Chapter 1255 Ai Tuanzi’s Thanks

Rumble rumble!

The giant red mountain rose from the land, accompanied by an endless fiendish aura. The aura swept forth, covering the sky and land. The clouds were dyed red, making it look as if the end times had come. 

However, the various clan teams looked relieved when they saw this, because the mountain was their final destination.

Of course, they were not the only ones who were excited by the Ancestral Spirit Mountain’s appearance. Excited growls and hisses also spread from the darkness in the distance.

Evidently, they were also waiting for this day.

“So this is the Ancestral Spirit Mountain…” Zhou Yuan also raised his head and gazed at the giant red mountain. The killing intent there was so concentrated it nearly materialized, and merely looking made him feel a piercing pain in his eyes and body.

The terrifying power shocked Zhou Yuan.

According to his estimate, let alone a Nascent Source expert like himself, even a Law Domain expert would be unable to shake such power.

In might even be beyond an ordinary Saint expert.

By the side, Ai Qing explained in a low voice, “The Ancestral Spirit Mountain originated from a strand of the Ancestral Dragon’s broken Spirit and is the foundation of the Dragon Spirit Utopia. In the past, our Wanshou Heaven Saint experts have studied the mountain and originally wanted to relocate it somewhere else. However, they ultimately discovered that moving the mountain would destroy the entire Dragon Spirit Utopia.”

Zhou Yuan nodded. The Ancestral Spirit Mountain could produce Law Domain Seeds, which could help more Wanshou Heaven elites to reach the Law Domain stage equivalent, grade-8. This was undoubtedly a huge influx of constant new blood for Wanshou Heaven. After all, even among the all-heavens, the Law Domain stage was top-tier battle power, second only to the Saint stage, and not to be underestimated.

Hence, from a long-term point of view, it would be better to not touch the Dragon Spirit Utopia.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes suddenly flashed as he asked, “Could the Sacred Race be after the Ancestral Spirit Mountain? They might be planning to destroy it.”

Ai Qing was taken back, her pretty face turning a little grave. “We can’t exclude that possibility.”

“You’re overthinking things. To destroy the Ancestral Spirit Mountain would require a Saint expert, and Wanshou Heaven’s Saint experts are currently closely watching this place. In fact, they might even be observing our every action. If the Sacred Race sends a Saint expert, our Wanshou Heaven Saint experts would definitely take action.” An indifferent voice sounded. Zhou Yuan’s gaze swept over and found that the speaker was the Spirit Phoenix Clan’s Ai Zhi. 

Zhou Yuan smiled and said, “Oh? Then I guess the Sacred Race has taken great pains to send the Evil Beast Clan into the Dragon Spirit Utopia to fight for a few Law Domain Seeds.”

The nearby great clan leaders could not help but frown. They were likewise confused about the Sacred Race’s motives.

However, if the Evil Beast Clan was really targeting the Ancestral Spirit Mountain, the grade-7 experts they had could not possibly achieve anything.

While the crowd was silent, a beautiful figure walked across the air and arrived at Ai Qing’s side.

A long ponytail flowed down her slender waist. It was Ai Tuanzi.

The others nodded at her in greeting.

Ai Tuanzi first checked that Ai Qing was okay before turning towards Zhou Yuan with a smile. “You must be grand elder Zhou Yuan. I am deeply grateful to you.”

The smile came from the heart. After all, it would be very painful if anything did happen to Ai Qing.

She pondered for a while, feeling she wasn’t being sincere enough. Hence, she retrieved her little cloth bag and took out a beloved piece of jerky with a clearly pained expression. “Please go ahead.”

Zhou Yuan was stunned by her actions. This person was clearly the strongest expert dispatched by Wanshou Heaven. With his Spirit now at the advanced Transformative stage, he could sense the terrifying Genesis Qi surging in Ai Tuanzi’s body.

Contrary to expectation, the seemingly delicate-looking girl with a long ponytail was very powerful, far more powerful than the Mystic Dragon Clan’s Jiang Ba.

However, why was she giving him a piece of jerky?

Zhou Yuan hesitated for a moment but ultimately reached out and received the jerky. However, before he could give it a try, a tongue suddenly darted out and stole it away.

Zhou Yuan was speechless. Who else could it be but that little bastard Tuntun.

Tuntun seemed to be very satisfied by the taste, its eyes shining as it stared at the bag in Ai Tuanzi’s hands.

Ai Tuanzi immediately kept the bag, refusing to take it out again.

Zhou Yuan did not know whether to laugh or to cry. It seemed that Wanshou Heaven’s strongest pseudo Law Domain expert was a genuine foodie. In that case, her jerky offering was actually very sincere.

After showing her thanks towards Zhou Yuan, Ai Tuanzi’s expression turned grave as she spoke to the group, “Now that the Ancestral Spirit Dragon has appeared, we should soon find out how strong the Evil Beast Clan is. Everyone, get ready to move.”

Everyone’s expressions turned solemn. Although the fighting had been intense over the past month, the other side’s apex experts had never shown themselves. Hence, the Wanshou Heaven side was still in the dark about their strength.

However, numerous clues indicated that the Evil Beast Clan side was extremely powerful and no less inferior to their side.

Regardless of how either side had concealed their power, the Ancestral Spirit Mountain’s appearance would soon completely expose everything.

The experts from the various clans looked at each other with solemn expression, already smelling the bloodbath that would soon follow.

With the decision made, the various clans swiftly sent out their orders. Soon, streaks of light began to appear one after another from every direction.

The troops were quickly organized. Headed by Ai Tuanzi and the other leaders, the vast army swept through the air, heading straight towards the Ancestral Spirit Mountain.

Half an incense stick of time later.

The garmy landed outside the Ancestral Spirit Mountain.

Zhou Yuan had also followed. His gaze immediately looked towards the giant blood-red mountain.

The majestic mountain continuously spouted killing intent, creating layers of blood-red mist.

Zhou Yuan’s heart shivered as he stared at the mountain. His advanced Transformative stage Spirit senses told him that the mountain seemed to have a life of its own.

It was a living mountain.

While Zhou Yuan was closely examining the mountain, a pitch-black flood surged towards the mountain from another direction.

A torrential aura of savagery and violence rose from the black flood.

The Wanshou Heaven army looked over, their eyes gradually turning cold and sharp.

Atop Zhou Yuan’s head, Tuntun could not help but grind its claws as it growled.

The black flood arrived. Zhou Yuan could finally see the numerous black figures that made up the black flood. The figures looked exactly like the Evil Beast expert he had killed previously, sinister, pitch-black bone spikes protruding from their bodies. They looked cruel and evil.

The black flood slowly came to a stop on the other side of the Ancestral Spirit Mountain.

The two forces faced each other, countless gazes clashing in the air. There was no noise, but an earth-shaking killing intent was brewing under the silence.

These two clans were fated enemies.

The Evil Beast Clan was created by the Sacred God to deal with the Genesis Beast Clans.

In the Genesis Beast Clans’ eyes, the Evil Beast Clan was an evil entity created from the blood and bones of their ancestors. This blasphemous act was an insult to their bloodlines.

Hence, whenever these two groups met, a war to the death would certainly follow.

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