Chapter 1252 Sneaking In

The bloody meat grinder in the Dragon Spirit Utopia turned more and more terrifying as time passed, both parties sustaining losses everyday. As the war progressed, the initially concealed experts began to enter the battlefield one after another.

This undoubtedly caused the fights to become more and more savage, the pungent stench of blood practically spreading to the entire Dragon Spirit Utopia.

Even the sky was gradually dyed dark red.


Ai Tuanzi sat on a mountain peak, watching the vast battlefield. Numerous desperate battles entered her eyes, causing her to purse her lips a little. After a month of killing, the strength displayed by the Evil Beast Clan made her somewhat fearful.

When their generation was born, the Evil Beast Clan had already been pushed back to the four Sacred Race heavens. Hence, they had never witnessed the Evil Beast Clan’s power, and only read about them from old texts or heard about them from the elders.

She had originally been pretty nonchalant about being sent into the Dragon Spirit Utopia, but as time passed, she rapidly discarded this attitude.

Because the Evil Beast Clan’s power had surpassed her expectations.

Both parties had clashed countless times over the past month. However, their side had never managed to gain the upper hand. Some time ago, even Ai Zhi, Jiang Hongying and the other top-level Nascent Source experts had joined the battlefield. However, the Evil Beast Clan swiftly dispatched elite experts to stop them.

The Evil Beast Clan had clearly come prepared this time.

“What exactly do they want?” Ai Tuanzi frowned a little. The Dragon Spirit Utopia was indeed pretty beneficial to Nascent Source experts. However, that was all. There was no comparison with the battle for Guyuan Heaven.

Although the Law Domain Seeds in the Dragon Spirit Utopia were pretty good treasures, they were only of use to Nascent Source experts that had yet to develop pseudo Law Domains. The seeds were pretty worthless to pseudo Law Domain experts like herself.

So why had the Sacred Race paid such a heavy price to send the elite Evil Beast Clan Nascent Source experts into the Dragon Spirit Utopia?

Could it be to vie for a few Law Domain Seeds? But the Sacred Race shouldn’t have such low standards, right?

But if it was not for the Law Domain Seeds, what was there in the Dragon Spirit Utopia that held such value to the Sacred Race?

Ai Tuanzi lifted her head slightly and gazed at the dusky sky far away. Till now, the Evil Beast Clan’s true apex expert had yet to move. However, she could clearly feel that faint but dangerous aura. Perhaps, the Evil Beast Clan’s elite experts were also secretly probing them as well.

Ai Tuanzi exhaled, unable to stop herself from retrieving the familiar small cloth bag as her gaze quickly swept to the left and right. When she found that Ai Qing was not around, she happily pulled out a precious little jerky and began to enjoy.

In any case, no matter how important this matter was, it was not enough to stop the gluttonous worm in her stomach.


While Ai Tuanzi was savoring the delicious jerky, a loud ‘dong’ suddenly rang out across the battlefield she was overseeing. The ground was torn open and a giant pitch-black beast emerged. The beast flipped in the air, transforming into a night-black human figure. Sinister black bone spikes grew from its body as a savage aura spread.

It was an Evil Beast Clan expert!

Moreover, the alarming Genesis Qi erupting from his body had reached the peak of the grade-7 level!

Ai Tuanzi’s expression abruptly changed because the figure had appeared behind the battleline. It was where several injured Wanshou Heaven members were resting!

He had evidently sneaked in to start a massacre.

“You’re asking for death!” An icy light surged in Ai Tuanzi’s eyes. The other pseudo Law Domain experts had spread out to oversee their respective battlefields. Hence, she was the only one left stationed here.

Her figure moved, intending to meet the trespasser.

However, before she could rise into the air, a pair of scarlet-red pupils suddenly emerged in the darkness far away as a savage and heart-shakingly vicious presence locked onto Ai Tuanzi.

Her figure abruptly froze. She lifted her pretty face and coldly stared at the eyes.

The presence was the extremely dangerous target she had sensed since the beginning.

“So you’re here for me!” Ai Tuanzi’s expression grew increasingly frosty. The other party was clearly intent on forcing her to reveal an opening and strike.

Ai Tuanzi could not take action so easily since she was being targeted by a strong foe. Hence, her shout rang out, “Stop him!”

A dozen powerful Genesis Qi undulations erupted from the battlefield as figure after figure pounced towards the invading grade-7 Evil Beast.

The members left in the rear were weaker and no match for the peak grade-7 Evil Beast. However, they still fearlessly charged at him because their injured companions were recovering in the camp behind them.

“Hahaha, get lost!” The Evil Beast expert, whose body was riddled in sinister bone spikes, laughed. He slapped his hands together and a ten-thousand-feet halo of Genesis Qi abruptly unfurled.

Thud thud!

Several of the charging figures were immediately sent flying, their faces paling slightly.

“True body!” However, instead of being afraid, ferocious lights flashed in their eyes as they roared, transforming into their true bodies. Savage auras swiftly swept across the area.


However, the Evil Beast expert did not intend to waste any time on them. It cruelly looked towards the camp behind as it slammed its foot into the ground, shooting forward in a streak of light.

His mission was to cause as much destruction as possible and force Wanshou Heaven’s strongest expert to move!

He was extremely quick, leaving the pursuers behind in the blink of an eye as he shot straight towards the camp.

In the distance, Ai Tuanzi’s heart sunk. Both sides had been continuously probing each other for the past month. A few days ago, the Evil Beast Clan had intensified their offensive, causing the Genesis Beast Clans to spread out their pseudo Law Domain experts to oversee the many battlefields.

She had already felt a faint sense of unease back then. Now, it was clear that they had realized she was the greatest threat on the Wanshou Heaven side and had come up with this ploy to deal with her.

Slipping a peak grade-7 Evil Beast expert behind the frontlines, luring away the other pseudo Law Domain experts and the terrifying Genesis Qi that was targeting her...

Ai Tuanzi’s eyes were ice-cold. It seemed that the Evil Beast Clan had finally made their move, intending to eliminate her, Wanshou Heaven’s strongest battle power...

If something happened to her, it would be an irrecoverable blow to the Wanshou Heaven side.

If that happened, they would not need to wait till the Ancestral Spirit Mountain appeared because the Wanshou Heaven side would already start to fall apart.

The situation was not good.

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