Chapter 1256 Seed Battle Stages

The blood-red Ancestral Spirit Mountain silently towered over the land.

On the left and right of the mountain, two forces faced each other, the surging killing intent turning the air viscous.

Flashes of black suddenly emerged from the Evil Beast Clan army as figures that gave off astonishing pressure slowly stepped out from within.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed as he looked over.

There were about a dozen of these figures. From the pressure they gave off, all of them were pseudo Law Domain experts!

The Evil Beast Clan was stronger than he had anticipated!

When they appeared, the Wanshou Heaven clans began to stir, even Ai Tuanzi frowning a little. There were only ten pseudo Law Domain experts on their side. Moreover, this was already all of Wanshou Heaven’s most elite forces under the Law Domain stage. After all, pseudo Law Domain experts were already close to the pinnacle of power in this world.

They were not cabbages you could buy at the market.

She had not expected the Evil Beast Clan team to be no weaker than their Wanshou Heaven.

From this, one could see that the Evil Beast Clan had basically sent out all of their forces.

Ai Tuanzi’s icily stared at the dozen figures and indifferently said, “Finally showing yourselves after hiding for so many days?”

“Hehe, you are quite capable, woman. It really was rather regretful earlier…” Among the dozen Evil Beast experts, a man in long black robes softly chuckled. Two curved horns grew from his head, his night-black pupils filled with endless frost and cruelness.

He stared at Ai Tuanzi, sizing her up as a smile rose from the corners of his lips. “Spirit Phoenix Clan huh? What a noble bloodline. I am Chi Yuan, a royal of the Evil Beast Clan. You and I are a very good match. If you submit to me, I can spare your life.”

Ai Tuanzi stared at him and said, “Your bloodline is too dirty and rotten, and I truly loathe it. However, it is not your fault. After all, you Evil Beast Clan were made in a hurry, meaning your creator didn’t really care about you guys. I’m very curious to know what kind of position your Evil Beast Clan has among the Sacred Race.”

The words were calmly spoken, but they nearly made the atmosphere solidify.

The others could not help but shoot a sideways glance at her. Who could have imagined that the girl who usually only cared about her jerky would actually have such a sharp tongue.

Chi Yuan’s face instantly darkened along with the other Evil Beast pseudo Law Domain experts as they murderously stared at Ai Tuanzi. She had clearly touched their sore spot.

Although the Evil Beast Clan was created by the Sacred God, they had been born from the corpses and bloodlines of the Genesis Beast Clans, making them different from the Sacred Race. Hence, they did not have high status among the Sacred Race, making some of the more ambitious Evil Beast Clan experts rather resentful.

Beside Chi Yuan, a skeletal figure coldly said, “Chi Yuan, why are we wasting words on her. When we capture her, we will naturally make her beg for death.”

“Chi Bei, when did you become so merciful. She won’t be the only one to suffer. We will make sure to properly taste the flesh of everyone from Wanshou Heaven.” An extremely bulky Evil Beast expert grinned like a mad man. His mouth was full of sharp teeth and the look in his eyes was exceptionally cruel even for a member of the Evil Beast Clan. It was an eerily fearsome appearance.

He was called Chi Zhu and was also one of the strongest members among the group of Evil Beast Clan pseudo Law Domain experts.

The other Evil Beast Clan experts roared with laughter. However, their laughter was filled with chilling killing intent that seemed to turn the place a little darker.


While both sides were brimming with killing intent, the Ancestral Spirit Mountain suddenly began to shake. Torrential blood-red light swept out as the enormous mountain began to transform.

Ancient and ominous battle stages emerged from the blood-red light.

The stages appeared one after another from the foot of the mountain like seemingly endless rising steps. The nearer the to peak, the bigger the platform and the more heavy the fiendish aura that covered it. At the peak, the entire platform was practically encased in blood-red light, so thick that it seemed hard to breathe within it.

While observing the changes, Zhou Yuan could clearly feel the intensifying killing intent from both parties intensify as the battle stages appeared.

“These are the Ancestral Spirit Mountain Battle Stages.” By the side, Ai Qing softly explained when she saw Zhou Yuan’s gaze, “In the past, the teams that entered the Dragon Spirit Utopia would ultimately gather here and ascend the battle stages. The winners would obtain gifts from the Ancestral Spirit Mountain.

“Do you see the few battle stages near the peak? We call them Seed Battle Stages. If someone wins there and is subsequently not challenged again for a certain period of time, they would obtain the Law Domain Seed from the Ancestral Spirit Mountain.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes flashed as he stared at the peak. Torrential blood-red light surged around the enormous and ancient battle stages. It was clearly visible that these stages were on an entirely different level.

He counted them. There were only ten of these Seed Battle Stages.

This was clearly not enough, because there were already more than twenty pseudo Law Domain stage experts present, not even including the top Nascent Source experts like Ai Zhi and Jiang Hongying.

Zhou Yuan had two goals in the Dragon Spirit Utopia: to help Tuntun obtain the blessing it needed and seek out a Law Domain Seed for himself. He was already fast approaching the perfect Nascent Source stage and although he did not plan to establish a Law Domain so early, obtaining a Law Domain Seed would be very beneficial in comprehending the Law Domain in the future.

Hence, he naturally coveted this miraculous treasure known as the Law Domain Seed.

However, they were currently faced with a formidable enemy, the Evil Beast Clan. Moreover, he was essentially an outsider here. Hence, it would not be appropriate for him to reveal his thoughts for the time being.

While various thoughts were swirling in his head, Ai Tuanzi looked towards the crowd and said, “There are ten Seed Battle Stages this time. No matter what the Evil Beast Clan is up to, we need to win the majority share.

“The pseudo Law Domain experts shall be the first to contest for these ten battle stages, and I’m sure that the Evil Beast Clan pseudo Law Domain experts will be coming as well. We will face them directly in battle.” As she spoke, she turned towards Tuntun, who was on Zhou Yuan’s head, and continued with a serious expression, “Lord Ancestral Taotei, I hope you will help us fight for one of the battle stages.”

Tuntun was extremely powerful and even Ai Tuanzi did not dare to underestimate it. Its participation would definitely alleviate the pressure.

Tuntun grinded its claws and nodded. Although it was an Alpha sacred beast, it would definitely choose to side with the Genesis Beast Clans. It also hated the Evil Beast Clan created by the Sacred God.

Upon seeing Tuntun acknowledge, Ai Tuanzi continued, “If any of us loses on the Seed Battle Stages, the other pseudo Law Domain experts shall step forward.

“If the pseudo Law Domain experts fail, the perfect Nascent Source experts will take over.”

Ai Zhi, Jiang Hongying and the other perfect Nascent Source experts nodded with solemn faces.

Ai Zhi was silent for a moment before he said, “If the perfect Nascent Source experts are going, we should decide on the order.”

His gaze swept across Zhou Yuan.

There were limited Seed Battle Stages, and if they got the opportunity to fight, it would likely be against a tired opponent. This was a pretty good chance for them.

Whoever went first would definitely have an advantage and might likely successfully occupy the battle stage.

Tuntun released a low growl. The growl entered everyone’s ears, allowing them to instantly understand what it wanted to say: It wanted Zhou Yuan to be first.

The pseudo Law Domain experts involuntarily looked towards Ai Zhi.

In Wanshou Heaven, if the pseudo Law Domain experts were excluded, Ai Zhi would be the number one perfect Nascent Source expert.

Ai Zhi softly chuckled and said, “Lord Ancestral Taotie, we can understand you want to give him a chance. However, this is a fated battle between our Genesis Beast Clans and the Evil Beast Clan. We hope that you can understand.”

Tuntun glared at Ai Zhi. What the hell did he mean? Was he saying that it was trying to give Zhou Yuan a chance out of selfishness? Zhou Yuan’s strength clearly made him more than qualified!

The Mystic Dragon Clan’s Jiang Ba also spoke up, “Although Zhou Yuan is pretty strong, he still lacks some experience. I suggest Ai Zhi be first and Jiang Hongying be second…” He looked towards Zhou Yuan with a superficial smile. “As for grand elder Zhou Yuan...

“You can be third for the time being and act according to the situation. How does that sound?”

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