Chapter 1259 Secret Means

“The situation seems very favorable to us!”

Beyond Ancestral Spirit Mountain, Ai Qing was surveying the battlefields. She was surprised to find that Wanshou Heaven occupied the more favorable situation while people from the Evil Beast Clan frequently died on the battle platforms.

But after saying that, Ai Qing cast an apologetic glance at Zhou Yuan because if Wanshou Heaven were able to easily suppress the Evil Beast Clan, Zhou Yuan likely wouldn’t need to act Given Ai Zhi’s personality, he would no doubt create troubles because of that. 

"Zhou Yuan, don’t worry. My Little Aunt will fulfil what she said,” said Ai Qing reassuringly.

Zhou Yuan didn't respond to her because his gaze was also focussed on the several battle platforms on the Ancestral Spirit Mountain.

On the surface, Wanshou Heaven indeed seemed to occupy the favorable situation, but this on the contrary, made him scrunch his brows in a frown. It wasn’t that he was unhappy to see Wanshou Heaven prevailing. Although he wasn’t on good terms with Ai Zhi and Jiang Ba, he wouldn’t put his anger on the entire Wanshou Heaven.

It was just that he was surprised that the Evil Beast Clan clearly came prepared yet was suppressed by the Wanshou Heaven. This didn’t make sense from a rational point of view. 


"If the Wanshou Heaven could gain the upper hand so easily, why hadn’t they made any progress in the past month?” asked Zhou Yuan.

Ai Qing looked taken aback. The Wanshou Heaven indeed didn’t seem to have made much progress in the past month and hadn’t even figured out the Evil Beast Clan’s background. 

"What do you mean by that?" Ai Qing asked anxiously.

Zhou Yuan didn’t answer her because he also didn’t know what the Evil Beast Clan had planned. If they were just disguising their strength and acting weak, what good would it be for them to continue to sacrifice their troops?

The uneasy feeling in his heart deepened. 

What was the Evil Beast Clan trying to do?   

He peered at the several battle platforms on Ancestral Spirit Mountain. After a long while, a light flashed on his face and Saint Runes appeared in his eyes’ depths. 

Decoder Saint Rune!    

As Saint Runes drifted around his eyes, the scene before him suddenly looked different.

It seemed to be a blood-red world with endless plumes of fiendish qi rising from the Ancestral Spirit Mountain that blotted out the sky. The scene was enough to make one’s scalp feel numb.

The fiendish qi were so strong that even his Spirit couldn’t spread in. However, with this Decoder Saint Rune’s power, he discovered something abnormal.

He saw tiny vortexes scattered disorderly above the Ancestral Spirit Mountain. However, they were growing at an astonishing speed. They were drawing ups the vast fiendish powers emitting from the Ancestral Spirit Mountain.

“Those vortexes…”  

Zhou Yuan's heart trembled because he realized the vortexes’ locations were where evil beasts lost their lives. 

Zhou Yuan’s scalp numbed. Could the evil beasts have deliberately given away their lives to use it as a medium to create those blood-red vortexes? What was their motive?

Zhou Yuan didn’t understand the vortexes’ purpose, but he knew they were the Evil Beast Clan’s secret plan. 

"Huh? Some of the blood-red vortexes are connecting.”

Zhou Yuan noticed that the blood-red vortexes were gradually connecting and moving along a trajectory. The trajectory was particularly obscure and complicated. He tried to follow it, but found that even his Spirit, which was at the advanced Transformative stage, quivered and was unable to follow the trajectory.

What did that mean? It meant that not even a Spirit of the advanced Transformative stage could comprehend the arrangement.

With a trembling heart, Zhou Yuan shifted his gaze to the place where the trajectory last appeared.

It was a battle platform on the mountainside, which wasn’t considered too eye-catching among the others. 

There stood a black-robed figure.

At the black-robed figure's feet was a Wanshou Heaven expert’s corpse.

Zhou Yuan’s expression slowly changed as he studied the black-robed figure because he realized that he wouldn’t be able to detect its existence if it weren’t for the Decoder Saint Runes.

There’s something strange about this person!  

However, just when Zhou Yuan locked his gaze on the black-robed figure, the figure seemed to notice and tilted its head. An indifferent gaze penetrated through space and collided with Zhou Yuan’s.


There seemed to be a rumble echoing in Zhou Yuan’s head and shaking his Spirit. Fortunately, he immediately circulated his Spirit and suppressed it with all his strength.

He eventually managed to stabilize his Spirit after a good while.


Zhou Yuan exhaled a breath of turbid air, his complexion didn’t look too good. If his Spirit hadn’t reached the advanced Transformative stage, he likely would have already been severely wounded.

He cast his gaze to the same battle platform again only to see the black-robed figure had already vanished. 

As the black-robed figure disappeared, a blood-red vortex imperceptible to ordinary people formed above that battle platform.

This made Zhou Yuan's expression turn grave. As he thought, the Evil Beast Clan had a secret plan. Chi Yuan and other evil beast royalties were only powerful enemies on the surface, the black-robed figure hiding in the dark was the true dangerous existence. 

Zhou Yuan's eyes flashed with a fierce light. He turned and said to Ai Qing, “Send a message to Ai Tuanzi and the others. Someone from the Evil Beast Clan is arranging something using the Ancestral Spirit Mountain battle platforms. Wanshou Heaven could be defeated if we ignore it.”

Ai Qing looked stunned by what Zhou Yuan said. Although she didn't understand what he meant, she knew Zhou Yuan must have a reason to say such a thing.

So she took out a feather without any hesitation. The feather was inscribed with runes and hollow inside. She gently blew at it and it immediately produced a strange sound wave that cut through the air. 

The expressions on the faces of Ai Tuanzi, Ai Zhi and others on the Ancestral Spirit Mountain battle platforms immediately changed.

Ai Zhi's expression changed indefinitely, but in the end he sneered, "Zhou Yuan isn’t deliberately scaring us to make himself look good, is he?”

But Ai Tuanzi wasn’t as narrow-minded as him. She also felt uneasy during the match and Zhou Yuan’s warning confirmed and even deepened her uneasiness. She remained silent for a moment before yelling. “Everyone, look out for a black-robed man. If you notice any traces of him, immediately send a message to everyone else. We must kill him!” Her voice rang in the ears of all Wanshou Heaven troops.

Her voice immediately drew puzzlement, but responses filled with murderous intent rang out.


But as Ai Tuanzi's voice faded, a cold chuckle could be heard.

Many people followed the voice and saw a black-robed man standing tall on a battle platform. He crouched down slightly and pressed his palms against the blood-stained ground. When he lifted his eyes, his gaze was shifted to Zhou Yuan who was beyond the Ancestral Spirit Mountain.  

“Impressive, you’re able to notice my traces. But it’s too late!”

He slammed his hand.  


The entire Ancestral Spirit Mountain quaked, followed by monstrous fiendish qi rolling across the air and penetrating the body of every Evil Beast Clan expert. 

Then, the Wanshou Heaven experts’ countenances changed dramatically because they saw the Evil Beast Clan troops’ imposing bearing rising and that fiendish qi released from their bodies almost solidified into real substance.

It was as though their strength was dramatically increased!  

In particular, on the ten seed battle platforms, the ten top Evil Beast Clan experts’ aura soared to a heart-trembling level.  

The situation was instantly reversed!    

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