Chapter 126 Escaping Unscathed

The black mist faded from the Spirit Devouring Tower.

Numerous figures blankly stared at their surroundings, evidently still in the dark about what had happened. However, the battle between Yaoyao’s side and the Gu clan was quickly noticed by several individuals, making them start to realise that something was wrong.

Yaoyao’s gaze took one quick sweep around the area. Her Spirit began to flicker as a voice suddenly rang out in everyone’s ears.

“This is no Spirit Refining Tower but a Spirit Devouring Tower. If you do not want your Spirit to be completely devoured and be used for the Gu clan’s cultivation, leave quickly!”

The moment these words were heard, the expression of countless people turned aghast with horror.

“What? Not a Spirit Refining Tower...

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