi Bee looked at Zhou Yuan with undisguised killing intent in his eyes and the corners of his lips twitching. "It seems you also want to come up and play? Then come, I might be rewarded greatly if I bring your head back to the Sacred Race.”

His expression gradually grew more ferocious as Genesis Qi gathered around his body. 

Many Wanshou Heaven experts’ eyes lit up. Zhou Yuan is planning to accept the challenge? Although it’s unknown whether he could win against Chi Bei, his courage will surely boost morale.

But Zhou Yuan stretched his waist, saying, “I won't go,” in response to Chi Bei’s challenge.

Many Wanshou Heaven experts’ stiffened and even Chi Bei’s lips twitched. The momentum he gathered fluctuated and he looked a little annoyed.

"I didn't think the Sacred Race would suffer a setback in Guyuan Heaven because of a coward?" Chi Bei sneered.

Zhou Yuan shook his head with a smile. "Forget it, someone has warned me not to steal the limelight in the Dragon Spirit Utopia.”

There was silence on the Wanshou Heaven’s side and some people couldn’t stop their gaze from drifting over to Ai Zhi.

Ai Zhi's expression seemed a little stiff. How could he not hear the mockery in Zhou Yuan's tone? He had confidently warned Zhou Yuan to not intervene, but the situation had turned to such an embarrassing state. He couldn’t help feeling ashamed and angry.

Therefore, he uttered coldly, "Zhou Yuan, even if you intervene, you can't change anything! So don't say such useless words!”

“You’re right.” Zhou Yuan smiled.    

The corners of Ai Zhi's eyes twitched and he felt suffocated.

“Zhou Yuan…”    

Another voice sounded from another seed battle platform—It was Ai Tuanzi’s.

While locked in a fierce battle with Chi Yuan, she could still divert her attention and cast a glance at Zhou Yuan. ”Zhou Yuan, what Ai Zhi did before was indeed narrow-minded, but the Sacred Race is the enemy of all-heavens. If possible, I really hope you can help.”

As her voice spread across the area, Ai Zhi's face turned a little livid and he wanted to refute, but he didn't say anything in the end because he had already chosen to avoid the battle.

Zhou Yuan lifted his head and said helplessly to Ai Tuanzi. "You really think too highly of me. That guy is at the top level of the pseudo Law Domain stage, while I haven’t even reached the perfect Nascent Source stage.”

Ai Tuanzi was silent. Although she knew that was the truth, she could tell Zhou Yuan was unafraid of Chi Bei, which suggests that Zhou Yuan might have the means to fight back. Although it sounded unbelievable, Zhou Yuan was the one who created miracles in Guyuan Heaven. Therefore, he could do the same in the Dragon Spirit Utopia, right?

Zhou Yuan's refusal was likely because he was still unhappy with Ai Zhi's aggressiveness.

But she could understand why Zhou Yuan was angry given how Ai Zhi spoke so offensively. 

“Zhou Yuan…”   

Ai Qing also looked at Zhou Yuan imploringly.

Zhou Yuan waved his hand, saying, “The situation in truth isn’t that bad. If Ai Zhi goes up, he could survive a few moves, though he might be killed in the end…

“I, Zhou Yuan, have a backbone and won’t help so easily..." he muttered.

In truth, he would help out because, regardless how much he hated Ai Zhi, Tuntun was in the Ancestral Spirit Mountain and although Tuntun might still be handling his opponent with ease, he could also be impacted when the Evil Beast Clan used the fiendish qi to strengthen themselves again.   

It was just that Zhou Yuan found Ai Zhi too hateful and he wanted to teach Ai Zhi a lesson to vent his anger.

But it was then when Zhou Yuan's heart trembled because he felt an unfathomable gaze shifted towards him.

The gaze was from another domain… 

It was the Saint from Wanshou Heaven!  

They indeed were watching this place. 

That gaze penetrated through space and although it didn't carry any message, Zhou Yuan understood its meaning.

They hoped he would help out.    

“Why are you looking at me like that…you think a Saint is that amazing?” Zhou Yuan pursed his lips.

Then, a light suddenly flashed in his eyes and he let out a sigh. Never mind, Saints are indeed amazing… 

He lifted his head and extended two fingers in Ai Tuanzi’s direction.  

"I can help, but if I get rid of that guy, you have to give me two Law Domain Seeds,” Zhou Yuan negotiated in a serious voice.

The Wanshou Heaven troops broke into uproar.  

Immediately after, their expression turned a little strange. Ai Zhi didn't want Zhou Yuan to take advantage of them and so warned him to not intervene. But now, Zhou Yuan would only help out if they gave him another Law Domain Seed. This was obviously to humiliate Ai Zhi.

And Ai Zhi was indeed furious. "Zhou Yuan, you are taking advantage of the others’ difficulties for your own benefit!”

Then, he shifted his gaze to Ai Tuanzi and said, “I will deal with Chi Bei!”

Ai Tuanzi glanced at him and said indifferently, “There is fear in your heart. Even if you take the challenge, your chance of winning isn’t high.”

“Then can he win?!” Ai Zhi said unwillingly.  

"At least he will do better than you.”   

Ai Zhi's lips moved, his face turned livid but he couldn’t utter a word.

Ai Tuanzi's eyes were icy cold. She no longer hesitated and said, "Zhou Yuan, if you succeed, the Wanshou Heaven will give you two Law Domain Seeds!”  

Zhou Yuan stood up and stretched his body that seemed rusty from resting too long. He smiled at Ai Qing and said, “Okay, it's time for me to perform…

"I hope I can earn the two Law Domain Seeds.”

He stepped forward with a smile. The space around him rippled and he instantly appeared on Chi Bei’s battle platform.  

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