Chapter 1254 Ancestral Spirit Mountain Appears

Blood rained from the sky as numerous gazes in the battlefield watched in shock and terror.

The scene had clearly shaken them to the core.

No one had expected a peak grade-7 Evil Beast expert to be smashed to pulp by the young man that had suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

What kind of power was this?

Was he also a pseudo Law Domain expert?

However, their senses clearly told them that he was only at the advanced Nascent Source stage. Moreover, he was a human. Wasn’t the only human here Zhou Yuan, who had borrowed the Golden Monkey Clan’s influence to enter Wanshou Heaven?

Didn’t they say he only ascended to the Nascent Source stage half a year ago?

How the hell was he so terrifying?

Numerous Wanshou Heaven experts were bewildered.

Zhou Yuan ignored the numerous shocked gazes. He raised his head and watched blood fall from the sky, a sliver of shock flashing deep within his eyes.

He likewise had not expected his punch to leave not even his opponent’s corpse behind.

The Evil Beast expert was not weak, and was likely a strong individual on the Evil Beast Clan side. Otherwise, he would not have been sneaked past the battleline to take on this important mission. However, such an individual had been turned to pulp by a single punch from Zhou Yuan.

“To think that my strength has risen to such a level…” Zhou Yuan wet his lips. The gains from a month in the Ancestral Spirit Reservoir had clearly exceeded his expectations.

His Spirit had already stepped into the advanced Transformative stage, a level comparable to the perfect Nascent Source stage. In addition, his Nascent Source had grown again from 7 inches to 7.6 inches.

His external cultivation had also improved. The Saint Glass Body was growing increasingly powerful. If it was at the introductory phase before, it was now formally at the beginner level.

If one were to purely compare external cultivation, Zhou Yuan would have been a tiny bit weaker than the violent female dragon, Jiang Hongying, previously. However, he was now confident that his external cultivation would have no problems suppressing her.

The progress in these three areas had pushed Zhou Yuan’s battle power to a whole new realm.

While Zhou Yuan was feeling good about himself, he suddenly sensed the gaze that was still frozen on his face. Only then did he recall he was holding someone in his arm. He stealthily loosened his hold and smiled at Ai Qing, “Are you alright?”

Ai Qing lowered her eyes before quickly lifting them again with a smile. “We are deeply grateful to you this time. Who knows how this would have ended without you.”

Zhou Yuan’s timely arrival had saved both her and the camp full of injured below.

All the clans should thank Zhou Yuan for this alone.

Zhou Yuan waved his hand to tell her it was no big deal. Just as he was about to speak, a streak of light fell from the sky and landed on its head, revealing a yawning Tuntun.

It glanced at the beautiful Ai Qing and angrily smacked Zhou Yuan’s head as a thought was sent into his brain. Lecher, how dare you flirt behind big sis’s back! You’re dead!

There was an emoticon of Tuntun’s eyes spitting fire behind the last word.

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth twitched. Genesis Qi surged out, turning his hair into sharp spikes that stung Tuntun till it barked in pain.

After teaching the little bastard a lesson, Zhou Yuan suddenly raised his gaze and looked towards a distant mountain peak.

A girl with a long ponytail was looking right back at him. Zhou Yuan could sense a faint but dangerous sensation from her body.

His heart shivered slightly. This woman seemed to be very strong.

Fortunately, the girl seemed to breathe a sigh of relief before revealing a friendly smile.

Zhou Yuan nodded in acknowledgement.

By the side, Ai Qing followed his gaze and explained, “That’s my little aunt. She’s called Ai Tuanzi and is the strongest expert dispatched here by Wanshou Heaven.”

Zhou Yuan could barely stop himself from laughing when he heard the name. Fortunately, he did not laugh out loud and only silently nodded. No wonder he had felt a strong dangerous sensation. It turns out that this was Wanshou Heaven’s strongest.


Powerful Genesis Qi undulations swiftly arrived from the horizon, emanating deadly killing intent.

They were the apex experts that had immediately rushed over after receiving the earlier help signal.

However, the Evil Beast expert was nowhere to be found when they arrived. Instead, they stared in confusion at Zhou Yuan and Ai Qing.

“Ai Qing, where’s the Evil Beast expert that sneaked in?” A handsome man with an extraordinary presence stepped across the air, his sharp gaze looking at Ai Qing. 

It was the Spirit Phoenix Clan’s Ai Zhi. 

Ai Qing answered, “The enemy has already been slain by Zhou Yuan. If not for him, we will have suffered terrible losses.”

The top experts from the various clans looked at the young man beside Ai Qing in surprise. The truth was that they had sensed the instantaneous explosion of power earlier which had alarmed even experts like them. However, they had thought that it was Ai Tuanzi who had attacked. Who could have known that it was actually Zhou Yuan?

Jiang Hongyin was also among the group. Her expression turned somewhat unnatural when she saw Zhou Yuan. Moreover, her keen senses told her that he was stronger than a month ago.

Evidently, he had obtained quite a blessing from the Ancestral Spirit Tree.

Beside her, Jiang Ba was expressionless. After all, their Mystic Dragon Clan had lost some face due to Zhou Yuan and it was impossible for Jiang Ba to show any friendliness towards him.

The Golden Monkey Clan’s Jin Lan and Jin Qingtian were carefully observing Zhou Yuan. Soon after, they looked at each other, seeing the astonishment in the other party’s eyes. It was clear that they had discovered Zhou Yuan’s transformation.

Besides these few, the other clans’ top experts gave friendly nods to Zhou Yuan. After all, they had no prior conflicts with him and he was the savior of their injured companions in the camp below.

Ai Zhi asked with a calm expression, “You’re Hunyuan Heaven’s Zhou Yuan?”

Zhou Yuan glanced at Ai Zhi. His senses had reached a whole new level after reaching the advanced Transformative stage. Hence, a simple glance was all that he needed to tell that Ai Zhi seemed to be slightly resentful and skeptical towards him.

Hence, he gave a curt nod, no intention on dragging this out more than necessary.

However, his attitude made Ai Zhi’s face darken a little. Soon after, he said, “It is mostly thanks to you this time, but even if you didn’t take action, aunt Ai would have destroyed that intruder.”

Zhou Yuan ignored him and raised his gaze to peer at the darkness in the distance.

The other top experts followed his gaze, before their pupils shrank slightly.

Black qi rose from the land, covering the sky and blotting out the sun. A pair of scarlet-red pupils stared back at them, making them tremble in fear.

The Evil Beast Clan’s apex expert was watching this place, and it goes without saying that his target was Ai Tuanzi.

The Evil Beast expert that had slipped past the battlelines was merely bait for Ai Tuanzi.

Hence, if not for Zhou Yuan’s timely arrival, They would likely have succumbed to the other side’s scheme. Moreover, if anything happened to Ai Tuanzi, it would be a huge blow to the Wanshou Heaven side.

A figure slowly said, “Our Wanshou Heaven is indebted to grand elder Zhou Yuan.”

The speaker was a fat man that looked like a meatball. Though a friendly smile hung from his face, his mottled skin gave off the same sensation as an impenetrable mountain.

The other top experts slowly nodded as well.

Ai Zhi’s expression was somewhat ugly, but he ultimately swallowed the words at the tip of his tongue. It would only make him appear petty anyways.

Far away, the scarlet-red pupils gradually dissipated in an unresigned manner.

On the mountain peak, iciness flashed in Ai Tuanzi’s eyes. Just as she was finally about to move, her expression abruptly changed as she jerked her head towards a certain direction.

At the same time, Zhou Yuan also looked in the same direction, his powerful Spirit senses immediately sensing the disturbance there.


The surrounding Genesis Qi suddenly turned flared up.


The ground churned violently as if a dragon was tunneling about within, Everyone watched as the land far away split open and an indescribable killing intent soared into the sky, causing the entire Dragon Spirit Utopia to tremble.

A majestic, blood-red mountain slowly rose from the depths of the earth.

Every gaze in the Dragon Spirit Utopia immediately looked over. When they saw the giant red mountain, their breathing turned rather ragged.

Zhou Yuan and the other top experts nearby were no exception.

The giant red mountain contained the greatest blessings of the Dragon Spirit Utopia...

It was the Ancestral Spirit Mountain!

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