Chapter 1258 Battles of the Strong

The gargantuan Ancestral Spirit Mountain towered over the land, grand and majestic like a pillar that connected heaven and earth.

The air around the mountain was currently filled with sounds of battle.

Although the battle stages looked like stone platforms, they were special mini domains that were incomparably vast and able to contain any destruction force.

Intense and bloody battles were currently unfurling on every battle stage.

When the Genesis Beast Clans and the Evil Beast Clan clashed, there was no room for compromise.


Ai Tuanzi icily observed the figure before her, who had ash-colored hair and black horns growing from his head. Golden light suddenly surged behind her as a pair of phoenix wings unfurled. The phoenix wings glittered, every feather gleaming coldly like a blade’s edge.

A golden feather fell into her hand, transforming into a golden feather sword. The sword’s handle was shaped like a phoenix unfurling its wings, gorgeous and dangerous.

As she grasped the phoenix feather sword, Ai Tuanzi’s presence abruptly turned sharp and dangerous.

Opposite Ai Tuanzi, Chi Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly as he said, “As expected of the Spirit Phoenix Clan, it looks like this battle will not disappoint me.”

He took a step forward. In the next instant, a black Law Domain swiftly expanded from him.

The black Law Domain reached a length of 2700 feet. A bottomless abyss filled the entire domain, spouting an unimaginable aura of dark and cold violence. Within this Law Domain, the minds of ordinary Nascent Source experts would likely be overwhelmed, turning them into monsters that only knew violence.

“This is my Devil Abyss Law Domain.”

Torrential black qi surged behind Chi Yuan, making him resemble an extremely horrifying malevolent devil god.

Black qi rapidly converged towards his hand, turning into a long black spear. The spear emitted a million piercing shrieks that could directly affect one’s Spirit.

“My Devil Abyss Law Domain has buried numerous heaven prides. However, it does lack the corpse of a Spirit Phoenix Clan member like you!” Chi Yuan’s laughter boomed like thunder, the evilness within so thick that it was almost palpable, seemingly blotting the sky.

Ai Tuanzi’s expression remained calm, ignoring Chi Yuan’s provocations. She said, “I’m very curious to know why your Evil Beast Clan is suddenly so interested in the Dragon Spirit Utopia. The Law Domain Seeds produced by the Ancestral Spirit Mountain should not be worth the steep cost of sending you guys here, right?”

The Dragon Spirit Utopia was a special domain in Wanshou Heaven. Moreover, Wanshou Heaven’s many Saint experts had set up numerous layers of defence outside Wanshou Heaven. Even the Sacred Race had to plan properly and pay quite a price to pierce these defences.

“Does a dead person need to know so much?” However, Chi Yuan merely laughed in response, completely not going to explain. With a howl, black qi surged forth like a pitch-black dragon, locking space as it ferociously charged towards Ai Tuanzi.

Ai Tuanzi gazed at the approaching black qi. The evil aura within it could only be described as dreadful.

Chi Yuan was indeed a formidable opponent.

However, this was still not enough to beat her.

Ai Tuanzi lightly stamped her foot. Thunder rumbled across the land as a golden Law Domain abruptly spread from her body. Millions of golden thunderbolts jumped about in the golden Law Domain. The golden lightning occupied the air, while a scarlet-red sea of flames burned below.

The Law Domain was 3000 feet long!

Ai Tuanzi’s voice rang out across the Law Domain, “My Law Domain is called the Golden Lightning Fire Law Domain.”

She raised her sword and millions of golden lightning bolts and scarlet fire roared forth, colliding with the surging black qi. In that moment, the entire domain violently shuddered.

Golden lightning and scarlet fires tore through the black-dragon-like qi, incinerating it into nothingness.


The cry of a phoenix suddenly rang out behind the golden lightning. A beautiful figure stepped through the lightning as she swung the sword in her hand. A wave of ten-thousand-feet-long sword light emerged, brightening the sky. Golden lightning and scarlet flames leaped from the sword light as it pulsed with domineering power.

The golden lightning scarlet fire sword light rapidly grew in Chi Yuan’s pupils. There was a look of pure focus on his face as he slapped his hands together.

“Devil Abyss Hand!”

The bottomless abyss ripples. In the next instant, an incomparably ginormous devil hand reached out from within, terrifying black Genesis Qi rising from it like mist.

The devil hand shattered space itself as it smashed into the descending sword light.


Lightning and fire surged as a destructive shockwave unfurled.



A bulky figure wrapped in pitch-black Genesis Qi was sent flying, his body leaving a deep groove on the ground.

Tuntun, in its purple-gold giant beast form, stared at the figure in disdain.

“Heh, as expected of an Alpha sacred beast…” The bulky figure slowly climbed to his feet. A sinister light flashed in his eyes as he stared at Tuntun. “Remember my name, Evil Beast roya, Chi Qiu!

“God Pillar Law Domain!”


A Law Domain abruptly expanded from his body in a circular fashion. Mystical light converged within the Law Domain, forming countless ancient giant light pillars.

These light pillars towered over the land with seemingly infinite power.

“God Pillar Suppression!” As Yin Qiu roared, pillar after pillar pierced through the air, accompanied endless power as they surrounded Tuntun.

Tuntun raised its head and observed the falling light pillars as it breathed out white qi from its nostrils. In the next instant, extremely pure darkness began extending from its feet. In a short span of a few breaths, a black district had formed around it.

All things were devoured by the darkness wherever it passed.

Even the light pillars began melting away when they touched the darkness.

This was the godly might of an Alpha sacred beast, akin to a natural Law Domain of sorts. In fact, it could be called the Devouring Law Domain.

As the God Pillars were devoured, the purple-gold scales on Tuntun’s body began to glow brightly. It was as if the pillars were turned into energy to replenish its reserves.

Black light surged in Tuntun’s pupils. Chi Qiu’s expression changed slightly when he saw black vortexes begin to appear before swarming towards him.


Jiang Ba, Zhuang Xiaoming and the other pseudo Law Domain experts also activated their Law Domains and engaged their enemies.

On the battle stages below, Ai Zhi, Jiang Hongying, Jin Lan, Meng Chong and the other perfect Nascent Source experts likewise unleashed all of their power to slaughter their foes.

The thick stench of blood soared into the sky.

Ai Zhi’s battle stage.

Torrential Genesis Qi erupted from his body as he sent out an endless barrage of attacks at his Evil Beast opponent, making him unable to catch a breath. Meanwhile, Ai Zhi leisurely observed the other battle stages.

He found that Wanshou Heaven had a clear advantage over all.

This made him inwardly breathe a sigh of relief. Soon after, he looked towards the silently seated figure outside the Ancestral Spirit Mountain in amusement. How could he not know that Zhou Yuan was obviously waiting for the right time, or perhaps an advantageous chance.

However, Zhou Yuan had clearly underestimated Wanshou Heaven. It was looking very good overall, and Zhou Yuan was definitely not needed.

“Never mind, if he has no contributions when this is over, I’ll definitely stop aunt Ai from giving him a Law Domain Seed!” Ai Zhi chuckled icily, paying no further attention to Zhou Yuan. He began intensifying his attacks, focusing on finishing off the enemy before him.


While intense battles were being fought all over the mountain.

The battle stages on the near the foot of the mountain were comparatively lower in quality but huge in quantity. However, they were also the most unremarkable.

No one seemed to notice a black-robed figure on one of the smaller battle stages observing the intense fights happening all over the mountain.

The black-robed figure’s face was concealed in the shadow of his hood.

A large corpse lay at his feet, belonging to the Wanshou Heaven expert that had just been killed by him.

A strange, raspy laughter suddenly sounded from the black robe.

The corpse at his feet slowly melted away, fusing with the battle stage as a strange Genesis Rune flickered across its surface...

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