Chapter 1253 Smash


An aura of savagery pulsed from the black figure as it streaked across the air like a black shooting star, heading directly for the camp behind.

Behind the black figure, a dozen grade-7 Wanshou Heaven experts frantically pursued.

However, they were clearly slower than the Evil Beast expert. Crazed laughter filled with killing intent continuously rang out, provoking the many Genesis Beast experts in the area that were locked in combat with the invading Evil Beast experts.

Their expressions changed drastically when they saw the Evil Beast expert that had managed to slip past several boundaries, causing them to lose focus and fall into a disadvantage against their opponents.

After all, their wounded companions were currently in the camp behind them.

“Despicable! Abominable!”

“Quickly stop him!”

“Where’s the Spirit Phoenix Clan expert? Why hasn’t she taken action!”


Roars rang out one after another as several gazes looked towards the mountain where Ai Tuanzi was stationed. They knew that she was overseeing this area to guard against any surprise.

Hence, they could not understand why she refused to move. She should have already realized the situation.

However, some of the sharper combatants looked towards the darkness far away with ugly expressions, where a powerful and brutal presence had locked onto Ai Tuanzi. The moment she moved, the apex Evil Beast expert would strike. Even if he failed to kill Ai Tuanzi, he would definitely be able to injure her.

With the Ancestral Spirit Mountain about to appear, any injury Ai Tuanzi sustained would likely affect the final battle.

This was evidently something the Evil Beast Clan had been planning for a long time!

Signal flare after flare rose into the sky, warning the pseudo Law Domain experts overseeing the other battlefields. However, it was already too late for them to rush over.


In an instant, the Evil Beast expert’s figure appeared above the camp.

However, just as he was about to unleash carnage, light suddenly rose into the sky. A torrent of Genesis Qi erupted, countless feathers spouting from within. Each feather was extremely sharp, leaving tears in the fabric of space as they shot forth.

The Evil Beast expert mockingly gazed at the attack. The Genesis Qi undulations were just weak, and the attacker was clearly an initial grade-7 expert.


He opened his mouth and spat, sending out a cloud of black smoke filled with sparks. Like a darkness dragon breath, the smoke swept forth, evaporating the countless Genesis Qi feathers.

As the Genesis Qi feathers were incinerated, a pretty and familiar figure was revealed.

It was Ai Qing!

On the mountain top, Ai Tuanzi’s expression changed at the sight of this. She never imagined that Ai Qing would be in the camp.

Moreover, an initial grade-7 expert trying to resist an advanced grade-7 Evil Beast expert was clearly akin to a mantis trying to stop a cart.

“Ai QIng, get back!” Wrapped in Genesis Qi, her voice was hurriedly transmitted into Ai Qing’s ears.

However, Ai Qing did not move. Her pretty face filled with frostiness and determination as she stared at the Evil Beast expert. If she retreated, the camp would definitely be destroyed, dealing a painful blow to the clans.

She knew that she was not the Evil Beast expert’s match, but there might be a chance to turn things around as long as she could delay him a split second longer.

Ai Qing made a seal. Phoenix wings abruptly unfurled from her back as scorching Genesis Qi erupted.


The phoenix wings folded around her as she turned into a burning golden spear that shot straight towards the Evil Beast expert.

“Stupid girl, you’re going to die!” A chilling light flashed in the Evil Beast expert’s eyes, void of any emotion as he took a step forward and punched.

Black light surged from his fist like a black sun that pulsed with the aura of annihilation.

“Scram!” The punch slammed into the golden spear. A shockwave swept outwards, accompanied by a loud boom. The golden spear shattered to pieces as Ai Qing’s figure was sent flying, blood spraying from her mouth as she fell from the sky.

A sinister smirk rose from the corners of the Evil Beast expert’s mouth. He swiftly gave chase as a pitch-black bone spike grew from his palm. The bone spike gleamed coldly as it pierced towards Ai Qing’s body.


The Wanshou Heaven experts’ expressions changed drastically when they saw this.

On the peak, Ai Tuanzi’s expression abruptly turned ice-cold, endless killing intent surging out in her eyes. In the next instant, she moved, intending to stop him.

She could not idly sit by and allow her beloved Ai Qing to die.

Hence, she needed to act even if it meant receiving an attack from the apex Evil Beast expert.

Far away, the scarlet-red pupils immediately sensed Ai Qing’s movement, causing a look of mockery and cruelness to arise.

Ai Qing’s complexion was somewhat pale as she watched death approach in the form of a rapidly approaching black bone spike. She let out a small sigh inside as she silently waited for death to claim her.

Furious roars rang out one after another.

Ai Tuanzi’s Genesis Qi exploded.

However, before the Genesis Qi could break out of her body, the space in front of Ai Qing’s falling body suddenly rippled. Countless white brush hairs shot out, wrapping around the black bone spike like a snake.

The white hairs were unbelievably tough and supple. To everyone’s surprise, the black stone spike was swiftly slowed down by their obstruction.

In the end, the bone spike came to a complete stop half an inch before Ai Qing’s head, no longer able to advance.

The sudden turn of events caused the entire battlefield to fall silent.

Ai Qing also stared at this scene in shock. She felt a faint feeling of familiarity as she dazedly looked at the white hairs.


However, before she could identify them, the white hairs suddenly tightened, crushing the bone spike to dust.

Ai Qing’s falling body was caught by an arm. She hurriedly lifted her head and found a familiar smiling face.

“You…” Ai Qing’s eyes widened.

It was Zhou Yuan!

“Captain Ai Qing, long time no see.” Zhou Yuan grinned at the elegant beauty.

“Advanced Nascent Source? A fool that doesn’t know he’s dead yet!”

However, a hair-raising voice sounded before Zhou Yuan’s words could fade. The Evil Beast expert’s cruel eyes stared at Zhou Yuan. The human’s sudden appearance had disrupted his plan to kill Ai Qing.

“Since you’re such lovebirds, die together!” Killing intent boiled within the Evil Beast expert. Black Genesis Qi surged in the sky, forming a sea of black. In the next instant, the black sea returned to his hand, condensing into a black beast rune in his palm. His fingers closed around the rune as threw a punch at Zhou Yuan.

It was a punch that could shake the earth! Overflowing with endless savagery!

Even a perfect Nascent Source expert would not dare to face such power directly.

Ai Qing gritted her teeth and hurriedly shouted, “Careful!”

Contrary to expectation, Zhou Yuan’s expression was calm. He firmly secured Ai Qing with an arm and stomped. Air shattered under his foot as his body shot straight upwards under numerous shocked gazes, clearly intent on clashing head-on with the Evil Beast expert.

The giant black punch of death descended.

Zhou Yuan’s other hand also formed a fist.

Brush hairs rushed forth, transforming into a gauntlet around his fist.

Glass light blossomed from Zhou Yuan’s body, looking much purer than before. Moreover, if one took a closer look, one would discover that the glass light was emerging not from his skin but deep within his flesh.


The Nascent Source in his Divine Dwelling spat out an endless torrent of Genesis Qi that rapidly circulated around his body.

His Spirit sat between his brows, a Spirit halo rising behind its head as boundless Spirit power flowed out.

Zhou Yuan’s fist looked exceptionally small in the face of the giant black fist. For a split second, a faint layer of crystal light seemed to swirl on his fist.


The two forces collided as space seemed to collapse around them.

In the end, countless gazes watched in inconsolable shock as Zhou Yuan’s fist smashed through the giant black fist and slammed into the Evil Beast expert’s body...

The impact lasted only for an instant.

The advanced grade-7 Evil Beast expert’s entire body was smashed into countless chunks.

Blood fell from the sky like rain.

Everyone in the area was dumbstruck.

In Zhou Yuan’s other arm, Ai Qing’s mouth fell open as some of the blood spattered on her pale face. She seemed oblivious to it as she blankly stared at the young man’s face.

Zhou Yuan had destroyed an advanced grade-7 Evil Beast expert in a single punch...

Since when had he become so terrifying?!

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