Chapter 1262 Chi Bei’s Scheme

The atmosphere slightly stiffened around the Ancestral Spirit Mountain, where battles continued endlessly. 

Many gazes hovered between Chi Bei and Ai Zhi. However, the Evil Beast Clan troops wore sinister and mocking expressions, while people from Wanshou Heaven looked a little worried. 

Although Chi Bei and Ai Zhi had both defeated their respective opponents, they weren’t considered to be the same level.

This was because Chi Bei defeated Jiang Ba, who was ranked in the top three pseudo Law Domain stage of Wanshou Heaven, while Ai Zhi only defeated Fan Feng, who was considered low-ranking in the Evil Beast Clan.

Although Ai Zhi could defeat Fan Feng, his chance of winning Chi Bei wasn’t particularly high. 

Therefore, it wouldn’t bode well for Ai Zhi to charge towards Chi Bei. 

But if he didn't, it would have a significant impact on the Wanshou Heaven’s morale.

Ai Zhi was undoubtedly in a dilemma.    

Under many gazes, Ai Zhi’s face grew overcast and troubled. He was enjoying his victory over a pseudo Law Domain a moment ago but his emotions were trampled on the next.

Is Jiang Ba that useless?! There was a surge of anger in his heart. If Jiang Ba could obstruct him a little longer he could have dominated the battle!  

The anger surging in Ai Zhi’s heart made him want to accept Chi Bei’s challenge, but his rationality prevented him from stepping forward. 

This was because the fierce oppressive aura exuding from Chi Bei was far stronger than Fan Feng’s. It was obvious that Chi Bei was a top figure in the Evil Beast Clan and Ai Zhi was likely no match for him. 

Unless he could break through to the Law Domain stage. But that wasn’t realistic. 

Thoughts streamed through his mind. He didn’t respond to Chi Bei’s provocation and remained silent.  

The glimmer in many Wanshou Heaven experts’ eyes dimmed but they also understood what Ai Zhi did was sensible. 

While studying at Ai Zhi, Chi Bei let out a hoarse chuckle. He lightly stamped his foot on the battle platform and said indifferently, “Our strength was increased because the formation of the boundary triggered fiendish qi from the Ancestral Spirit Mountain.

"But that's only the first stage. The battle platform I am on is the boundary’s center. If no one comes on to suppress me, the strengthening effect will only grow stronger, and once the center here is connected… at that time you might die even more tragically.” 

He gave Ai Zhi a chilling smile. “So will you take the chance to be a hero?”

Many Wanshou Heaven experts’ turned ashen and even Ai Tuanzi, who was battling Chi Yuan, felt her heart sinking because she knew what Chi Bei said was true.

She might be equally matched against Chi Yuan now, but if Chi Yuan’s strength increased once again, she might even fall into a disadvantageous position.

But all the pseudo Law Domain experts in Wanshou Heaven had already gone onto the battlefield, and even Jiang Ba was defeated. Only she, Tuntun and Zhuang Xiaoming from the Ancient Whale Clan were stronger than Jiang Ba, but no one could free themselves from their respective battles to deal with Chi Bei. 

Wanshou Heaven had unknowingly fallen into a disadvantageous position.

"Zhou Yuan, is what he said true?" Ai Qing’s beautiful face had become very pale.

Zhou Yuan pondered for a moment and nodded. Blood-red vortexes were constantly forming across the mountains. Although the black-robed man hadn’t appeared again, the battle platform that Chi Bei was on was indeed considered a relatively central location.

Once it became connected, even more fiendish qi would be drawn up from the Ancestral Spirit Mountain. 

Ai Qing’s heart sank.   

“Is Ai Zhi no match for Chi Bei?” she asked with the last trace of hope in her heart.

Zhou Yuan said indifferently, “His limit is defeating Fan Feng. Chi Bei is stronger than Fan Feng so he has no chance of winning. It’s a sensible decision to not fight now.” 

But then, the chain reaction would be even greater. 

Ai Qing opened her mouth slightly and her gaze suddenly shifted to Zhou Yuan. “What about you?!”

The miracle that Zhou Yuan created in Guyuan Heaven was deeply imprinted in her. The situation was likely more difficult then but Zhou Yuan still led the troops of all-heavens to victory.

Zhou Yuan’s eyelids drooped as he said calmly, “I won’t do anything.” 

“You won’t or you can’t?” There was a glimmer in Ai Qing’s beautiful eyes. She keenly grasped the loophole in Zhou Yuan's words.

Zhou Yuan smiled. “You think too highly of me.”   

He didn’t say anything else and continued to look indifferently at the Ancestral Spirit Mountain.

Chi Bei seemed a little disappointed that there was no response from Wanshou Heaven. “What? No one dares to accept my challenge?”

His ruthless gaze swept over Ai Zhi, Jiang Hongying, Jin Lan and many other top grade-7 experts.

“You think we’re afraid of you?!”    

With an enraged roar, Jiang Hongying sped across the air, erupting with terrifying Genesis Qi. The crimson-red spear in her hand brought up a tremendous torrent and wrapped in flames of fury, it blasted towards Chi Bei. 

Chi Bei grinned at Jiang Hongying and then nodded in admiration. Then, he thrust out his palm.


The space around crumbled and a huge skeletal palm ripped through space and collided with Jiang Hongying’s Genesis Qi torrent.  


Jiang Hongying's attack was instantly destroyed and a gust of strong wind lashed her body. Blasting back, she vomited up blood and before smashing into the battle platform. 

Jiang Hongying was utterly defeated in one move.    

Chi Bei smiled. “The men of Wanshou Heaven can’t be compared to a woman.”

Many Wanshou Heaven expert’s eyes were reddened with fury. 

“I’m going to kill you!” an earth-shaking roar resounded.  

Meng Chong from the Divine Tiger Clan swung his giant axe with a fierce look.

A beam of icy light slashed down from above, along with a boundless ferocious aura.

With a smile on his thin and withered face, Chi Bei slammed out his fist. Sparks sputtered everywhere and space distorted, but the most shocking thing was that the giant axe exploded to pieces. 

Meng Chong’s tough body was propelled like a cannonball, his bones collapsed and blood sprayed everywhere.

Chi Bei had wounded two top grade-7 experts from Wanshou Heaven in just a short period.

The tremendous gap between the two sides was clearly demonstrated.

Moreover, after Jiang Hongying's and Meng Chong’s utter defeat, someone noticed the fiendish qi emitting from Chi Bei’s battle platform growing stronger and even the fiendish qi around the entire Ancestral Spirit Mountain was pulsing.

"No, he is deliberately luring people over. It seems that fiendish qi is drawn up every time he wins,” someone exclaimed.

Feeling the fiendish qi growing more intense, Chi Bei smiled. "It seems that you’re not as stupid as I thought. If you lose another match, the fiendish qi will be completely activated...

"Of course, even if no one comes up, you’re only postponing it a little. It doesn't really matter.”

Many Wanshou Heaven experts turned ashen. Chi Bei had tricked them. He deliberately provoked Jiang Hongying and the others so he could use their defeat to gather even more fiendish qi around the battle platform. 

The Evil Beast Clan’s scheme would succeed if they lose another match on that battle platform! 

But even if no one goes up, it would only delay it a little longer…

Chi Bei had forced Wanshou Heaven into a troubled situation. 

Chi Bei gently licked the blood on his palm and smiled half-heartedly at Ai Zhi. "This is the last match. Do you not plan to stop me?”

Ai Zhi's countenance changed. After a while, he said through gritted teeth, ”The same trick won’t work the second time. I won't go up as you wish!”

He couldn't go up because that was what the enemy wanted and it would cause the overall situation to collapse!

Ai Zhi, who was very prideful, was unwilling to admit that the opponent had imprinted a trace of fear in his heart’s depths.

Many people from Wanshou Heaven watched silently because, although they knew Ai Zhi’s decision wasn’t wrong, they couldn’t help feeling disappointed. 

After all, everyone wanted to see a hero appear. It was just that there were more mortals in the world.

They stared at Chi Bei’s skeleton-like figure, who resembled a demon king standing on the battlefield and crushed all their hopes. 

Chi Bei chuckled, “You are just trash of the lower five heavens yet you dare compete with the Sacred Race? You are too stupid! It’s better if you die sooner.”

The many experts from Wanshou Heaven almost spewed flames out their eyes.

However, Zhou Yuan, who was sitting cross-legged on a mountain beyond the Ancestral Spirit Mountain, scrunched his brows slightly.

"You bastard, you were laughing at Wanshou Heaven, why do you have to bring in other heavens?”

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