Chapter 1261 Ai Zhi Takes Action


Ai Zhi soared into the sky under anticipated gazes and landed on a seed battle platform.

On that battle platform, a burly figure swept a sinister and cold glance over Ai Zhi.

The person was called Fan Feng, a pseudo Law Domain expert from the Evil Beast Clan. As his fiendish qi increased, he was able to defeat and severely wound a pseudo Law Domain expert from the Wanshou Heaven.  

“Does the Wanshou Heaven have no other people? Even someone at the perfect nascent Source stage dared to participate?” Fan Feng grinned sinisterly as a fierce imposing aura emitted from his body.  

Ai Zhi indifferently looked at the pseudo Law Domain evil beast without saying anything and stepped forward. 


Vast and mighty Genesis Qi raged around the area like a storm, causing starry rivers to shake. 

Shock filled everyone’s eyes.    

This was because the Genesis Qi stars that erupted from Ai Zhi astonishingly reached the level of around 120 billion!

What a terrifying Genesis Qi foundation!   

Even Fan Feng only displayed a foundation of around 125 billion!

In other words, Ai Zhi wasn't much weaker than Fan Feng in terms of Genesis Qi foundation.

Beyond the Ancestral Spirit Mountain, Zhou Yuan slightly nodded at the scene. Although he found Ai Zhi irritating, he never doubted his strength. Ai Zhi was indeed worthy of being called one of the strongest grade 7 experts in Wanshou Heaven. 

After receiving the Ancestral Spirit Tree’s opportunity, Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundation was around 110 billion, which although was lower than Ai Zhi’s. However, it didn’t matter too much because his overall strength might be greater due to his many secret arts, bodily strength and Spirit.

"Zhou Yuan, can Ai Zhi handle a pseudo Law Domain from the Evil Beast Clan?” Ai Qing asked worriedly. Although she didn’t agree with Ai Zhi’s actions, the present situation concerned the entire Wanshou Heaven. If the Evil Beast Clan suppressed the Wanshou Heaven, it would make them a laughingstock of all-heavens. 

Zhou Yuan's eyes drooped slightly as he said faintly, "The pseudo Law Domain experts from the Evil Beast Clan aren’t too strong. The only thing that might be a little troublesome is their Law Domains. But Ai Zhi seemed very confident, so he must have a way to deal with them.”

Ai Qing breathed a sigh of relief. “It seems Ai Zhi has a high chance of winning.”  

Zhou Yuan didn't respond because he knew that even if Ai Zhi won, his victory couldn’t influence the overall situation because the Wanshou Heaven troops were already on the verge of defeat on the other seed battle platforms. The previous increase in strength seemed to have given the Evil Beast Clan a huge advantage. 


As astonishingly mighty Genesis Qi filled the area, Fan Feng’s ferocious expression gradually turned solemn.  

“I underestimated you,” uttered Fan Feng indifferently.     “

His opponent’s Genesis Qi foundation was indeed strong enough to threaten him. However, what made him envious was that Ai Zhi was only at the perfect Nascent Source stage. Once Ai Zhi broke through to the pseudo Law Domain stage, his strength undoubtedly would be superior to Fan Feng’s.

With such a thought, the murderous intent in Fan Feng's heart suddenly intensified.

If Ai Zhi was killed, the Spirit Phoenix Clan would lose a future Law Domain expert!

“You have potential, but it's a pity that you’re too stupid. It doesn’t matter what your future is, you are no match for me now!”

Fan Feng's cheeks suddenly puffed up. He opened his mouth and spewed out something.


Endless gusts of black wind roared out and twisted around Ai Zhi. The black wind seemed to contain screeching noises that could shatter one’s Spirit.

Ai Zhi’s expression tensed. As he clenched his hand, stunning feathers gathered around it and formed a colorful feather fan.

As he swung the fan, gorgeous flames gushed out, causing the temperature across the world to instantly rise. Even the space twisted and was tore apart from the heat.

The stunning flames collided with the black wind, producing ear-piercing sounds. The two forces were at a stalemate for a period before the two eventually turned into nothingness. 

As waves of qi whizzed past, its friction with air produced shrill sonic booms.

"Is this the power of the pseudo Law Domain stage? It doesn’t seem that strong!” Ai Zhi curved his lips in an arrogant smile. 

Fan Feng might be stronger than Ai Zhi in terms of Genesis Qi foundation, but his strength was still limited. Additionally, Ai Zhi, as a top heaven pride from the Spirit Phoenix Clan, was evidently superior to Fan Feng in terms of bloodline and the cultivation arts he knew.  

“You have a death wish!” Intense murderous intent flashed across Fan Feng’s eyes as he stepped forward and said fiercely, “Corrosive Black Wind Law Domain!”


The black Law Domain abruptly expanded to around 1000 feet. Endless gusts of black wind roared inside, sending chills down many people’s spine. 

Fan Feng fully summoned his Law Domain.

The Law Domain whizzed over and enveloped Ai Zhi, who failed to evade in time.

“Do you think you can survive inside my Law Domain?!” Fan Feng’s lips curved in a sinister smile as endless gusts of black wind swept towards Ai Zhi.

Even Genesis Qi was corroded and dissolved where the black wind passed.

Stunning Genesis Qi flames constantly rose from Ai Zhi's body, resisting the black wind’s corrosion. 

His face assumed a serious expression. Although he expected it, he still felt a tremendous pressure when he entered the Law Domain. 

“A Law Domain of less than 2000 feet already made me feel such pressure…” Ai Zhi inwardly marveled. He felt he likely wouldn’t be able to defend himself if he were to face Ai Tuanzi or other stronger pseudo Law Domain experts. 

However, this also made Ai Zhi hopeful. He could also reach the terrifying pseudo Law Domain stage if he obtained a Law Domain seed.

“No one can stop me from getting a Law Domain seed!”  

Ai Zhi’s icy gaze locked on Fan Feng and he suddenly folded his hands together. As he changed hand seals, gorgeous flames mightily gushed out from his body. 

The flames gradually converged until a tremendous flame cauldron took shape!

The cauldron enveloped Ai Zhi as monstrous flames whipped up like waves and slapped the furnace walls.  

Vaguely, the cauldron produced waves of wild energy.

“You think that turtle shell can protect you?" Fan Feng coldly snorted. He clapped his hands and two black beams of black light shot out from the endless black wind. The two beams entwined and formed tremendous wind shears. 

As the shears whizzed passed, the blasts of wind created seemed strong enough to sever all objects.  

“Sea-splitting Black Wind Shears!”  Fan Feng roared as black light pierced through space like two giant black pythons and sped towards the flame cauldron.


The two collided with a loud boom and the stunning flame cauldron shook violently.  


However, the flame cauldron demonstrated its astonishing defense in the face of the wind blades from the black wind shears. Even if it trembled incessantly and even cracked, it remained standing.  

Inside the flame cauldron, Ai Zhi’s face was deathly pale and blood trickled down the corners of his lips, but he ignored this and did everything he could to maintain the cauldron. This was because inside the cauldron were raging flames constantly battering the cauldron walls and terrifying power gathering with every strike.

His eyes, blazing with chilling killing intent, penetrated the cauldron and locked on Fan Feng.


Fan Feng continued to launch terrifying attacks. He sneered, “Are you part of the Spirit Phoenix Clan or the Spirit Turtle Clan?” 

Although he mocked Ai Zhi, his face turned sullen because he felt somewhat uneasy.


But the black wind shears whizzed past again and tore a crack into the flame cauldron.

Fan Feng looked overjoyed as he peered through the gap and saw Ai Zhi’s figure in the depths of the blazing flames.


He gave a sinister grin. He wanted to crack open the cauldron, drag Ai Zhi out and utterly destroy him.

While the black wind shears rose again, Ai Zhi, who was inside the flame cauldron, slowly curved his lips in a cruel smile.

He folded his hands together.   

All noise within the flame cauldron subsided.

Only his low voice could be heard. “Seven Flame Cauldron, destroy the domain!"  


Thousands of firelights spewed out like thousands of volcanoes erupting at the same time.

Seven-colored flames frantically burst out and wreaked havoc.  

Black wind rapidly melted away where the flames touched and the thousand feet Law Domain rapidly disappeared as though set aflame

Fan Feng’s face blanched and he hurriedly tried to withdraw his Law Domain.


But it was too late. Terrifying flames engulfed everything like a thousand-feet wave. The black wind Law Domain was melted and destroyed in just a few breaths.

Fan Feng had to bear the brunt. He let out an anguished scream as terrifying flames engulfed him. Then, as the flames swept past him, a charcoal-like figure with weak vitality was left on the battle platform.

Many people stared in shocked horror.

The Wanshou Heaven troops erupted into wild cheers as they looked at the figure standing in the center. Although Ai Zhi looked miserable, pale and weak, the excitement and radiance in his eyes were unconcealed.

He won!    

Jiang Hongying, Jin Lan, Meng Chong, and other grade 7 experts from various clans also stood in shock.

Ai Zhi is so strong…    


Amidst earthshaking cheers, a terrifying Genesis Qi shock wave suddenly broke out from the seed battle platform above.

A bitter and shrill dragon roar resounded.    

Then, a huge dragon shadow splattered blood everywhere as it plunged into the battle platform, shocking everyone.

The cheers from Wanshou Heaven’s side abruptly halted.

A cold feeling filled everyone’s heart as they stared dazedly at the battlefield.

Especially Jiang Hongying, who was shuddering. 

This was because the dragon shadow belonged to Jiang Ba from their Mystic Dragon Clan! 

It should be said that Jiang Ba was ranked in the top three of the Wanshou Heaven’s pseudo Law Domain stage, but such a strong pillar was defeated?!  

Many people cast horrified gazes opposite of Jiang Ba, only to see a thin skeleton-like figure standing there with a smile.

His hands were like bones, and flesh and blood torn from Jiang Ba’s body still remained on them.

He was called Chi Bei, a top pseudo Law Domain expert in the Evil Beast Clan’s royal family. He clearly was on a different level to Fan Feng, who Ai Zhi defeated.

Chi Bei severely wounded Jiang Ba and ignored him writhing on the platform. Instead, he tilted his head and cast a fierce gaze to the platform where Ai Zhi was on.

Chi Bei studied Ai Zhi with a chilling and ugly smile on his skeleton-like face. He clapped his hands and said in a faint voice, “Not bad, you defeated Fan Feng’s trash domain...“

 He beckoned. “I wonder if you are brave enough to play with me next?” His voice slowly spread out.

Fear rose in Ai Zhi’s heart. He felt he would likely die if he were to face that guy on the battlefield.

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