Chapter 1260 Situation Reversed


Monstrous black qi containing ferocity roared over and collided with the golden lightning flames, causing the space around to crumble.

Ai Tuanzi's countenance changed after the collision. She could distinctly feel that the enemies’ power had suddenly soared. The chillingly fierce black qi swept across the area and eliminated all golden lightning flames.

The golden lightning flames dimmed and faded where the two Law Domains collided.

Ai Tuanzi's beautiful body fluttered back and then, as she hovered in the air, her phoenix feather sword buzzed and produced scarlet flames.  

"Hahaha, what? Don’t feel so smug now?" Chi Yuan laughed as black qi rushed out the abyss’s depths and filled the sky.

Ai Tuanzi's eyes were icy-cold as she said, "Does the Evil Beast Clan only know how to scheme 

like demons?”

She was significantly stronger than Chi Yuan and had dominated the previous battle; however, her upper hand was directly destroyed by the Evil Beast Clan’s secret means. Having received an upgrade from the Ancestral Spirit Mountain’s fiendish auras, Chi Yuan’s overall strength was no longer any weaker than hers. 

Ai Tuanzi stared coldly at the battle platform where a black-robed figure stood. She knew the changes were brought about by that black-robed man.

Chi Yuan burst into mocking laughter. "Are all the people in Wanshou Heaven so naive? This is a battle of life and death, who would pay attention to whether one’s means is underhanded or not?”

Ai Tuanzi didn't say anything more. She pointed her sword from afar at the black-robed figure and roared, "Kill him!”

Chi Yuan was the one who caused the sudden changes; therefore, he must be killed as soon as possible because only then would they might solve their situation.

Following Ai Tuanzi's order, gushes of mighty Genesis Qi erupted around the Ancestral Spirit Mountain, speeding towards the same battle platform. It was just that the rules stated only two people were allowed on a platform at one time. Therefore many people could only surround the platform and watch the mysterious black-robed man with murderous intent. 

But the black-robed man simply chuckled in response. Before anyone could rush onto the battle platform, he already vanished like a ghost without any traces. 

Many Wanshou Heaven experts exchanged glances with one another, at a loss on what to do. 

Ai Tuanzi also looked glum because she similarly couldn’t detect the black-robed man’s traces with her perception.  

“Don’t waste your strength.”    

Chi Yuan smiled sinisterly. “Everyone from the Wanshou Heaven will die here!”

Ai Tuanzi scrunched her brows in a frown. The Evil Beast Clan must be plotting something. Although Chi Yuan’s strength had inexplicably increased by a lot, she wasn’t afraid of him, but she was extremely wary of the mysterious black-robed man. 

He was like a venomous snake hiding in the dark and made her feel uneasy, similar to a thorn on her back.  

Ai Tuanzi even wanted to end her battle with Chi Yuan and search for the black-robed man first. 

But when her eyes flashed with a fierce light and she was about to act, Chi Yuan seemed to read her mind and burst out laughing. An abyss suddenly appeared behind him and sent out thick black qi. The black qi rapidly turned into countless black pythons and roared out. 

"You should stay here and play with me!”

When Ai Tuanzi saw the mighty attack shroud her, her expression turned chilling and sharp killing intent filled her eyes.

She drew her slender and beautiful finger across the air and a golden circle emerged. Golden lightning flames blazed out from the golden circle and instantly, like a sea of golden lightning flames, engulfed the countless black pythons.

"You really think I can't kill you after you borrowed power using foreign means?!" 

As her icy voice rang out, the phoenix feather sword in her hand shot into the sky and transformed into a huge spirit phoenix shadow amidst a clear and resounding phoenix cry. The phoenix shadow opened its mouth wide and sharply inhaled in the sea of golden lightning flames’ direction.

The sea of golden lightning flames formed a huge blazing sun in the phoenix’s mouth.

“The Great Phoenix Sun!” As she roared, the golden lightning flame sun, wrapped in infinite destructive power, smashed down towards Chi Yuan.

Facing Ai Tuanzi's full strength attack, Chi Yuan’s countenance changed. He swiftly circulated his vast Genesis Qi and several abyss rapidly emerged behind him, spewing out thick black qi. 


Countless black chains whizzed out from the abysses and sped towards the golden sun.

“Underworld Abyss Lock!”  

The two sides collided once again with all their strengths. The entire battle platform was almost overturned from such huge movements and the collision drew everyone’s attention. 


While Ai Tuanzi fought Chi Yuan again with all her strength, fierce fights broke out on the other nine seed battle platforms. 

Besides Tuntun, who still had the upper hand in his battle, Jiang Ba, Zhuang Xiaoming and the others were gradually falling into a disadvantageous situation. After all, their opponents had suddenly gained tremendous increase in strength, which was enough to reverse the situation. 

Jiang Ba and Zhuang Xiaoming, pseudo Law Domain experts who had a slightly better foundation, appeared to be in a better situation but the others were already surrounded in danger. 

Of course, this wasn’t the only change. Following the black-robed man’s appearance, the advantage that the Wanshou Heaven had on the Ancestral Spirit Mountain were gone and casualties started to appear on the Wanshou Heaven’s side. 

Beyond the Ancestral Spirit Mountain.   

Ai Qing's face blanched in horror. In just a short period, the number of casualties on the Wanshou Heaven’s side almost caught up with the Evil Beast Clan’s. Moreover, it was steadily increasing.  

"The black-robed man should have set up a clever boundary to draw up the fiendish qi of the Ancestral Spirit Mountain to strengthen the Evil Beast Clan troops,” said Zhou Yuan solemnly.

Ai Qing anxiously asked, "Can you break it?”

She still vividly remembered how Zhou Yuan destroyed the Sacred Race’s boundary in Guyuan Heaven and turned the tides. 

Zhou Yuan shook his head, saying, “The Guyuan Heaven’s boundary wasn’t complete and as a result had flaws, but this boundary is clearly a finished product. If my guess is right, it should be a creation of a Saint from the Sacred Race. It’s impossible to destroy it with just my strength.”

Ai Qing’s heart sank. 

Zhou Yuan said, “But the most troublesome thing isn’t the evil beasts’ strength increase but the black-robed man that we know nothing about. He is the most unstable factor in this match.”

While speaking, fear flashed across Zhou Yuan's eyes.

Chi Yuan appeared to be the strongest in the Evil Beast Clan, but after the changes, Zhou Yuan realized the black-robed man was likely the real leader.

His strength was terrifying.     

However, Zhou Yuan was a little puzzled why the black-robed man would exert his strength to arrange a blood-red vortex boundary. Was it to just increase the Evil Beast Clan’s strength? Although the evil beast had grown stronger, that increase in strength hadn’t quite reached an unbelievable level. Therefore, the formation and the result seemed to not match.  

Could there be other plans?  

“Zhou Yuan, can you find the black-robed man?” Ai Qing asked worriedly.

The Saint Runes in the depths of Zhou Yuan’s eyes suddenly roamed around again. He scanned the surroundings and eventually shook his head. “All traces of him are gone. Even I can't find him.”  

While Zhou Yuan was speaking, the black-robed man’s danger level was raised to another level in his heart. The mysterious man’s strength was amazing because even Zhou Yuan’s Decoder Saint Rune couldn’t locate his whereabouts. Zhou Yuan previously also wouldn’t notice his presence if he weren’t setting up the boundary. 

"This situation has become a little troublesome..." he muttered


While Zhou Yuan was discussing with Ai Qing, the battle on the Ancestral Spirit Mountain grew increasingly fierce.

The casualties were steadily increasing on the Wanshou Heaven side.

An intense blood stench filled the air. 

Moreover, it wasn’t just the several battle platforms below, the situation on the ten seed battle platforms also began to change.

The two weakest pseudo Law Domain experts on the Wanshou Heaven’s side were the first to be blasted out of their battle platforms by the strengthened evil beasts. Their bodies smashed into the ground and tore deep crevasses into the ground. 

The two pseudo Law Domain experts’ defeat undoubtedly drew shock from the Wanshou Heaven troops. 

Fortunately, Wanshou Heaven’s pseudo Law Domain experts swiftly took over their positions.

Pseudo Law Domain experts from both sides were continuously wounded during the fierce battle.

The battle was so fierce and tragic that even Zhou Yuan’s eyelids twitched. The Genesis beast clans were clearly mortal enemies with the Evil Beast Clan. Every move from them was deadly and aimed to take their opponents’ life.

Fortunately, there wasn’t any change on Tuntun’s side. Even if his opponent’s strength had increased, it still couldn’t threaten Tuntun.  

However, the fact that Tuntun’s opponent could obstruct him was already bad news to the Wanshou Heaven. 

"All Wanshou Heaven’s pseudo Law Domain experts are already on the battlefields."

Zhou Yuan ran his eyes across. The ten seed battle platforms were like meat grinders, constantly eliminating pseudo Law Domain experts from both sides.

There weren’t any more pseudo Law Domain experts on the Wanshou Heaven’s side, which means Nascent Source experts would have to go on the battlefields next.

Moreover, that could be soon...   


Just as such a thought passed through Zhou Yuan’s mind, terrifying Genesis Qi erupted on a seed battle platform and crumbled the space around.

A Wanshou Heaven’s pseudo Law Domain expert was blasted out of the battlefield, severely wounded.

Commotion broke out on the Wanshou Heaven’s side and worry filled many people’s eyes.

This was because they had no other pseudo Law Domain experts who hadn’t fought already.

Gazes began to shift and eventually all shifted to a battle platform below. It was Ai Zhi’s. He had consecutively defeated several perfect Nascent Source experts from the Evil Beast Clan. He showed he was indeed worthy of his title as the strongest at the Wanshou Heaven’s Nascent Source stage. 

All pseudo Law Domain experts had been defeated and perfect Nascent Source stage experts had to come onto the battlefield.  

Fortunately, some top perfect Nascent Source experts weren’t any weaker than some pseudo Law Domain experts in terms of Genesis Qi foundation. The advantage that pseudo Law Domain experts had were just their incomplete Law Domains. 

“Ai Zhi!”    

“Ai Zhi!”    

A loud roar resounded from the Wanshou Heaven’ sides and many cast hopeful and awed gazes towards Ai Zhi.

Jiang Hongying’s beautiful eyes also lit up. Of course, she knew that the Spirit Phoenix Clan had mentioned her marriage with Ai Zhi, but she was too prideful and didn’t think much about Ai Zhi.

But when she saw Ai Zhi still remained calm and composed in such a situation, even she felt he had the demeanour of a great leader.

Jiang Hongying then swept a glance at the silent figure beyond the Ancestral Spirit Mountain and muttered, Zhou Yuan, although you’re amazing, all radiance will likely be on Ai Zhi here. You would become dull and ordinary in front of him.

Under countless gazes, Ai Zhi looked up at the seed battle platform with an empty spot and his eyes blazed with greed.

His reputation would reach an unprecedented height in Wanshou Heaven if he occupied a seed battle platform. At that time, all clans would attach great importance to him and his future in the Law Domain stage would look very bright!

"It's finally my turn..."  

Ai Zhi cast a glance in Zhou Yuan’s direction and a corner of his lips curved in a ruminative smile.

Watch, I will make you know that today's protagonist is Ai Zhi from the Spirit Phoenix Clan and not Zhou Yuan from the Tianyuan Region!  

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